Turning Two decades plus four

The big two-four. I'm almost at a quarter (supposedly) of my life, and where am I? Lost? Happy? Happily lost? Twenty-four. Two decades and four years old.

My family is being added to with every year, and it makes me so happy to have encountered everyone for the past 24 years. The people who've shown their appreciation, who've talked behind my back, who've become my genuine friend, who've pretended to be friends because of material things I often give them... I still thank you. I wouldn't be who I am today if not for you - strong, independent, and wary of giving away my trust to just anybody.

But hey, those people are just 10% out of the 100% of unicorns who have stood by my side all the way.

To the people at NUECA, the company who gave me, a newbie in the adult/corporate world, a chance to prove myself and my co-workers who make me happy to go to work everyday, thank you for making me feel welcome. Thank you for understanding I don't easily feel comfortable around people and for being patient with me. I would not have thought of a better company to spend my first year outside college.

After a little less than a year, I'm finally opening up. I hope you guys don't get shocked with the filth under my angelic exterior (hahahahaa, kidding). 

Of course, though it should be obvious, I want to thank my blood family. Thank you for putting up with my drama (haha, they're used to it), my sudden bursts into song, my weird fascination with horror and gore, and many more disturbing if not fine qualities. 

Thank you, friends, for being true and calling me out on my bullsh*t when necessary. Thank you very much for living through the drama, my narcism, my ego that is still learning to step aside in certain situations, and giving me space when I need it. I often have trouble expressing how I feel and even saying a simple "I love you" back whenever I'm told. Thank you sooo much. I don't think I've ever had a best friend because we always move to different places, but there are two people who are close enough.

The transition from the two-three to the two-four felt like nothing. I don't feel any older, and I'm fine with that. I still have a fear about growing old and not giving my family what I know they deserve, but I'm working on it. 

Thank you! Until the big two-five, let's keep making great memories. Until the next 6th of April, let's stay connected and happy. I love you!


  1. Growing up really scares me, I don't really know why. Next year, I'll be leaving teenage, but I'm looking forward to more experience and opportunities in life. :) Happy birthday to you! I wish you just all the best and more happiness to come your way :)

  2. Veeyah,

    I'd say these are exciting years for you as you transition and continue to evolve with the way the world is, after much of your life under the 'protective custody' of your parents, not to mention, being shielded by the walls of schools. Out here in the real world, there are friends to be made, there are people who will use you. Regardless, however you feel, you just continue to be yourself, being true to your core, and work on becoming the best version of yourself. Always.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement sir! I'll need a full armor to get by, but I have no doubt I was prepared well enough by my background. Hahaha 'protective custody' is the right term for it, haha.

  3. When I was a little younger, I want to mature fast. But now that I'm past mid-life, I wished I was younger so I can do more, haha!

    Growing old is better though, as you gain experience, you become wiser and realistic. Not to mention a better pay check. So my suggestion is to mature gracefully and conquer the sins of the youth, otherwise, whatever these sins are, will conquer you on the latter part of your life.

    1. Thank you for the wisdom, sir Sonnie! Yes, I think I'm sort of getting a feel for how harsh the future will be if I did this or if I didn't do that. I shall try to mature gracefully. Haha.