Writing Prompts #13

Hi loves! A fresh set of prompts for you. Also, what do you think of the twice-a-month schedule for prompts? Do they occur more often or less frequent than you'd like? Let me know in the comments, okay? :) More articles on the other categories will be up soon. Enjoy these for now!


  1. If colors had corresponding sounds, what would they sound like?
  2. Write to your future spouse. What are 5 things you’d want your spouse to understand/know about yourself?
  3. If you were a scent, how would you smell like, and why? What about other people in your family, circle of friends?
  4. If you were an author, what would your first book be about?
  5. “Rain” or “Shine”: Which end of the spectrum are you?


Those are the prompts for this week! Enjoy writing. Have a great long weekend!

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