Boredom shouldn't take the life out of you. The internet is a never-ending hole you can dig into and that's exactly what I did. After combing through heaps of sites that really, really should not exist, here are 7 which I think are worth checking out.

Note for the incredibly sensitive: I know being "bored at home" is considered a privilege. People who still have luxuries like having 3-5 meals (including snacks) a day, stable internet, a good place to sleep in and the like should consider these blessings and appreciate the little things. This post does not intend to diminish or lower the hard work health professionals are doing. The next best thing we can do as citizens is to stay at home and not panic.

Alright then, let's get into this list!

 1. 100,000 Stars

When I visited this site for the first time, my inner astronomer - fascinated with the mysteries of space - went on a roll. I scrolled, dug into information in and out, and just read about stars in the galaxy. It's better to show you, so I've made a GIF that shows how it works:

Go to 100,000 Stars

2. AirPano

As we can't do any traveling with COVID-19 stealing the limelight, I figured virtual tours and 360 videos would be just the solution. I came across AirPano, a site that collates numerous videos and 360 tours to anywhere in the world. Here's another GIF:

Go to AirPano

3. The Zoomquilt 

If you want a TRIPPY experience, this website is the one for you. Guaranteed. Also, take a hint from the name of the website and strap yourself in for an endless ride.

Go to The Zoomquilt

4. Staggering Beauty

I found this website years ago and until now, it still makes me smile. Uploading a GIF would ruin the experience for you, so I went with a teaser image instead. If you've already visited this site, you know what I mean, haha!

Go to Staggering Beauty

5. I Need a Prompt

An artist looking for stuff to draw? An author needing a little inspiration for a story? Meme-makers running out of ideas? Here you go. You're welcome.

Go to I Need a Prompt

There are quite a few more websites you can dive into to ease boredom, but I'm ending the list at five for now. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!