A Laid-back Saturday

A few little happy things happened today, and I'm really thankful I got to spend a weekend the way I figured it would play out. So, what did I do today?


TED Talks & Skillshare Classes

Like I mentioned in the audio post on my previous blog, I'm really into self-development. I try to gain knowledge any way I can - audiobooks, ebooks, online courses, online videos - you name it. 

This morning until a little after lunch, I sat in front of the TV, had my Apple TV turned on, and watched quite a few TED talks related to technology (AI), happiness, and time management. While doing that, Skillshare was also open on my iPad as I downloaded an art class for offline viewing. Point is, I was really on a roll with learning as much as I could today.

One video I watched was about time management, and how no one is ever truly busy to do something. While I won't give the details (I'd love for you to watch it below), the general idea is that what we don't have time for are usually those that we don't see as priorities. An example the speaker, Laura Vanderkam gave was a woman who, after a work day, discovered their water pipe had blown and had filled the basement. She had people come fix it in the next days, and it took quite a bit of her time - 7 hours throughout the week, in fact.

Her point was that, if you had asked that woman at the beginning of the week if she had extra hours to, say, do yoga, she would have replied with a "no", like most of us would do. However, she was forced to make time to make sure her water pipe was fixed, making that event her priority. What we prioritize take our time. It's not that we don't have time to do this or that - it's just that we don't want to do it and don't really care for it that much.  


Baptism Dinner at Que Pasa

Today was also the baptism of our boss's daughter, Casey. Such a cute, chubby, little angel. Haha. It was the first time I ate at Que Pasa since I rarely visit Naga's Centro, and to be a little honest, I was underwhelmed with the food. My mom could've done 100 times better. Anyway, I really wasn't there for the food, but to appreciate Casey's baptism. I did the invites and plant toppers for her little event, and seeing it in print was really cool. Got myself a plant as well, haha. The presence of my workmates made the whole thing even better.


Kapenaga Beer Sesh

After we left Que Pasa, four of us felt it was too early to call it a day, so we initially planned to hang out at Starbucks. One of us suggested Kapenaga, a small café that was a walk away and one I haven't tried yet. It looked really cute from afar, so I was excited to check the place out.

They hadn't been open for long, so we didn't expect too much. Few desserts were available, wine, sodas, and beer. It was cuter when we got inside too, and I fell in-love with the wall they had, along with the tables and hanging lights. If only I could get that same setup for my room. :(

Since we had just come from dinner, we could only think of downing beer, in which we experienced a bit of a mix-up. I didn't want the flavored San-Mig as it tasted like juice more than booze (no Heineken so I had to settle), so I told my workmate to get me the original one. The total order was one plain beer and three flavored ones. When we got them, one of us said he wanted the plain one as well. In the end, I had to drink the juice. Haha. It was a cool night either way.


So now, I'm in my room, battling it out with the internet. It hasn't been stable and ever since the huge storm we experienced during the new year, I haven't had a decent connection. This pisses me off because one, I can no longer commit to online side-hustles the way I could before and two, the Apple TV, Netflix, TED, and Youtube have mostly become less frequented (which dismays me).

I really wish the internet would get stronger soon. I'm missing out on so much. To end on a good note though, I'm meeting my friend "the bae" tomorrow morning before she conducts her workshop, which we usually do. Haven't seen her in a while so I'm glad we'll get to meet up with other mutual friends. :) 

25 Lessons from 25 Years of Life

Hi guys! Gosh I'm old. Haha. Kidding. So I've spent previous birthdays throwing parties or something similar, and this year, I thought I'd give back to my readers, my friends, and people who stumble upon any of my socials by relating what I've experienced and things I learned from them. Like they say, the best way to avoid mistakes is learning from another person's experiences. 


If you're more of a reader, I've listed the points I mentioned in the audio above. Here are the 25 things I’ve learned in the 25 years of my life. (I talked about more things on the audio post so... haha.)


1. Appreciate every experience.

Even the negative things that have happened in your past helped shape who you are now. Learn to acknowledge these experiences, even the most hurtful ones. Realize that no matter how big or small, positive or negative, they changed you.


2. Spend your money wisely.

When you do this, you get to save. When you save, you make your future self happy. I think the key here is rethinking each purchase, assessing if you need the item or if it's a want. Just think: each dime you spend now, you owe to the bank account of your future self. While I have yet to master such a feat, I'm trying really hard to save. Pastel, cute, random items still get the best of me though.


3. Do not compare your life to the life of others. You will never be happy.

The person you're comparing yourself with went through something totally different from you. If you're chasing the life of a person you deem successful, you'll never be happy! Just because another person is able to go on frequent trips abroad, doesn't mean your life sucks. Be happy with what you have now. If you're sulking because a friend of yours has found his calling, chill! You might find yours in a little while. Don't rush success. 


4. Who you were at 20 doesn’t define who you are at 25.

Your mentality changes as you explore more of life. If you were a stuck-up little Miss Priss at 20 (ugh, me) who thought partying was for punks and wild kids, that thinking will change. You'll meet more people who'll share their views, and the more you hang out with them and explore the world, the more you'll change as well. What you once thought was incredibly disagreeable might turn out to be something you enjoy in a few years. 


5. Fame isn’t everything.

I used to believe that if I only had fame, I'd be happy and get everything I want. I used to think that if I became a famous designer, it would be okay to bask in the fame and not really care about anything else. Well, fame shouldn't be your goal. Fame is a way to spread your message or advocacies, and it should go way beyond just being popular. Use it to influence other people and help them reach their potential.


6. The world isn’t always looking at you, so loosen up.

I don't mean 'go wild' when I said loosen up. I used to be so conscious about everything - my looks, my actions, how people see me - just everything. Whenever I would step in a room, I'd feel every judging stare so I'd put on a persona to hide behind. Well, here's what I'll tell you now: not everyone who looks actually sees you. Don't stress yourself out and be overly anxious on how the world perceives you. Relax, have a bit of fun every now and then. Just make sure it's legal. 


7. When you want something, go get it. Don’t let fear control you.

If someone had forced this onto me as a teenager, I knew I would've done more and achieved more. I had been such a shy person for years that I mistook fear for shyness. The truth is, I had been so afraid of rejection & making a fool of myself that I rarely reached out to any opportunity. There were so many, and I was so afraid of messing up. Here's my tip to you: if someone is trying to open a door for you to do something good, don't reinforce it with steel and weights. Open it, do it. I learned the hard way.


8. Dream as Big as you can.

Don't let others tell you otherwise. Dreaming is free, so why not dream the largest, craziest dream you can? Don't stay within your country or your comfort zone. Go out there and show the world what you've got! Don't wait for the time when you're ready and people have moved on from you, to someone else who did it right the first time and took the chance. 


9. Meet lots of people. Don’t let your shyness take the best years of your life.

Again, I wish someone had talked me into believing this in my teens. So many opportunities lost, so many people unmet, so many regrets. It never hurts to greet a stranger when you are in an elevator together, or maybe smile at someone you lock eyes with at the mall for a few seconds. What are you so afraid of?


10. Do not stress over situations in your life that cannot be controlled.

You can't control the weather, so why stress yourself out when a good dress is ruined by the rain? You can't control traffic, so why will you rage when you're stuck in the middle of one with no way out? Your energy will be better used doing something worthwhile, like being thankful that the weather is cool and only your dress got the beating. Maybe sing a song or two in your car in traffic and tell yourself you really can't do anything to speed it up. How you respond is key. 


11. Don’t feel like you’re entitled to everything. 

You're not the center of the world. Don't think that just because you have the money or the connections, you have the right to say anything and everything you want. Just because you feel like you worked your ass off at college, doesn't mean the world owes you a stable job and high salary. You have to work for it.


12. Learn how to weed out toxic people in your life.

I wish I could've done this sooner. I could've saved myself from trying to make them like me when all they were concerned about was themselves and how I could help them. I have nothing against helping out others, but when all we talk about is you, you, you... I think I have to draw the line. Toxic people are Negative Nancies. Look for people who will inspire you and push you towards fulfilling your goals.  


13. Books are better than boys.

Do I really need to explain this? Every book is a different adventure, a new learning, a new experience. Boys are, well, boys, but a book does a lot more than make you smile and feel elated and wanted (not saying that's all boys do but I think you get my point). Invest in books and discover the world.


14. Hating on things/people doesn’t make you cool.

Why do people hate on other people? Is it because they really don't like them (with valid reason) or because they're just going along with the crowd? What you like and don't like talk about you as a person. Hate is such a strong word too, and besides, your energy could be put into saying positive things about people you do like. If you don't like a celebrity, why would you go to their channel just to leave a hate comment? Waste of energy.


15. Losing your footing from time to time is OKAY. 

We can't always have our sh*t together 24/7, every day of the year. There are times when we want to chill and admit to ourselves that, "hey, I don't know what to do, but I'll think of something". It's OKAY to be lost. It's okay to screw up from time to time. Just don't stay there. Make sure you get back up and have people around you to help out. 


16. Invest in yourself. It's TOTALLY worth it.

For the past year, I've been investing in online classes, seminars, and workshops, and I know more now than I did a year ago. I've realized things about myself, what my strengths really are and how I can help others find theirs. Learn as much as you can now, and your future self will thank you so much for it. The more skills you know, the more doors are available for you to open.


17. Don't get too comfortable with where you are now.

"The more comfortable you are with a job you don't want to be doing, the harder it will become to leave it and chase your dreams." (Business Insider) 

It's not that I don't like or enjoy what my job is right now - It's just that I know I could be doing more with my time. I love the people I work with, and the environment I'm in every day at work. I learn so much, and have used those learnings a few times in my work and other engagements. The thing is though, if it's the reason you still haven't pursued your dreams 100%, I think it's time to reconsider.


18. Always say "Thank You".

You could [literally] save someone's life or make their day better. Never brush off what these two words can do to someone. You've really got nothing to lose. It's not like you embarrass yourself every time or subject yourself to judgement. Little things matter. Being grateful matters. 


19. If you get a chance to change the world, TAKE IT.

I regret not grabbing opportunities when they were presented to me, simply because I didn't feel adequate or worthy for the task. Not many people get tapped to help their community or country, so when someone asks you to do a workshop or talk about something you love, don't shy away. Grab it. Change the world.


20. You REALLY can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try.

Sadly, not everyone will appreciate your efforts. What you can focus on is caring for the people who you do please, and put your effort into becoming better at what you are doing. If you have a boss who likes one thing and coworkers who like another, find a middle and work from there. Don't feel like you have to impress everyone to be successful. You'll end up in a battleground you have zilch control over.


21. Spend time with your family. They won’t always physically be there.

So much truth in such a sad thought. I'm sure everyone wants their family to be complete forever, but reality is harsh. While you still can, spend time with the people who matter, make memories that will get you through the days when they're no longer there, make them happy, and fulfill their dreams if you can. You wouldn't be where you are without your family, biological or not. Cherish them. Love them, and tell them.


22. An attitude of procrastination will get you nowhere.

If you keep putting things off for later, you'll be oweing your future self a lot. What you can do now, do today. It's stressful to be doing so many things, and piling them up for the "you" tomorrow is such a douche move. If you want to fulfill your goals and live your dreams, don't procrastinate! Me a man/woman of action! I haven't perfected this, but little by little, I'm making up for all those days I've procrastinated. It's hard, but it's worth it.


23. Nothing is permanent. Cherish, love, & appreciate what matters. 

Like I said previously, not everything will remain. What you have now, be grateful and use it to motivate you and others. Learn from what you experience, take care of the people and things you have been entrusted with, and acknowledge every little thing. You might not think something is important, but a few years forward, that event or person might have been a crucial element into what you will become. 


24. Don’t settle for a man/woman just because everyone else is in a relationship.

Don't give in to pressure, whether from friends, family, or society. You know yourself better than anyone, and just because your peers are getting married left and right, or getting hook-ups left and right, doesn't mean you're a bore or you're missing out on "all the fun". Take things in stride. Relax, enjoy being single. When the right one comes along, you won't have to struggle with your "status" or happiness. Everything else just follows. 


25. Your age shouldn’t keep you from doing what you love.

I know people who are in their 40s or 50s but are still pursuing their dreams. As a good friend of mine said, age is just a number, and shouldn't define your capabilities. There are plenty of 20-somethings who perform as if they're in their later years, while some seniors party like teens on acid (uhuh, seen people like that). Don't let your age define you! You're more than a number. Remember that.


Wherever you are, know that there are people out there who are experiencing the same thing or who have been on a similar road in the past. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for advice. Learn from other people and don't make the same mistakes they've done. :)

5 Interesting Finds on Amazon (#1)

I love to shop, online and at physical stores. When it comes to diversity and how interesting a product is, though, online stores like Amazon take the cake. For this post, I'm going to be listing five really nice finds (in no order) on Amazon that I think is worth the bucks. Let's get right to it!


SunnyLife Women's Watermelon Sipper

As a tumbler/mug addict, I have little to no self-control over shopping for cute-shaped, weird-looking models. The cuter it is, the more I am attracted to making it mine, not matter how steep the price is. Thankfully, this one isn't as expensive as the others I have in my collection. 



Thug Life Flowers Doormat

Even the sweet ones can be a little rough when they want to. Hahaha. I like items that put out a statement (in form or words), and this one will meet your visitor right at the door. This mat has all the cute things my eye catches - flowers, lettering, and a classic white on black design. At just $8, it's really not expensive. If they came with a whole collection for this (like a mouse pad, mug, and others), I would SO buy it.


EBK-200BL Maxi-Matic Breakfast Center

It's cute, and it looks vintage. What more could you ask for? Well, a pink one would be nice but still, this is a really neat product to adorn your kitchen with, and make it look better. It's the perfect breakfast tool - you've got a toaster plus a coffee maker. The only thing it's missing is a sandwich maker, but it's fine. 


Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

Party games are extra fun when they're either very intense or harmless-stupid. If you're a fan of the game "Cards Against Humanity", this one will do well on your party games box too. It's also a little more clean-mouthed than the former, and the more people play, the better it will get (10 people are apparently still too little).  


EMIE Kitten 10000mAh Portable Charger

Kitty! I love cats... and puppies... and other baby animals... but yes, kittens and pups are at the top of my list. This room decor-slash-power bank is the perfect companion on trips near or far. It's cute, sleek, and functional on top of it all. I think the price justifies the design and the number of charges you can get out of it. Really cool.


These products are to-die-for! Grab yours now so we can gush about them together! If you've found a really interesting product on Amazon, let me know so I can get my hands on it and maybe review it for others. :)

Have fun shopping!

7 Deadly Sins Challenge: An Update

On April 28, 2011, I posted an article on my old blog about The 7 Deadly Sins Challenge, where each one has a few questions you'll need to answer as a sort of reflection on your life and goals. I got to read it again a few minutes ago and realized I've changed quite a lot as a person. So, let this serve as a little updating and remembering of who I used to be and who I'm turning out to be, haha. (My new answers are in bold, just for reference.)

If you wanna do the same, feel free to do the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge with me! Just post it on your blog and link back to this post. :)




Day 1 - Pride. (Seven great things about yourself.)

#1: My voice. I can sing pretty well, and I can reach most high notes that “average” folks can’t belt out comfortably.

#2: I can draw more than stick people. Think: 3D, Manga, Anime, Landscapes.

#3: I’m a great writer, may it be Fiction, Features, Editorials, Columns – you name it.

#4: I’m a fast learner, especially when I like what I’m being taught.

#5: I can read people within minutes of meeting them. I don't judge, but I do base my impression on how they conduct themselves and what their mouths aren't saying (non-verbals).

#6: I can design clothes that are wearable outside the runway, unlike most outfits I see on fashion shows these days.

#7: I'm not emotional like most people. It'll take something really grave and huge for me to start bawling. These occasions are super rare.


Day 2 - Envy. (Seven things you lack and covet.)

#1: Popularity. Doesn't everything seem so easy when you're famous? You get all these brand deals and special treatment just because you're someone everybody knows. Life. 

#2: A better body. God wants us to be content with what we have right? Well, sometimes, I have problems accepting the fact that I have extra baggage. And with the fashion trends today (shorts, minis) it doesn’t make it easier.

#3: A fair complexion. As much as I love my morena skin, a LOT of the colors i want to wear don't compliment my skin tone. Besides, white people look great in anything. SMH.

#4: More money. They say money can't buy happiness, but given my circumstances, it'll be enough to get me closer to that sweet spot of life. Imagine having the funds to take your family places and treat them to special things every now and then!

#5: Being enemies with procrastination. MAN! When I really feel like not doing anything... ugh. It's only when the deadlines loom that I realize I've wasted too much time thinking of what to not to do. 

#6: Charm. I've been going to a lot of meetings lately, and though I can usually gauge how to move around certain types of people, having instant likeability would be amazing. The sort of charm that when people see you, the are immediately drawn or interested in you, you know?

#7: Independence. I consider myself dependent, mostly on people. I want to stand on my own and not get scared of what will happen. I want to try living truly alone for once and not feeling homesick at all.


Day 3 - Wrath. (Seven things that piss you off.)

#1: Crowded, smelly places. Think: Jeepneys, MRTs, and the market place. I hate being squished and being deprived of clean oxygen & personal space.

#2: Ignorance. That’s putting it bluntly. I am not fond of people who ask questions when the answer is right under their noses! I just want to tear my hair out, whenever this happens.

#3: Backstabbers. Those sweet-faced cupcakes who talk to you like you’re their best friend and then talk trash when you’re out of hearing range.

#4: People who think they know everything. In short, Know-it-all’s. What’s terrible about these brats is that they don’t take your advice, much less listen to you.

#5: Malls with hovering sales people. I hate it when they follow me around when I just want to be left alone and shop. I know they just want to help, but can’t they wait until they’re called for?

#6: People who take too long to order, thus causing long lines. My time is precious, and every minute I spend behind two people who have no clue about what they want is SUCH a drag.

#7: People who don't follow traffic rules. My ultimate pet peeve. If I had a dollar for every tricycle driver or human that doesn't observe road regulations, I'd have enough to buy myself a planet.


Day 4 - Sloth. (Seven things you neglect to do.)

#1: Keep my promises 100% of the time. It’s a trait I most detest, but sadly, my now degrading memory (thanks to stress) isn’t as great a secretary as it previously was. Work load has me tied up until the end of the year too.

#2: Stick to my "to do" lists. In my mind, my day has been planned by the hour, and it feels like it would be a productive day. I write it down and take things off from there. By 3PM, I still haven't done half.

#3: Drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It’s a health must, but my normal day consists of less than 5 glasses.

#4: Be honest about my relationships. I tend to lie to friends and sometimes even my parents about the relationships I have, something which will surely get me into trouble in the future.

#5: Be serious about being an "artist". Singing isn’t a problem, but I get lazy when it comes to drawing, especially if I have to do sceneries and landscapes. 

#6: Learn how to cook. And I don’t mean boil an egg or cook rice – those are the easy stuff. I want to cook Chicken Curry, or maybe Chicken Alfredo, make a 3-layered cake – those complicated stuff. My specialty is canned corned beef, with lots and lots of onions.

#7: Tell my parents that I love them every day. I find it hard to express my feelings out loud, and the only way I can do that is by writing. But I can’t write every night when I want to tell them I love them right? When I do say it, it feels sort of... awkward.


Day 5 - Greed. (Seven worldly material desires.)

#1: A palace named after me. I may not be a princess officially, but living like one has its perks for sure. Imagine having rooms all to yourself and getting to do with them as you please!

#2: A private jet. Again, the luxury of traveling anywhere and being able to feel at home while doing that is a HUGE thing for me. The amount of Lettering I could do in that. Dang.

#3: A closet full of shoes, all arranged by type, colour, and casualness. All the heels go together, all the boots, and all the flats. Sports footwear should have a separate cabinet, arranged by Brand. The dominating colours should be black, pink, and white.

#4: An Autumn/Winter wardrobe. YASS. 

#5: A complete collection of all the animation, drawing, and illustration software, books and other materials available. I should have every resource available for my art.

#6: My own recording studio, with people to operate them when I please and a band who can help me compose songs and make music. I only want THE BEST in the recording, audio mixing, and marketing industries.

#7: An endless supply of money I could use to buy my brother whatever he wants, to build my mom’s dream house, to travel the world with my dad and share in his goal to spread God’s word, and to help people in great need. I want to use this money to erase the word “poverty” from life’s dictionary and provide jobs/teach skills to those who lack livelihood.


Day 6 - Gluttony. (Seven guilty pleasures.)

#1: When I find myself alone at home, I tend to pretend I'm inside a movie (as the lead character) and I make up dialogues, characters, storylines, and others as I go along. My character always has a British accent for some reason.

#2: I totally binge on Starbucks during weekends. It's an addiction to say the least. Our local Starbucks place knows me so much now because of how frequent I visit the establishment.

#3: Stressed? I cure it with an hour of singing karaoke and belting out songs that require vocal power. (P.S. I use my hairbrush and pretend it's a microphone and that I'm performing in front of an intimate crowd.)

#4: Audible. OMG. 

#5: Browsing IG all day and just getting inspired.

#6: Cursing in multiple languages. My all-time faves are French and German expletives. 

#7: I read a lot of books. A LOT. Most of them are books most people don’t even understand. LOL joke. Seriously, I read books that are as thick as three Harry Potter books put together.


Day 7 - Lust. (Seven love secrets.)

#1: I had a crush on one of my classmates back in elementary in Australia. He was funny and had brown, ruffled hair and was very athletic. I don’t think he knew I had a crush on him, but if he did, he must’ve teased me, because whenever my girls and I hung out or played games, he’d come to us and join in on the fun. I still remember how my best friend would look at me when my crush lay beside me on the ground for the Chinese Garters game. I think he was my first puppy love.

#2: I know more than I let on. In conversations involving intimacy, I may be holding back stock knowledge, haha.

#3: The Aussie boyfie. It was my choice to keep us in the down-low for now. Prep time is crucial and very much needed, especially with what's happened the past weeks.

#4: I've fallen in love with a fictional character before. I even wrote the guy a love letter in hopes of kicking out whatever attraction I had for him. It's weird because while I knew he was fiction, he seemed so real in my imagination.

#5: When I was around 3rd Grade, a friend and I discovered a movie that displayed a clip where we were taught how to practice kissing (with our hands). Well, we got really curious and did what the movie instructed. 

#6: A man's idea of pleasure is very different from that of a woman's. Ladies, we gotta get our stuff together. Gents, please stop being total ass-butts. Communicate.

#7: I don’t believe in love at first sight. It may be admiration or lust, because you only get feelings for a person because of his/her looks. I believe in a deeper sort of love. One where you might be the ugliest girl in the room, yet he tells you you’re the only girl he sees and still loves.


Hope you found this post interesting! Want to do the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge too? Please, by all means! I'd love to read yours too!