Mini-Trips: Hong Kong

I really traveled this year. Like, really. I went to places I didn’t think I would, and even though most of them were cut short by responsibilities at work, I still managed to make the most of my time. Whether I was solo or with the boyfriend, I truly enjoyed myself.


I got a room at Shangri-La Hotel since I always feel most at home there. If the country I’m at doesn’t have a Shangri-La, we go for something similar in pricing and feel. That usually helps us discover places to crash when we’re next there. Fun stuff, and often surprises us.


My boyfriend followed me the day after and we had drinks at the bar. One thing to note is that when you’re in an Asian country gallivanting with a tall Australian, you’re bound to get looks no matter what. He laughs off the attention every time though, but I always feel uncomfortable.

Lobster Bar HK.JPG
Suite Breakfast.JPG

We then got to have breakfast with a stunning view. It’s moments like it that make me want to keep on traveling as often as I can. You wake up with a sense of adventure, a sense of not knowing what lies ahead that day or what places you can explore.

What I especially loved about this year’s travels was an app. If you’ve never heard of Blay, I suggest you head right over to the App Store and download it because it’ll save you time, remind you of your flights, give you a checklist of what to bring, and give you information on the place you’re visiting.

Blay App 2.PNG
Blay App 3.JPG

When you land, it also directs you to where your aircraft’s baggage can be claimed! I’ve been using it for all my flights since after Paris, and it’s been a great addition to my travel essentials.

If you’re prepping for a travel, add this to your list!


Hong Kong was amazing. I stayed for a few days while my guy stayed overnight (he had more master classes to take), and I didn’t feel alone when he left. I met two couples who were newly married and one who were celebrating their 5th year. I even met a lady at the Lobster Bar who said her dream was to become a famous pianist and was in Hong Kong to get trained by an expert there. Definitely my crowd.


You ever been to Hong Kong? Share your stories in the comments!