WIWW - 03.31.12

If we had winter here in the Philippines, you'd (hopefully) see me in this ensemble.

(Items used: Earrings by Friis & Company, necklace by Pilgrim, top from Odd Molly,
cardigan by Michael Kors, pants from Fifth Avenue, handbag by Longchamp, boots from Blumarine)

Day 2: Something you would never do, no matter what.

1. I would NEVER trade my family for earthly riches.
If there's one thing that I would want more of forever, that would be my family. You might see me slacking or cutting classes (or maybe even watching movies I seriously HATE), but you'd never see me leaving/trading/using my family for myself. NEVER.

2. I would NEVER smoke. Ever.

Yes, you read it right. And don't give me crap about looking cool or some "health benefits" to be gained from this rampant addiction/vice. I don't believe inhaling smoke so strong even brings any good, so don't start with me.

3. I would NEVER have premarital sex.

I could list down a thousand reasons for standing up for purity, and could go on and on about it. I believe that everything has its time, even sex, and that should only happen after marriage. I've made a commitment to remain pure until the right man comes, and with the guidance of God, this will be no hard task. :)

WIWW - 03.30.12

Okay, so I guess I owe this blog another post for the month. (I feel so guilty here.)

Another What I Would Wear (if I had the closet!):

(Items used: Loevenich hat, Marc Jacobs glasses, Pull&Bear scarf, 
Malene Birger necklace, Adidas-Y3 vest, Twist&Tango belt, Mulberry shoulderbag,
 Kenzo gloves, Oroblu tights, Beyond Retro boots)

Day 1: Something you have never done but would really love to.

Yeah, yeah. Short, and the laziness with the post is quite obvious, yes? Argh. Sorry for the lack of substantial posts these days! Actually, it's been another month since I last posted. Don't you hate sudden hiatuses? I definitely do. I was on a roll a month ago, before school work poisoned my system. It's even infected my summer vacation!

Yep, I have summer classes! I can't say if I'm excited or not, but then again, I always have mixed feelings regarding school days and stuff.

So sorry for my nonsense! I can't promise to post daily, but I guess weekly posts would suffice? Besides, you guys won't want to read my rants and randomness everyday would you? :) C'mon, I'm doing you a big favor here.