Hahaha. Right now, i'm at my grandpa's house with my three awesome cousins. So sorry if this post will be super short!! Doing so many things as of now and just this morning, me and my other cousins wrapped some gifts mom will be handing out to the kids who will carol tonight!

So looking forward to the noche buena! I'm gonna take lots of pics to make sure this day will be remembered!

Alright! Gtg!
Have fun everyone!

#151: Sick :(

Gah. I’ve been sick for almost four days already, and it’s the kind of sickness you don’t feel 24 hours a day. It’s this on-an-off fever with a “dash” of headache and tummy ache, and I know I just can’t ignore this. It’s been hindering my performance at school, and if this continues, I won’t be sure about my class standing anymore. :(
Well, anyway, during my sick week, ADNU held it’s 10th Ateneo Digital Arts and Animation Festival (ADAAF), and me and two of my other friends were assigned to help at the registration tables. It was pretty awesome, since we got to see new faces and watch the animation show reels and portfolios by the juniors and seniors of our batch. When we saw the outputs, na-stress kami bigla. You know the feeling of wanting to match up or even surpass what our formers have done? Their works were amazing, and to think that in two, three years, we’d be the ones facing the same scrutiny regarding our portfolios. How do they do it? I know we’re just learning the basics now, but will we really be able to learn – or even grasp – the techniques and methods on animating 3D objects?
It’s really been stressful. To be honest, I’m actually feeling sick while I’m doing this. :( It just sucks.
I finally received the package from Arthouse about 2 days ago!!! Hell yeah! :)
I’m so excited to get started with my new Sketchbook! :) I chose the theme “Fill Me With Stories”, and within the first two days since I got it, I’d be able to fill half of the pages! So many things have happened to me these past few days. I hope I don’t get burned out more than I already am. Especially with my night class and all. Hrmmppf. But still, God is our strength and endurance. He loves us, and so there is no reason to worry about anything else.
Thanks! :)

#150: Back to “Shool”

Yes, classes have begun and even though I tried making the first half of the day great, people just get in the way. A classmate of mine seems to not understand the words “stop pissing me off”. I don’t want to get into details and give him another reason to bug me throughout the semester – I’d hate to be under this situation a minute longer. :( He’s not really that bad, but he can be a tremendous pain if he wants to. Ugh. If only I could change my section in Psychology and be as far from this guy as possible, I would grab at the chance.

Perhaps he knows I won’t really get angry with him for teasing me with another guy. I find it really hard to be angry at somebody, so even though I’d like to kick him for being so annoying, I can’t. Especially with him being my block mate and all. Besides, I don’t want to go through college being angry at people. I JUST WANT HIM TO freakin’ STOP getting on my NERVES. Is that too much to ask? Go pick on someone as crazy as you are, Mr. ******.

Now that’s done, I’d like to get into other happier matters. :)

Remember when I said it was possible for me to be included in the President’s List? Well, I didn’t get in, though I am a Dean’s Lister. My QPI was 3.4 something (sort of like a 1.5 in other universities?), and my friends, upon knowing my grades, immediately began telling me how sorry they were. “Just one point and you’d have been a PL!” Seriously though, I wasn’t that disappointed. I had hoped to be a PL, but I didn’t EXPECT to be one. There was a touch of pain, but nothing else. There’s always a way to redeem myself, and I plan to do that this semester. It’s not like the world stopped because I missed one point to PL-dom.

Aside from those stuff in school, I just had to make the word “school” to “shool” on purpose. Yep, no typo error there fellas. If you guys have watched MEGAMIND (starring Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt), you’ll relate to the simple reason for “shool”. Haha. Sometimes I wonder if Megamind had been a sort of green or purplish hue. The whole aura of the movie would’ve been different, I think.

But why the heck am I talking about this? :) I’m at home now, from school, and my next class is still at 1:30pm. A lot more things will be bound to happen today since I have a night class and since we have a department meeting at 4:30. Yadda-yadda-yadda. I hope I find the energy to tell you guys all about it later. This will probably be part one.