The following projects are first branding iterations with some of the clients I’ve worked with. For others, I was given a brief to follow, but a few here were based on a sit-down with the client. Most smaller brands I’ve worked with allow me to freely create a personality I feel would be best for them.

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Ddude Blue BG Bright.png

Delivery Dude

Delivery Dude is a small company based in Naga City, Philippines, that delivers food, groceries, and small packages for s small fee. They serve as the logistics of restaurants and distributors in the area.

I was given a brief and a preferred color scheme for this one. I was also given specific instructions for the tshirt design to be a light color, since it can get super hot in the Philippines.


Princeton Grocery

Princeton Grocery is an idea from the Princeton Distribution company to bring their goods closer to their consumers and give them cheaper prices compared to what’s in large groceries.

For this one, I was given less than a full work day to come up with a logo and branding for the whole project. No briefs and just a color scheme to work with.

blue logo.png

Centro square

Centro Square is a new hotel/dormitel/lifestyle hub where people can stay for business or lease a room for university purposes. A lot of students consider it their dormitory or home away from home, while people on business can stay a few hours if attending conventions or the like.

The owners are half-Chinese and take colors and symbols very seriously. In the brief, they wanted a dragon logo in gold and blue, to invite “good luck” to their business.