Ariana Grande: In Your Defense

Okay, so I've been on the internet for more than 24/7 this week, and have been reading a lot of hate for Ariana Grande (read: perfection) on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and a lot of other celebrity sites. So here's the deal: I'm going to defend her in the best that I can.

(Note: I could practically do the same thing for Demi Lovato, but there has been more issues around Ariana these days that I just can't "Let It Go". Wink, wink.)

Just listen to her music! Everything from her singles, to "Yours Truly", to her latest album "My Everything" is the bomb. And for those who say she needs to enunciate her words - it's a personal style. Artists have their way of creating a distinct sound and I'm guessing this is just how Ari does hers. Even in her interviews, she talks relatively the same way when singing. Personally, I don't even think she sounds like Mariah. Sure, she has moments, but most of the time, you can tell who's who on the radio.

Also, haters who say she isn't even half as good as Mariah (who by the way is also one of my favorite artists) don't need to say that. Everybody knows that Mariah is the queen of the whistle register and Christmas albums! Ariana is new to the music scene, and comparing two incredible artists is like comparing freshly made wine to one that has been tried and tested through the years - YOU CAN'T. They're both good at what they do in their own ways.

Another point haters are making is that Ariana's signature half-pony hairstyle and short, glittery dresses are making her look like a 12-year-old wearing hooker clothes. FYI, your perverted mind is making all that 12-year-old crap issues. She may look younger than 21, but NOT 12! I'd agree with 17 or 16 at most, but 12?! I do suggest that Ariana should wear her hair down more often as she looks prettier and more her age, as many others suggest as well. Frankly, I don't care how she wears her hair. Ariana is Ariana, regardless of hairstyle.

I've also been seeing comments about how Ari can't sing. Some have even called her "fake" and plastic. Now, I haven't met her in person or have hung out with her (duh) but it isn't right to judge someone from what you see on television. This goes for every celebrity, whether it is Bieber, Selena, Kim Kardashian, etc. Sure, they've made some pretty big (stupid and unthinkable) decisions, but they still deserve respect.
As for Ariana's singing - have you people ever sung like her? Like, really reached those notes and not sound like a dying whale? Of course, reaching high notes doesn't make you a singer, but that's all part of it. Ariana CAN sing live (whether you believe it or not) and I'm sure she can out-sing you any day. (SIDE NOTE: Can I have a duet with you, please Ari? <3 disappoint.="" i="" p="" swear="" t="" won="">
Bottom line is, Ariana is only one of the many artists out there who are receiving hate just because people have nothing better to do. We see the one flaw that should be unnoticeable in a group of exalting qualities in a person and that's where it starts. Soon, you start picking on them probably because they have something you don't. Then you become a hater.

Back to Digital Painting!

It's been a really, really long while since I made a digital painting! Here you go, before I go back to work again and animate my hands off.

Close up, because I love her eyes. Haha.

I seriously think  should've ditched the whole face and just saved the eye. Oh well.

Part 1: Madness for the NYFW (Spring/Summer 2015)

I love fashion. So much that it hurts not to be able to actually go and see the show personally. (Darn.) But, thankfully through Vogue, I got to see the collection by awesome designers who participated in the NYFW - and I've chosen my top looks.

(All photos from

Michael Kors

I just love how simple MK's collection was. Like, really, I would wear these pieces every day if I could. I'm not even kidding. This is my favorite collection from the whole show, and hopefully, these photos will make you realize why. Can you just imagine strolling through the streets looking this fashionable?! 

I especially love the color scheme of the whole collection. It feels so earthy and natural, and it looks so chic! As if these pieces don't convince you yet, check the others below.

Even if it weren't summer or spring, I'd wear these. You can't limit Michael Kors apparel to any specific season! It's like saying you can't eat ice cream during winter. Am I right?!

Oscar de la Renta

I've been hearing about him and his designs but haven't really taken the time to look at his pieces, but I was just blown away by how feminine they looked. He even started with my favorite shade of Pink!

Checkered has always spelled vintage for me. I'm just so happy to be looking at these images. Ugh, I wish I could've been there to see it myself! (Bonus points for the flower power going on at the back - love it!)

I'm looking forward to seeing more from him in the future. These designs are ultra-wearable.

Rachel Zoe

Her designs are so elegant and clean. When I first laid eyes on her collection, I was amazed. They looked really simple, but they were also elegant and very wearable. What is fashion if not to be worn? There are other designers whose pieces literally can't be worn on the streets and look better on the runway than in real life. Rachel Zoe is one of those who would be a staple in my closet for both fancy and casual occasions.

As I said, a great design for me is one that is wearable on the streets, and this collection is just the right closet for the word 'wearable'. How many times have I said that already?

Look out, graduation. I'm going to find myself some Rachel Zoe ensembles for you.

Ralph Lauren

Admittedly, some colors used for his collection aren't my type at all. You really wouldn't catch me wearing green or any shade of green. Even brights don't flatter my skin tone very well. However, his pieces looked fab enough for me to momentarily let go of my dislike for those colors and instead focus on his incredible designs.

One word: fabulous! I just have no other words to express my love for these designs. You'd be a dunce to not appreciate how good these would look on real life career women (and you know, just really chic girls). Totally imagining touring Europe with some of these dresses! Fingers crossed!

These are just a few of the designers that totally caught my eye for the NYFW. Part two's coming up soon, so stay tuned for the next post!

So, anyone want to go shopping with me? :) Let's grab something from Starbucks first though.

Listed: 6 Horror Movies I'm Looking Forward to Watch by 2015

I'm a horror fan at heart. If it's not scary enough for me, it's not horror and believe me, I've watched some that are closer to comedy and drama - plus awkward acting. So, when news came that there will be a handful of horror-themed movies coming up, I had to search and pick out the ones I'm interested to see in the cinemas.

Let's get it on!

1. Annabelle (October 8, 2014)

Two reasons I'm really excited for this: one, it actually involves a doll (Who doesn't get creeped out by their glassy eyes and always smiling porcelain faces? You? Okay then. Moving on.); and two, it's based on a true story. YES. Annabelle actually exists beyond the theatre screen. You can read about her history here.

I had a ton of porcelain dolls when I was a little girl, and the thought that any of them could've been alive without my then infant brain knowing... wow. I wonder how I would've reacted if I grasped this as a kid. Awesome. Stoked Level 5/5.

2. Dracula Untold (October 15, 2014)

Every bloodline has a beginning. That's the movie's tagline, as printed on the poster, and it's a bit intriguing. Personally, I know nothing of what to expect in this film other than the fact that it deals with the origins of Dracula. Not as excited as I am for Annabelle though, but I don't know. I'm really just interested at the tagline and Dracula's involvement. Hahaha. I've read enough of Bram Stoker's Dracula to spark an interest.

Other than those few reasons, there's nothing much motivating me to watch this film. Stoked Level 1/5.

3. Ouija (October 24, 2014)

Oh my gosh. This. The title of this movie just spells out the experiences and thrills I sought with my friends during primary school. Not to be all dark, but the occult has always been a field of interest for me. Anyone who's known me for a while would agree when I say I am always down for a good scare.

There was this one time after class that me and a few of my friends decided to play with the Ouija board. I was just starting to catch an interest for these type of things and figured it wouldn't hurt to try. Well, to cut to the point, it didn't end well enough for us to try again. We got a real fright when the wind began blowing so hard into the windows, and a friend started crying. We grabbed our stuff and got the hell out of there.

Stoked Level 5/5. Obviously.

4. The Pyramid (December 5, 2014)

Typical plot about being trapped underground and realizing they are also being hunted/haunted by something. It's impressive how writers can recreate the same plot over and over and come out with a movie like this.

I really have nothing to say about this. There's very little information right now, so I'm hoping this won't be a big disappointment on my end (and other horror fans). You see, it's not about the gore and the blood and the monsters - it's all about how real this would feel, how probable it would be for us normal humans to experience something similar. Stoked Level 3/5.

5. Demonic (December 12, 2014)

I feel like the plot for this movie is the most typical. The story's simply about a police officer and a psychologist who investigate the deaths of five people who died while summing ghosts. I mean, with this purpose, you've got to be a turd to not know how negative this is going to end.

But, like most stereotypical movies, it's one that's an automatic "to-watch", probably to see how it compares to similar movies. Stoked Level 3/5.

(Note: I couldn't find an official image for this. There were some on Google images, but I wasn't sure which was which. Even IMDB had no image.)

6. Amityville: The Awakening (January 2, 2015)

OMG! I'm a huge fan of the Amityville horrors (not how and why the original story happened, of course)! This is sooo exciting for me! I just hope they don't screw it up like they did with the other Amityville remake. But yeeaahhh!

The plot sounds too obvious to the fact that these victims can't really defend themselves (especially now that it only involves a single mother and 3 children). Stoked Level 4/5.

I'm Starting... In a Little While

Hey! :)

So... this was supposed to be "awkward post #2", but I decided it was a dead giveaway of something obvious (read: that I haven't updated this blog in weeks and made everything awkward all over again). *Le sigh. But that's not really the issue.

We're finally animating for our short film! Woopee! It feels DREADFUL, to be honest. We're chasing after a deadline that's coming closer to the end every day. One good thing about all this is that this week (starting tomorrow) is an unofficial, official holiday for us. It's our college intramurals, and since we have no event there, we're automatically sort of "free" from classes. Also, this week is the Peñafrancia Festival in Naga. (I've blogged about this last year too.) I seriously hope we get no visitors. If we do, ugh, how will I finish animating my parts?

But yeah. I really can't rant on here, 'cause this blog's too public on my social networks. I want to tell you about how I feel with my current situation at school and stuff, but I'm not ready to have enemies. Let's just say that things could be better.

Here's the WIP of the set from about 2 days ago (it's done now btw).

...And a photo during our meeting with the TACTICS officers for the Gimmik Parade and Presentation for the opening of our Intramurals tomorrow. We were bored as hell. I don't think meetings are really our thing. At least, meetings which really don't speak our language. But, we behaved, if I may say so. Haha. 

(With Don Ramos. Check out his blog at GoodOldBoring.)

So there. My eyelids are too heavy to keep from sleeping. I really need to rest now, or I might not have the energy to animate the rest of my scenes tomorrow!

Good night!

P.S. It feels good to be blogging back home again.

xoxo Veeyah

My Silver Lining

Hello again! This might be the busiest post-day I've ever had in my blogging history - and it's all because all the things that happened today.

First, the Google+ Hangouts with Demi Lovato this morning, then the "Never Have I Ever" challenge I got to do, then the photoshoot for our yearbook. I needed to de-stress, so I did. At Starbucks. With friends. And food.

I ordered a Dark Mocha Frappe and a piece of Cinnamon Danish. I can't believe how full this made me. I didn't even eat dinner anymore. (I'm currently in bed, in the comfort of my blanket and air conditioning on full blast.) Seriously.

It was weird because it felt like we haven't talked so much in months the way we did earlier, and it was an amazing de-stressor. We talked endlessly about issues at school, events that were going to happen in the coming days, our Senior Project requirements, and our overall emotions about everything.

As I said, it was incredibly weird. 

Before I go any further into this post, I just have to express how disappointed I am with the whole graduation shoot. So darn much. I can't even. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about it right now. Hahaha. Moving on!

So yeah. I think we spent more than three hours at Starbucks. We saw customers come and go, but we stayed. This rarely happens, especially when you're studying animation and deadlines are coming at you from all sides. We had to make the most out of our stolen free time.

In total, this day was balanced, somehow. A dash of disappointment, a bucket of happy times, and just great company. But, tomorrow's a new day, and we have to get back to reality (a.k.a. nearing deadlines).

xoxo Veeyah

Google+ Hangout with Demi!

This was just pure bliss.

Even though I slept incredibly late and my eyes stung with lack of sleep, I woke up 15 minutes before 7 just to see Demi on Google+.

It was a quick event, but she was utter perfection. I mean, what else would you expect from Demi?!

And what did I do? Take screenies of course! Here are some of my favorites. (I forgot to take one of her dancing "The Spongebob" (Demi's words) 'cause I was too amused to actually do anything.)

SEEE???? TOTAL PERFECTION! I'm not even kidding. She's like, the bomb.

I love you Demi! <3 Whenever you feel like there's no one to comfort you, think about your gazillion of fan-friends (me included). We're always ready and willing to make you feel better!

(She's probably never going to read this, but if it makes any difference... YOU ARE THE AWESOMEST PERSON EVER!)

xoxo Veeyah

This is going to be GREAT, right?


I am nervous for tomorrow's photo shoot.
Tomorrow's out toga shoot and creative shoot for graduation next year, and - eff all this - I am so friggin' unprepared.

I bought a white, long-sleeved polo from the mall (I wanted the one with the lace, but my mom chose for me instead, huhu) and am still at a loss for how to style it with jeans and my green and blue Grosby kicks.

*Le sigh.

I have stuff to post tomorrow (and I'm actually trying to start a vlog, but I didn't realize it would require SO much work) and a gazillion things to finish for school. When will hectic schedules ever end?

Anyway, I tried out KFC's new Japanese Terriyaki Bowl (Php 90+15 for drinks) and it was actually good. They had run out of normal chicken so I had to have mine spicy. But that made the whole dish even more delish.

I have to add that it was worth the money. (I don't know if that's just because I was hungry at the time, but whatever.) I'm going to try the Spanish Salpicao next time.

So there. I might have a post up tomorrow.
Signing off, good night.

xoxo Veeyah