My name's Olivia, but I go around as Via/Veeyah most of the time. I graduated Cum Laude from Ateneo de Naga University with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Illustration and Animation in 2015. Since then, I've been working as a

Design & Communications Head for a software & services company. When I'm not designing, I'm busy with freelance writing, holding workshops, & brand consulting, while keeping two blogs I own, The Indy Miss and this one. 

Music & weather are a crucial part of my process - they can influence the colors, feel, and tone of my art. I do work across all mediums - digital or traditional - and I'm just as happy to experiment with different styles every now and then.


The Indy Miss

I'll still be posting personal stories there, but there came a point in my design career that I knew I had to level up. My blog was no longer just a diary of my day-to-day activities; rather, it was starting to become a place where I could share expertise on certain topics and help people in that area. The new blog needed to be more about my readers and for my readers, instead of me just being "The Indy Miss" and nothing more. The brand has shifted from me to you in terms of content. 


The Vision

This corner of the web is intended to be a place where anyone, designer / techie / writer / gamer or not, can come and learn to unlock their creativity and discover new things. I'm here to help you not just on design, but how to use the basics of it in your life. 

Living creatively just makes everything a little more bearable, if you ask me. So, I now live by this self-made quote:


"The way you live your life is your legacy. Design it."


This blog-folio will be filled with resources, tips, videos, inspiration, and other articles to help anyone with a desire to learn both soft & hard skills. Need inspiration? Have an art block? Just want something new to learn?

I hope every visit you make here will be productive and inspiring. Let's help one another, one design at a time. :)

See you around!


XO, OLIVIA of The Indy Miss