It finally happened. After four years and four months, I've found the guts to do it. I quit my job.


Nueca has been amazing. The people have been great and very supportive, the products have been exciting to work on, and my bosses have been wonderfully patient, understanding, and instilled so much wisdom into me. 

Aya's birthday (2016)

Yes, there were times when I got frustrated because I didn't feel heard or relevant (though I wanted to help so badly), or times when I just wanted to leave everything because things were becoming too stressful and all over the place. But above all that, I was driven by one thing - to see the company flourish. Since starting work there late 2015, I've considered its values and goals akin to my own, and that's to give people great products and make their lives easier. It's always been about service for me, and I love that Nueca has also grown further as a company that cares more about its users and employees than its profit.

Color Run (2016)
Bigg's Lunch Out (2017)

Four years at Nueca allowed me to develop other skills, capabilities, and passions that I wouldn't have improved more on had I been employed by another company - and that's 100% true. Some friends from college shared their frustrations about being stuck doing one thing or utilizing one skill for years, and are now having difficulty figuring out where to go or what to do next career-wise. I can't even imagine being in their position right now, and I'm truly blessed in that aspect.

One of the best things about Nueca is its people. Our trust and personal care for one another has truly made an impact on me, and it will always be something I'll remember even as I strive to create a company of my own (in the future, of course). I learned - from the best boss I could have had for my first job - that being a great one isn't establishing authority through fear, but rather through mutual respect, understanding, and patience. While there are boundaries to consider, being in harmony with your subordinates ties things together. I'll always have that in mind.

Hi-Way 411 Resort (2016)

Our boss would always let us have "Monday-Motivation-slash-Meditation" sessions every morning at the start of the week, and although he might not have realized its effectiveness on us, I can say that it truly has helped me in one way or another. 

His constant reminder to be compassionate and kind to others (as well as refrain from being reactive to things) has become ingrained in my mind. I'm much calmer and neutral now about things than I have ever been in my life and while I still react involuntarily to triggering situations, I can step back and look at it from a different, more unbiased perspective. This is helped me multiple times already, and is still of huge help in my new job as a relationship coach.

Company outing in Sorsogon, Bicol (2018)

Through the company, I was able to meet people who had great business intellect, marketing capabilities, management prowess, and had enough expertise in their field that would warrant seminars. I truly enjoyed the time I spent with them.

But, like any great friendship, it's never the end. :)

If you're curious about my four-year journey and what I'd learned during each, you may read my yearly update here:

The Future

Looking forward, I'm super excited for my new job. I'm a Relationship Coach now! 

For the record, I actually saw this coming years back. I just wasn't sure when and how it would happen, but I would often think about providing advice on life and relationships to people who need it. Pretty far from the degree I decided to take (BS Digital Illustration & Animation), but it all worked out in the end, right? My initial fear of not having a specialization or single expertise has since dissipated, and I would rather be skilled in multiple disciplines and tasks than be stuck with just one.

To get the job, I had to apply online, be interviewed through a Skype video call, and undergo training. I trained for two weeks - 12am-8am DAILY (aside from Sundays and Mondays) - and had to work half-day instead in the job I moved on from. I'm so grateful (and embarrassed) to have made my previous employers go through that weird schedule. (If any of my past coworkers are reading this, please do tell them their understanding of the situation at the time meant EVERYTHING.)

So far, the job has been AWESOME. The hours are flexible (as long as 40 hours are met each week), the pay is on the 'I-can-travel-every-two-months' level, and my co-coaches are fast becoming great friends. The company is led by people from all over the world and having to work with different timezones is hilarious. (We're all currently following LA work hours, so... that's roughly -15 hours for us in the Philippines?) We even have weekly company meetings through Zoom where we all go on a video call and just talk about what's been going on and where the company is headed. So awesome.

What I love most is that I get to help people who really want it. It's always been evident from some of my hobbies (podcasting about self-improvement and relationships, blogging) that I wanted to impact people in a more direct way for longer. While my blog is constantly gaining traffic mostly from Europe and the U.S., and I get to talk to them via email, interaction with an actual person seemed like the best, most fulfilling option. (I'm still blogging and currently prepping for a new season of my podcast.)

Simply put, my requirement right now for a great career is to be of help to more people not limited to my country. Salary comes after, but more than the money, it's the sense of fulfillment I get from directly helping people that makes this new path extra perfect.

All that being said, I'd really just like to mark this as the end of a novel and the start of a new book altogether. I'll never forget what I've learned from Nueca. It being my first job immediately makes it special, and I'm happy that I got to work with the brilliant, creative minds working there. I have no doubt the company will grow, and I'm excited for when that time comes.

As for me? I'll be here. Pursuing a career that I've always wanted to explore and learning new things along the way. I plan to do more with my life with God's guidance, and I feel like I am now ready to start this new journey.