Gorgeous Planners to Spice Up 2018 (Part 1)

Planner month is ON, and I'm already excited for all the pretty planners I can get my hands on without screwing my bank account over. Living in the Philippines has its pros and cons, and I think the most helpful for me is that the selections are few but chic and functional, whereas if I lived abroad, my wallet would be crying blood. 

Anyway, for this post, I'll be listing FOUR PLANNERS that I find very pretty, functional, and have me scrambling for a copy. The more planners come out, the more parts we're going to have for 2018 recommendations. Ready? here we go!

1. FILED's Keepsake & Scribble Planners

Pre-order yours now!  CLICK HERE.

Pre-order yours now! CLICK HERE.

These babies are super pretty. The moment I saw sneak-peaks, I knew they were going to be bomb - and I was right! They sell for Php 595 (Scribble) and Php 545 (Keepsake) each, and if you want to get a sleeve with your planner, they have a planner bundle that gives you the planner/journal, your pick of a pastel-colored pen capsule, and your choice of Agenda Sleeve cover for only Php 1,099. You may also have your sleeve or planner customized with your name! Rad, right? 

One of the many things I love about FILED's planners is that they know how to make organizing fun, affordable, and simple. I'm just glad their product design team was able to create something very colorful and customizable.

(Their bundle is currently unavailable, but I hope they restock soon! That came out exceedingly fast, but again, I already expected that.)

(Want to see my first FILED planner ever? Click here!)

2. Hobonichi Techo 2018

© Hobonichi. Order your own planner!  CLICK HERE .

© Hobonichi. Order your own planner! CLICK HERE.

A planner post won't be complete without a Hobonichi recommendation, am I right? One of my ultimate planner crushes, the Hobonichi has it down to a "T" when it comes to providing customization options for planner addicts. It allows you to use your planner any way you want (from making it an art journal to actual planning), and the covers come in a variety of designs. 

Hobonichis retail for JPY 4,320 (so around Php 1,960) when you buy the set from their website, excluding shipping to the Philippines. Thankfully, a lot of local art stores have already opened for orders and cost a little less (probably due to bulk shipping). You can get the 2018 Hobonichi Techo Original A6 on Craftylane.ph for Php 1,350 and choose from covers starting at Php 1,250 for the A6 Melon Cover. 

I thought I'd be okay with just the A6 last year, but after seeing the actual thing and having it in my hands, I realized I was more of a Hobonichi Cousin user. It's bigger and can be split into two books (Hobonichi Cousin Avec). What can I say? I love my space. 

3. Kikki.k Personal Zip Planner Medium: Love Life

© Kikki.k Order yours now! CLICK HERE. 

© Kikki.k Order yours now! CLICK HERE. 

My first planner ever was from Kikki.k, and it's always been my first choice. Their designs are always chic, pretty, functional, premium-looking - just totally for fluff-loving, pastel-color-addicts. Their collection has gotten more posh over the years too, and the accessories? OMG. Living for it. 

They retail for USD 79.95 (around Php 4,000) for the Medium-sized planners (undated), excluding shipping costs. But come on - they're super worth it, right? I love the fact that Kikki.k comes out with a collection and not just planner-related items. They've got keychains, pens, pads, wallets, and leather organizers that come from the same theme. Perfect for obsessively organized princesses. 

(Wanna see my first Kikki.k planner? Click here. :))

4. Emily Ley's Simplified Planners

© Emily Ley. Get yours now!  CLICK HERE .

© Emily Ley. Get yours now! CLICK HERE.

Holy cow. I think I've been lusting after Emily Ley's planners since 2015, but beauty can come with a cost! While I might come off as someone who spends money just because they think a product is pretty, I'm actually pretty reasonable (right, Bem?). Of course I want a SImplified Planner. Of course it'll cost me a lot. But it's worth it. Haha. 

Everything about Emily's planners speak beauty and function. From the cover to how the inside pages were designed, they all scream 'buy me'. It's easy to see why, if you've seen the photos on their website. What perfectly sane girl wouldn't want to get their hands on one of those planners?! 

Their Daily Editions cost USD 58 (Php 2,967) for the Golden Pineapple design, my favorite from the series. That price also excludes shipping, which is almost the same amount as the planner. I know, you can't have everything in life, I get it. 


So, what planners will you be checking out for 2018? I know this list is still very short, but let's give the other brands a few more weeks to get themselves together. There are way more brands yet to reveal their planners, and I'm stoked.