No One Cares

:D I've been feeling a bit bored-slash-fed-up lately (more like the whole previous week), and I guess I had to take it out through a drawing.

Who dies she look like more - Meg from Hercules or one of the villains in Kim Possible?
O_______o My friends can't seem to decide either.

School Sketches: It's Rude To Stare

Done during the lazy moments at English class this afternoon.

Charcoal, about 30 minutes, on textured paper.
Colors edited in Photoshop.

*Pat on the back! Hahaha. It's been a really, REALLY long time since I last used Charcoal for traditional artworks! It was an awesome "retreat" back to my old drawing materials.

Hope you guys like it!

The Divine Comedy MMIX - by Walt

Remember when I said I was going to read "The Historian" forst for my 50 book challenge for 2013? Well, I had to break that statement when I came across this piece of the sky on my shelf. (review soon to follow).

Since I've finished reading this, that;s another addition to to the completion of my challenge! Hurrah!