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Writing Prompts #14

Hey all! Oh my goodness. How many times can I apologize for being inconsistent with these prompts?! I feel really bad now, though I probably should've scheduled my posts in advance. Man, work can get in the way of blogging sometimes, haha. 

Anyway, I've got a fresh set of prompts for you today! Also, I'll be including some beauty-related and photography-related prompts in the coming weeks. For now, let's keep it general. :)

  1. Imagine our world in the year 3000. What would it look like? (The more detailed, the better!)
  2. Write about your alter ego. Do you think he/she would be better at living your current life?
  3. How do you feel about tattoos? Would you get one (if you don’t have any yet)? 
  4. If Facebook/Twitter were a person, what would its personality be?
  5. Do you believe in conspiracies? If so, which one tickles your fancy the most? If not, why?

Again, thanks for stopping by! I won't make any promises this time around, but probably just surprise you with an on-time post next Friday, haha. 'Til then!

Writing Prompts #13

Hi loves! A fresh set of prompts for you. Also, what do you think of the twice-a-month schedule for prompts? Do they occur more often or less frequent than you'd like? Let me know in the comments, okay? :) More articles on the other categories will be up soon. Enjoy these for now!


  1. If colors had corresponding sounds, what would they sound like?
  2. Write to your future spouse. What are 5 things you’d want your spouse to understand/know about yourself?
  3. If you were a scent, how would you smell like, and why? What about other people in your family, circle of friends?
  4. If you were an author, what would your first book be about?
  5. “Rain” or “Shine”: Which end of the spectrum are you?


Those are the prompts for this week! Enjoy writing. Have a great long weekend!

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Writing Prompts #12

Hi loves! Extremely sorry for the inactivity (especially with these prompts which I know some of you actually look forward to every week), but I was struck with the flu twice (ugh) and had to take a break from everything for a while. I have a really nice September planned out though, so we're truly back!

As promised, here are prompts for the first of September! Hopefully, these prompts will inspire you to keep writing. Have fun!


  1. Which social media platform do you feel is most closely related to your communication style? (Eg. Twitter, because my words are short, but every word matters.)
  2. Would you rather be a planner, or a journal?
  3. If you weren’t doing what you are doing today, what path would you most probably be on?
  4. Imagine/Create an alternate universe. What would be different? What things in this world would exist in that other universe too?
  5. What are you more afraid of, what you can see, or what you can’t?


And there you go! I've been meaning to ask: are 5 prompts enough for you every week, or would you like a little more? I'm looking for suggestions, people! Let me have 'em! :) 

Have a great long weekend!

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