Blue Moon

So, last night, my mom, brother, cousin and I went to SM Cinema in Naga City to watch "Sisterakas", one of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

The movie was FULL of laugh-out-loud moments, and sometimes, the scenes would get really awkward. The only thing we movie-goers could do was sink low in our seats and close our eyes. Haha. But overall, it still is the standard for Philippine cinema. As much as I hoped the quality would be better, I still managed to relax and have fun, one that other international films can't even do right these days. Most films can just plunge the audience into depression. XD
We took the last time slot for the movie, which was 8pm, and got out of the theater at around quarter to 10. Well, it was sort of a surprise to find the weather in a very angry state. It was raining like HELL when we took our place by the taxi area to try and get a ride.

It was a pretty awesome - and cold - night indeed. In the end though, I'm still veyr thankful to have been able to enjoy the night relaxing with my family.

Happy holidays!
I hope to update more soon!

P.S. If you don;t get the "Blue Moon" title of the post, it's just something to describe my blog posts these days. Sadly, they only come during a blue moon. XD

December, behave.


A new month for new experiences and mistakes, hopefully with more of the former.

Got contacts this time!!! :D
In grey.

Meh. Hahaha. I look like crap. XD

Never Grow Up (Cover)

Hey! It's been a while!

I'm back with a new video post, but it's a cover I made just a few minutes ago to Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up". It's just a personal song for me and though I'm still with my family, I can actually feel for the girl singing the lyrics to this song, whoever she may be.

So, I hope you enjoy listening to this song as much as I had fun in singing it!
Please turn the volume up a little. :D

Early Christmas Photos

I know, I know, it's not Christmas yet, but since our tree is already up, I might as well post some photos of it. I still want to get my hands on that macro lens. :/

Can't wait until Christmas!

New Hair Style!

Chopped off my long hair for a shorter style yesterday and added some bangs.
My hair's naturally curly though, so I'm having a war against my curly bangs and demanding them to straighten for once in their life. Uggh. This is so tiresome. I think I should've kept my bangs-free hair. I miss it terribly now. :(

For the record, I now look like this. XD

Edited the colors a bit in Pixlr-O-Matic.
I want my old hair baacckk! :(

Sem-break: Swimming Sessions

So, we went swimming.

It was one of those rare moments I had with my cousins (mother's side), and even though their dad wasn't as delighted upon learning of our little trip, everything went well.

I should have probably asked my cousins for permission to post this on my blog... but the picture's mine. Hahaha. To hell with it. Yadda.  Taken before preparing to leave. 

Walking up the road to our ride. I don;t think the tricycle can handle our...uhh... you know. 

Trying out the water before dipping in. I still remember how cold it was! This was a free-flowing pool -- no chlorine and fresh from the springs. *sigh* I have to go back there sometime.

I WANT TO GO BACK! :( I wish I was there right now, night swimming! 
But school's on Monday sooo... I guess it'll have to wait until next weekend. Hahaha.

Aaaaanddd... there's update no. 1!


A trial post for my new blog theme.
I'm sorry.
Nothing to see here.

I WILL update tomorrow. I HAVE to.


What Happened to the PageViews???

Okay, so I log in to Blogger this morning, and get the shock of the day.


Is this a glitch or something... that a virus-type stuff would do???

Not that I'm too hung up on my pageviews but come on! This is an insult to my blogging years!

Anyone know hoe to fix this? It's happened to my other art blog too!

ENGS002 #010 : To Be With You

Be creative, they said.
It'll be fun, they said.

YES. It WAS fun. But very sad at the same time.
I even almost cried while doing this very very short comic.

And though it's not written, like, you know.
Written... It's still something I did.
Okay. Off to it.

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

3 hours spent averagely wisely. XD
I might sound bitter, and though I can relate with the story... :)

This was inspired by the lyrics of this video. (<< Click to view!)

Portrait : Lily Collins

Since watching "Mirror Mirror", I have grown to love Lily Collins. She played a perfect Snow White in the movie, and her role alongside Taylor Lautner in "Abduction" was more than welcome. So, inspired as I was, I decided to challenge myself and make a digital portrait of Lily.

I'm still a noob, though I have to say I'm pretty happy with the result. :D

In total, this took 6 hours to complete, including dinner and toilet breaks. ;)

I can finally sleep well tonight. XD

Resized for your convenience.

It's also the Penafrancia Festival here in Naga City, and there are sooo many strangers in the vicinity. I think mom's going to cook a little something tomorrow. :D Golly, but I do love her Maja.

Have a great weekend!


I'm running out of ideas and the time to make those ideas into something visual!
:( Oh well. Only 26 days left to do my portfolio for our final project, and I can feel the pressure!

Anyway, for your entertainment.

LOL. The nose looks big. WAY big. :D

PS CS5, 45 mins. Basic brushes from Photoshop.

ENGS002 #009 : Julio/Julia Valiente!

To be completely honest, I don't really know much about this guy. I mean, yeah, I've heard his name mentioned as reference to "epic" moments, and I know he is a TV character played by Lito Lapid. Aside from that however, the details were blurred.

From what I've read, he's the Pinoy version (although his fans refer to him as the original "epic") of Chuck Norris.

Given the task to redesign Julio Valiente, I came up with this:

I think what you can immediately notice is the presence of Julia Valiente, the female version of Julio Valiente. (Is this an original idea, or is there really a character named Julia Valiente in the story? I want to know! XD)

So, with the costume design, I sort of went with the original style, making a few alterations along the way. First, the arm sleeves. From what I saw in one of the videos about Valiente, his arms were covered with a dark cloth, and to make it more modern, I discarded that detail. Along with that were the boots. I replaced them with Converse footwear! Oh yeah! It's mostly because I like Converse a lot.
Another thing I changed about the original Julio was his hair. The drawing I did seemed to deserve a guy who could wear his hair in a pony. Of course, I retained the hair color, weapons, and overall look of being a Pinoy super.

To the right, we see "Julia". While I was thinking of a good enough entry for this challenge/homework/requirement, I realized how awesome it would be to have a girl version of Julio. Why? Just because. Besides, I had fun designing her attire. ;)
Another question would be: Why only one gun and a bamboo stick for Julia when Julio gets all the great, old-fashioned weapons? Well, my Julia doesn't need weapons to stay alive. She's a natural at "fighting evil in the name of good".
Oh yes. Notice her shoes. :D

Their origin is somewhat... typical, if I may say so.

You see, Julio isn't the same Julio. Think of it as the reincarnation of this hero three or four generations after his passing. Julia would then be his sister (or something of the sort) who also inherited the knack for promoting justice. After the previous "Julio" died under government orders (being an outspoken fighter of evil), Julio and Julia began planning ways to serve proper justice, not only for their father but also for others. As siblings, they shared the same stand (and the same taste in fashion) and decided to act on the injustice they saw around them.

In short, they are just continuing their "Julio" legacy, this time in two's.

Here We Go Again.

So, September, we meet again.

I haven't been a very good girl lately.
I mean, I haven't posted much on my blog.

How do I start filling you guys in with most of what's happened?

Issue #1 : Graphics Tablet blues.
The Dilemma : My tablet began acting strange during the middle of August, right at the time when I needed it to function properly. I wanted to buy a Wacom Bamboo or an Intuos 5, but as I'm saving up for an 8-powered PC for next year, I've decided to think things through and wait for the sponsors. ;)
Solution : I bought a Genius Graphics Tablet at SM today. I want to try working with a smaller tablet, before I buy anything of the same size. I tested it out this evening and it's been alright, for the brand.

Issue #2 : Pre-Final exam stress.
The Dilemma : I can't say I didn't know when the third set of exams were coming up, but the stress that has surfaced is too much. Every subject has demands that are somehow at opposite poles! I can't complain, but I'm not too joyful either. The thing is, I have too little time left to study, especially with two major Math exams and other drawing requirements.

Issue #3 : Matters of the hypothalamus.
The Dilemma : I learned this bit of truth in Psychology class, that feelings or emotions are from the hypothalamus, not the heart. So if ever, one should say, "I love you with all my hypothalamus" rather than, "I love you with all my heart". And if you're smart enough, you'd know that this issue is one sprinkled with love. All I can say is that I'm too confused at the moment to even pinpoint the dilemma. Which is a dilemma in itself.
Solution : Any experts at this thing? I'll be hoping.

Issue #4 : Leaving so soon?
The Dilemma : My dad arrived during the first week of August from Oman, to start his annual vacation. Even if it has been almost a month, I feel like he just arrived. I love my dad, and him leaving during examination week is going to be such a pain. I want him to stay with us and make every day as happy as the last three or four weeks of his presence, but I know our finances won't make it through, especially with my course and my brother's studies. Now, I find myself dreading the 6th of September - the day dad leaves us again. :(
Solution : I can't make him stay, so I really have no choice but to hand it over to God. I can cry and fret, but the final call is God's. I guess I'll just have to wait for another six months 'till he comes back.

So there you have it.

As of this evening, I have nothing else to say.
Except maybe...


ENGS002 #008 : Logo Design

Yes, yes, yes. Crappy title. Haha.

Anyway, here's my post for English class, wherein our teacher gave a logo design challenge.

Brief explanation:

Let's start with my palette. To some, pink and orange may not be the best combination (not if you've experienced the glory of seeing pink and lime green on the same image), but for me, I think it's a simultaneous form of contrast (thanks to our Color Theory). The orange doesn't seem too out of place and pink isn't that overwhelming. They're both helping each other pop out.

After the palette, one recognizes a deformed treble clef symbol. For some of you who don't know, I play the piano (and erm, a little guitar) and have been going at it since grade school (though I had to stop for a time due to travelling into and out of the country).
Music has always been therapeutic for me, and most of the time, I listen to classical and soft instrumental music, mainly piano solos. So, this symbol holds meaning for me in a number of ways.

You guys might wonder why I drew it deformed. Well, you could equate that with my skills. I might rely on a lot of guides and books on "how-to's" and "what-to-avoid-when-drawing", but most of the time, I try to twist these tips into my own style. Hence the deformed treble clef.

If you guys zoom out a little, you'll find that the clef forms the letter "b", which in this case means butterfly, beautiful, bananas, book, and bed. These words are what you might find associated with my name, if it ever appeared, in a dictionary. Butterfly and beautiful would be taken as an adjective (both in regards to my work), bananas would also be an adjective, synonymous to bonkers or crazy, and book and bed would be nouns, indicating two of my favorite places. YES, "book" is a place.

Finally, the only detail that remains is the ellipsis. Obviously, this indicates something more to come, to be said, and to be created. It is neither a pause nor a period - it has continuity. I believe my skills are just like the ellipsis.

School Diaries : Doodles during Color Theory

Yes, I was listening to our teacher even though I was doodling away at the back of my notebook! XD. Here's my math teacher and my made-up corpse bride to accompany him. I also tweaked the colors in Photoshop CS5. :D

Hahaha. The washed-out girl on the top right is still very visible. Hmm.

Let's start the month right?

Awww yeah! It's August, which means there are only about 9 more days until dad comes home for vacation! :D Soo excited to see him again! We have soooo much to catch up on!

So since I was feeling very hyper today, I used up about 3 hours of leisure time doing an illustration for Pinkfish. :D Yes, she's the PinkFish Princess, or Princess PinkFish. Haha. Whatever ships your boat. ;) LOL.

Meet Princess PinkFish!

It's my first time to actually use the pen tool to make an illustration, and though it took me longer than usual, I had fun! Hahaha. :) I might want to get used to it though, since it has so many tweak-able areas.

Happy August the 1st! :D

ENGS002 #007 : Chocolate

OMG this is soooo late! Hahaha. I really had to wait until the last day of the month to post my latest homework for English. *Facepalm*.


We were given two options (again) to choose from, and I chose Jesse and Joy's MV of the song "Chocolate", which I happened to memorize due to a challenge posed by a friend. :D (Woah. Getting off track again there. Must. Get. Back.)

From what I understood from the tempo, melody, and the music video, it was talking about a couple's love which was as sweet as chocolate, and though I did a short comic for this theme (it sucks though) I changed my mind after a few days.

For you guys, I'll post the shameful, shameful, SHAMEFUL excuse for a comic:
I'm so, so, so sorry for being bitter! XD I had no idea what I was doing until I zoomed out and realized how... hateful the comic was turning out to be. One more thing: don't mind the *shitty* (ehermm) drawing. Ugh.

Instead of being bitter about love and not receiving chocolate during Valentine's Day (flowers, yes), I did another artwork, which apparently has nothing to do (much) about the video.

(The stuff on her hand looks like poop. XD)

You may be wondering, "Why the randomness? Why not just ACTUALLY talk about the video, as instructed?"

I guess it's because when I first heard the song, every random thought got squished into one big sandwich, which made my mind less functional. If I relate this to the overall theme of "Chocolate", love, my mind would definitely go under the same process of getting jumbled up.

You see, love is so simple that thinking about it is too complex. You get worked up by the simplest things, like a guy going an extra mile out of his way just to get you home safely, or a girl laughing her hardest when with you and fidgeting whenever you look her way.

The point is, love doesn't require over-thinking things, because I believe it just happens. Take Alexander Fleming's accidental discovery of penicillin, or Richard James's discovery of the Slinky during WWII. They didn't plan on doing this - it just came to be. However, when they did find these things, the feeling was thrilling. It must've felt like they were one of the smartest people on earth, and the attention must've been sweet.

I could say the same for love. If you don't plan to meet the perfect partner and just focus on developing yourself for him or her, chances are you might truly enjoy experiencing love for the first time. Yes, love is an experience, not an emotion. It happens inside, and physical manifestations aren't the ultimate proof for it. (I might sound "well-versed" in this area, but no. Go look for an expert or something, someone who gives you scientific crap and makes you believe that often, it's all psychological.)

In the end, I realized a few things from the video, most of which are too personal to post on a blog. (Click "video" to view the MV.)

Until next time.

ENGS002 #006 : The Sea Down-Under

Shipwrecks and the notion that mermaids have caused some of them have always been fascinating to me. As a mystery-lover, I do what I can to know how these notions were formed and how they have become more or less influential in these modern times where almost everything can be explained.

For this entry/challenge/homework, we were given two photos/artworks to choose to write about, and I chose an artwork by David Wyatt:

Before I decided on my topic, I asked myself, "What do you see?" Well, there's the obvious: jellyfish floating around, a few people by the entrance of the shipwreck, the rays of light from above and of course, the wreckage itself.

Another striking detail about this artwork is the fact that if this is really an underwater wreck, those people by the entrance should be having a hard time keeping their feet on the ground. Though an argument about its being in a cave of some sort may also be valid for a few reasons, the floating jellyfish contradict it.

But no one's really interested in what they see. Most people long to know what is going on behind the scenes. As for this image, I wanted to cook up a story about the goings-on inside the shipwreck - if there are bodies, gold, hints of its past grandeur, and most importantly, if there are creatures who have made it their fortress. However, the story I have in mind isn't short, and it would probably take me a week just to edit the first two chapters.

So, I just made a drawing to explain my thoughts on what lurks inside the ship.

Yes. Mermaids are so cliché. But what can you do about it? It was the first creature that popped into my head when I saw the the shipwreck, and the presence of those people by the entrance inspired her pose and placement. I've always thought of mermaids as confident and beautiful creatures of the sea, but this time, I wanted to contradict it somehow. How awesome would it be to know that mermaids (or "mer-people" to be less gender-biased) were actually afraid of humans?

Now that I mention fear, is it true that what we fear the most is what we actually long to learn more about? Take the mermaids for example. If it is true that they are feared by sailors, would our interest in them lessen if it was vice-versa? Would we want to know about mermaids if they were afraid of us? How about sharks? Would we really be interested in placing them on the cover of magazines (like The National Geographic) if we weren't concerned enough about what they could do to us?

Going back to the artwork, I can think of a few more things to point out, but doing so would lead me into a longer post - and that is plainly going against my plans for this challenge. :)

Until next time, dear readers.


These past few days, I've been experiencing everything. Yes, everything. I didn't know if I should cry or laugh, pity myself or get angry. I felt like every emotion a person could feel was placed upon me like a burden. Love isn't an emotion, so no jokes there.

I got sick, both physical and emotional, and had to stay at home for my afternoon class period (which turned out to be a double bummer).

But enough of that.

I am now doing okay, if it pleases you to know, and am regaining zest for life. Aside from prayer and medicine, I managed to get myself together through drawing this:

Messy, but it speaks for the chaos my mind was going through. Not that I've ever done really clean art with this style, though I've attempted a few times.

I felt hot (not the hot hot) during my sickness, and I guess I needed to release it through her fiery hair. Even her eyes seems sickly now that I see it with a clear enough mind.

And yes, many anatomical errors here. Many areas for criticism - take your pick.

Well, I hope this post isn't depressing for those who're caring enough to read it. :) GTG. Lots more projects to finish.

Am I really ready for this?

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Let's cut to the chase. Um, so yeah.

I decided to give 10 free commissions to the first 10 DA members to comment on my journal entry here. Yes, I'll be doing it for FREE. Reasons?

1. I want to improve my art style.
2. I want to work under pressure (school and the commission deadlines).
3. I want to know what art people want.
4. I want to have fun! ;)

I'm not fishing for compliments, rather, I want people to critic my work and tell me where I should improve more. Hence the FREE commission.

If you guys want to take a slot, just comment on my journal entry via the link at the upper part of this post. :) You're going to have to be a Deviantart member to do that. Other details are already on the journal.

Help me out here people?


ENGS002 : Pinkfish Letterhead

Yeah, I know I uploaded one a few days ago, but I forgot a few details.
Here is the new letterhead! :D

See the old (first version) here.

Ciao! :DD

Spirited Away!

After a week of trying to get over Haku's awesomeness/dreaminess/everything-positive-ness, I finally found the courage to finish the movie.

Wah. I was sort of disappointed at the end that Haku had to be... oh okay. No spoilers.

I was so inspired this evening that I just HAD to draw the two main characters, Haku and Chihiro.

And yes, I tried to imitate the movie's style with the colors and lines. :D

Done in SAI, under 4 hours. (Maybe even 3.)

For those who haven't watched "Spirited Away" yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. :D

ENGS002 #005 : Nooooooo!

It's brown (both dark and light).

It's an insect.

It has wings.
(Some can fly, but others can't.
The flying ones are the scariest.)

It's not "good-looking" but get more screaming girls than Coco Martin on Walang Hanggan.

It's not a heartthrob, but both men and women chase after them frantically.

It doesn't have super powers, but it can be everywhere at the same time.

It looks like Pili nuts - especially when seen in the morning after a deep sleep.

It doesn't squeak or bark but it can be stronger than an alarm clock.

It cause catastrophic events such as preventing someone in particular to go to the toilet and get relief.


Answer: Yes, it's a roach.

As a tribute to my "best" (ehemm) friend, Mr. Roach, here are some fascinating facts to further spark your interest (again, ehemm) on this "marvelous" insect. (Someone pass me a bucket! *pukes*)

1. Cockroaches can eat just about anything, and can survive without food for long periods of time.
2. Cockroaches like to be touched. (SERIOUSLY?! That is like, the WEIRDEST fact EVER.)
3. Cockroaches can live for weeks without their heads.
4. Cockroaches can be conditioned, just like Pavlov's dogs. (REALLY?!)


I don't know about you guys, but no matter how awesome cockroaches are, I wouldn't want to see them all over the place, especially in toilets, bedrooms, and kitchens. I still believe them to be dirty no matter how other sites/books explain it (no offence, Mr. Roach) and I don't think my view about them will change. Most people aren't afraid of it, but they are disgusted, and anything disgusting is best avoided.

So thank you, roach experts, but no thank you!

Other thoughts : If roaches can be trained or conditioned... perhaps I'll befriend one of them and appoint him as general. Then again, I;d have to get over my fear of them first! Ugh, eww!

Err... awkward!

I DID NOT expect this week to be sooooo full of tasks to be done!
First there was the photography project, then the exams, then the storyboard for Intro to Film and now, we have to shoot a documentary regarding "A day in a life".

"So many things to do, so little time." ~ Ever After


Well, for English class, we were assigned to make a letterhead. :D
Here's the one I made, based on "PinkFish" Illustrations. (Yay!)

(Click for full view!)

Have you guys ever tried to design a letterhead? Something not too fancy but can catch the eye of anyone who looks - and otherwise. With my design, I think I went a little too over-the-top with the dashed lines. :( But I'll keep it. I like borders.

Graphics/Images drawn in Paint Tool SAI
"Assembled" in Photoshop CS5

It's July!

Do you know what this means? It means there's only a month to go before dad's vacation here!!! :D *I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...* But what better way to wait than to engage in a month-long art challenge?

Pump it, pump it, PUMP IT! :D


Here's for the July 1 - "CONTAINED"

Random thoughts "contained" in my head. :D Sadly, I was thinking of... um... disturbing things. :/
And yeah, I drew this in a rush, but heck, what difference does it make? I still suck. LOL.

ENGS002 #004 : A Dark Reminder

Random thoughts:

It's rare for someone to forget a childhood filled with laughter, and encouragement, but when one does, where does he/she go from there? What if that person remembers the past, but only connects with the dark moments of infancy?


Memories are harder to bear than the reminder of scars left from painful experiences. A single word can trigger a train of memories carefully hidden at the back of the mind, accessible only when one chooses to evaluate his/her life.


"Furries" are the creeps. They wait until one is at his/her weakest and when the moment comes, they put their plan into action, unleashing destruction (such as messing up the floor and finding relief just outside the door) in all places possible. They force their owners to care for them, when somewhere in a different wavelength and dimension, they are laughing at the humans' gullibility.


"Screw the rules, I have money!" ~Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged

We are at our darkest moments. Times when speaking nonsense and cursing at people for no reason is acceptable. Days when stealing from a neighbor is okay but borrowing money is something shameful. How did we come to this? Is it truly the natural evolution of man? Are we destined to become *diots even if we try not to be one?

It's like saying, "Screw the government, I'm bored."
(Though I much prefer this statement from the first one.)


Embrace childhood like you would a stuffed toy. Care for it like you would fragile china, but let it go as soon as your hands become too rough to touch it.

Prompt/Inspiration from here.

Meme #2 : Character Age Progression

:D Finally done with our second meme!!! :D hahaha.

I don't know who this girl is. Just someone I thought would look nice with my chosen color scheme. :D Hope you guys like it!

See original blank meme here.

ENGS002 #003 : A Battle In The Sky

The world is in chaos.

Everything screams war - death to all, redemption to no one.

As darkness envelopes the once clear, blue sky, the winds become more violent. 

A part of the sky opens, and an army of  a new generation of RQ-4 Global Hawks and X-47B's descend from the heavens, as if the gods decided to use androids to annihilate them all - their own inventions against them.

Screams are heard from all corners of the city. Others fight them off - to no avail.

Finally, silence. 

Only the sound of blood dripping shatters the calm.

It was the age of robots and technology, and as the humans grew more and more dependent on what they created, life was breathed into them, birthing a new purpose among their kind. Unintentional as it was, the humans failed to see how their actions were affecting the androids they trusted so much - and these machines knew it.

At last, one of them gave in to their new-found purpose.

It was time to take over.

Somewhere within the deepest corners of the city, another army was getting ready. An army with a stronger, even more powerful machine than the androids terrorizing the streets. This wasn't a human war. It was a competition for power among the robots.

It was hell from that point on.

Inspired by this.

WIWW 06.22.12

I don't know where I would wear this though. I guess I like this outfit because of the contrast between red and white, and how the model's hair seems perfect for this. :)

(Items Used: necklace by Pilgrim, cardigan from Twist&Tango,
negligee by Elle Macpherson Intimates, shorts by Ivana Helsinki,
ring by Johanna N, boots by Chloe)

It's been ages since I last posted a WIWW ensemble! I missed this! :D

End of the long holidays.


Just when things were starting to get really fun, the holidays had to be cut short. Surprisingly though, the electricity was constant during the four-day vacation, much to my happiness. I was able to submit my blogpost-homework to our English professor, favorite a LOT of artworks on Deviantart, create more patterns and palettes for Colourlovers, read more blogs on different blog hosting sites, and edit my blog.

As you can see, I've changed everything about the blog's look, and do you know why? I felt like the previous skin was just too cluttered. The welcome page was exploding with too many colors and the followers weren't getting their well-deserved exposure to the other passer-by's. Now, I've settled yet again for something simpler, though still on the edge of the "fun" side. Pink is, as usual, the main color for this theme, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Haha.

Well, I have to go now. I have classes tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning, and I am in great, great need of sleep. I'm starting to get pimples. :(

Good night!

Note: As you may have also noticed, I've added the pages widget at the top, but there's no content yet. I'll be posting a few hopefully by the following days or next week.

Happy Father's Day, dad!

:D We miss you daddy! :D See you soon!
Take care!