3 Ways to Improve Your Lettering

In our craft, there's never a down time. There's always room for progress and new things to learn. If you're one of those people who feel like they need to step up their lettering game, keep reading. For improvement!


1. Practice the Technical Aspects

While it's so tempting to just go ahead and "do it", put it on Instagram and wait for all the "likes" to pour in, there's wisdom in strengthening your foundations first, before attempting to skip to the structure itself. Study the basics of design, lettering, layouting, and others, and get comfortable with them. Experts understand that respecting the basics, the stepping stones of an outcome, will help you improve faster.


2. Do More Drills

If you've researched about improving your lettering skills before, you might already have an idea about drills. Drills are materials used to enable you to keep practicing your letters or flourishes. If you're not using pre-made sheets (there are plenty available online like here, and here), you may simply choose to get yourself a sketchpad and delegate one page for a single letter. The more you practice, the easier it gets.


3. Join challenges

There are heaps of challenges available on Instagram right now (try Lettering Challenges), and it's always anchored on a community that's very warm and helpful to budding letterers! If you feel like you're not ready for such a commitment, join communities like the Lettering League (which I'm also a member of) on Facebook and see how they do the challenges or work they way around challenging letters. You might find yourself itching to get started on some yourself! 


While we all want to instantly become lettering masters a.s.a.p., the process should be just as fun as what you can do when you get there. Who doesn't love learning? Who doesn't want to improve? No one around here, that's for sure. ;) Just have fun with the process!