This is my first official post as a newly graduated chicken in the wild.
It will also be longer than most of the others. (Bear with me?)

Last March 27, we had our Baccalaureate mass at the university. It was hot, but I opted to wear a black dress under a thick suit, with stockings. Yup, it was summer but you know, I wanted to look super decent. Glad I did. It was HELL hot.

The venue (Covered Court) was packed with to-be graduates and families eager to get the mass over with for lunch and a little get-together with other relatives. We weren't an exception. By the way, the heels I was wearing to mass was a size smaller, so my feet looked really squeezed in, which they were. I liked the feel and look of the shoe so I decided to sacrifice comfort, It was worth it though. It was unplanned, but I also wore these same heels during graduation.

Friends, friends, friends. Thankful that I was seated between these two or the mass would've been boring and unbearable. After the mass, we headed over to Max's Restaurant at the mall for a lunch celebration with the fam. I had initially reserved 5 seats, but mom added more. Five became twenty.

Great times. Afterwards, we headed home and my cousins came over to hang. Tragically, I got forced into cutting my hair shorter. The photos below are a lie, bruh. A L-I-E. Again, I can't go back to my previous hair, but it wouldn't hurt to regret being alked into cutting it just a little bit.

The day was a blur, and my sleeping late didn't help me relax the slightest bit. Before I knew it, it was already the 28th - graduation. Good thing the program was set for 1 pm. That meant more time to browse the net, de-stress, and watch Youtube videos. It's been a long day, so here are photos to make up for my wordless-ness.

My dad was a GEM. Hahahaha. He wanted to wear my toga and graduation cap just for fun so we gave hima full photo sesh. Hahaha. Here's a little trivia about my dad: When their graduation day came, their whole batch (in their course) didn't join the rites. They received their diplomas but they didn't join the march and ceremony. Their professor hadn't been pleasant and would constantly act foul towards them so they decided to skip. Much was the fury of the professor though for sure. Bad-ass.

The four years of my college life has taught me a lot of things about life and dealing with people you really didn't want to interact with. I learned how to adjust my personality to fit the "vibe" of a team, to be confident in talking to teachers and other adults, to work hard and humbly accept praise from my peers, and to love every second of my life even if not every day is a happy one.

I couldn't have made it without God, the faith He placed in my heart, the love of my family and relatives, and the will and dedication I was taught years before.

Remember my wish list/bucket list? Well, I can definitely check one out. I graduated as Cum Laude. I'm thankful I made my family proud. They've been waiting for their sacrifices to pay off and that honour I received is proof of their efforts. The next step is to succeed in finding a job. How long will it take, though?

Here's a little video of me accepting my medal and diploma, hihihi.
Awarding...BSDIA.."cum laude" - Olivia Marie Dizon Penero
Congratulations.... (superzoom po kaya malabo...hahahaha)
Posted by Prudence Jr Penero on Saturday, March 28, 2015

'Til the next ride comes along!