Workshops Offered

I’m all about self-improvement. That’s why I want to share what I know and help others grow in their career, character, and life in general. Here are workshops you may schedule for 2019. (I also accept one-on-one sessions online or in person.)

body language workshop.jpeg

The Power of Body Language

In a room full of people, it's always beneficial to have the upper-hand. You get to control your response and people's response to you, or charm them and make them believe whatever you say with confidence.

Some use this to take advantage of people in a negative context, but in this workshop, you’ll learn how to feel and look confident and get the results you want, whether during a meeting, a lunch date, or a group event at school.

Estimated duration: 2-3 hours (Theory + Hands-on activity)
Requirements: n/a

merry christmas lettering.jpg

Digital Lettering & Composition (Beginner-friendly)

Have a passion for lettering but lacking the technical skills and hands-on experience needed? Don’t worry. In this workshop, we go through all the options, from the styles you can adapt and evolve from, techniques you can use to create lettering that shouts you, and how to package them all into one composition that looks cohesive (or not, depending on what look you want to achieve).

At the end of the session, you will be able to take home knowledge and resources you can use to further improve your lettering and composition skills.

Estimated duration: 3-4 hours (Theory + Hands-on/On-the-spot activity)
Requirements: Strong interest in the topic, a pen tablet or laptop with Photoshop

branding and creative pitch.jpg

Branding & The Creative Pitch

So you know how to design, and you’re confident about your technique. You’re now ready to meet clients and show them what your brand is all about… or are you? This workshop will be perfect for creatives who know what they want but need a little push forward. We’ll discuss Imagemaking, how to get started with branding and strengthening it, and by the end of the session, you’ll have come up with a brand and ad campaign to kick things off.

This workshop involves logo-making, personality analysis, and color psychology. We’ll go over the whole process - from brainstorming for ideas to presentation.

Estimated duration: 5.5+ hours (This can also be split into a 2-day session if an in-depth branding and pitching project is requested.)


  • Have a brand in mind that you think speaks for your desired business, so you don’t come empty to the branding session!

  • Also have a notebook to jot down ideas (an ipad/tablet or laptop will also do).

  • Desire to pull through until the last leg of the workshop

blogging workshop.jpeg

Blogging 101: Everything You Need to Know (Beginner-friendly)

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and transferred from platform to platform, kept some, forgotten some, wasted money on yearly packages and domains - the whole thing. Now, I want to help budding bloggers get through to the end beginning from the technical aspects (hosting & domains), to content brainstorming and branding, up to setting up a page and making design decisions for your blog’s look and feel.

In short, take this workshop if you’re tired of putting things off with your blog because you don’t know where to start or what to do next. We’ll get you out of the mud in no time.

Estimated duration: 3-4 hours
Requirements: A clear decision that you really want to start/maintain a blog