Writing Prompts #11

Hey, you! It's that time of the week again! Fresh new prompts to help with writer's block. Didn't post last week due to work being such a stressful little thing, but I've got a new batch for you to continue writing. On to the prompts!


  1. Explain why you're a Windows / Apple type of person.
  2. Defend your right: What do you think you should be entitled to do as a citizen of your country (that isn't already in action)?
  3. What is one thing you've read about in the news that has struck you tremendously? Share your thoughts about it.
  4. Does 'love at first sight' still exist, or do you believe we have become superficial in our approach to love?
  5. Let's make a list: Jot down the perks and bums of being single or being married (depending on your current status).


Hope you liked this week's prompts! These are posted every Friday, every week (if I don't forget or get drowned in the sea that is my job). If you've got suggestions or any comments in general, leave them below. See you next Friday!

Have fun!


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