Timelapse: Watercolor Wednesday (Late Post)

Just got back from a long creative hiatus (in watercolor anyway) and I finally decided to get back at doing watercolor art. Ugh, I've gotten rusty. Since I'm going to Subic-Manila tomorrow evening with the brother, I'll be visiting art shops as my time permits. I have the whole Tuesday afternoon next week to visit Shang and Megamall, so I hope I visit all the places!

You clicked on this post to watch a timelapse, right? Haha, sorry to keep you. Here you go! 

Let me know if you want a more detailed tutorial for this (where I talk and discuss my process) and I'll find time. As I'm still The Indy Miss at heart, I still stand for the same blog posts, though a little more formal in some areas. 

Thanks for visiting!

Addicted to Hand-Lettering!

Aaahhh! While my ultimate love is digital illustration, hand-lettering is a hobby where I can just pick up a brush pen and some random paper and write away! This is a very good creative outlet for me, especially at work when I'm feeling swamped and stiff from everything. 

The past two weeks have been very busy for me, and I needed to do something to keep my sanity. So, armed with my Tombow Fudenosuke Pen (Hard tip), my tripod, and a sketchpad I keep at work for these exact purposes, I skipped off to my own little world of hand-lettering.

Here was my little journey:

I want to do a mini-tutorial series about the way I do hand-lettering. Am I being too rushed in thinking I can share anything (still learning)? Hahaha. 

Art Spit for December

You know that post where you just shove in all (or in this case, most) artworks you've done for the month to mark the nearing end of this period of your artistic journey?

This is it. It's that type of post.

I'm really grateful that despite my busy schedule, there are still moments when I can just quickly take my art materials and letter away all the stress and worries. It pairs amazingly with music trips (of course) and makes everyday a little happier despite the weather.

If you're more into videos, I've created a short time-lapse of a few of my art recordings for you. I tried using Final Cut Pro for the first time ever (I've always been an Adobe AE person) and so far, for this mini video, it worked well.

BGM: "Ride With Me" - Feelo  | Note: Watch in 1080p, please?

You might've noticed an error in one of the lettering videos, haha. Let's just say I got a little too carried away by the flourishes and felt the need to cover up that space.

Here are some photos I took right after shooting each bit. Had real fun, too.

So many personal projects on my plate that I don't know which I need to do first! They're all equally exciting to me so there's that factor too. Ugh, hahaha. I think I'm really just trying to fit in more practice sessions for my drawing before the year ends. 


I'm also readying something for the blog. Kind of like a resource section of some sort. What do you think? Too soon? Haha.