Writing Prompts #5


Got writer's block? Or maybe you're just looking for something new? You've come to the right place. Welcome, and I hope you'll find at least one or two of interest! There's only five this time around, but you can't pass them off as easy. Get crackin'!


  1. Take your phone and open Spotify/Apple Music/whatever music streaming service you use and put it on shuffle. Take the plot/meaning of the first two songs and make a short story.
  2. If you were given the chance to become an incredibly famous Youtuber from the start, what kind of content would you put out (that will make your channel different from others)?
  3. Let's say you're the President of your country. What would be your first course of action? What bills would you pass? What do you want to be known for at the end of your term?
  4. Recall the earliest (or first, if possible) dream you had as a child and describe it with as much detail as you can. 
  5. What are 5 things you wish you could've said to five different people (one statement for each)? Why couldn't you tell them?


Hope you liked this post's prompts! These are posted every Friday, every week. If you've got suggestions, or any comments in general, leave a comment below! Ciao, and enjoy the weekend!


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