Writing Prompts #2

Got writer's block? Or maybe you're just looking for something new? You've come to the right place. Welcome, and I hope you'll find at least one or two of interest!


  1. If two movies were to cross paths, which pair would you pick? (Live-action only)
  2. What language would you want to study and be fluent in? What would you use it for?
  3. Pretend you're an expert in the culinary arts and you're expected to write a recipe on 'love'. What ingredients would it have?
  4. If you could choose to live in any period in time, what era would you pick?
  5. You've just been given a million dollars to spend for a week. Write in detail how you'd go about doing that.
  6. If your phone could talk, what do you think it would say about your usage of it?
  7. Would you rather be able to see but be crippled or can walk but have no sight?
  8. Pretend you're the opposite gender for one day. What would you do?
  9. Think of 5 adjectives and a name (boy or girl). Write them immediately as they come by. Then, write a story around these words.
  10. Create a secret code or alphabet only you can decipher. Write a short paragraph using them.


More to come in future posts so stay updated!

(P.S. Prompts will be posted every Friday of each week!)