#40: Disappointed but Happy.

Remember when I said I would be going to Dubai this December?
I didn't go.

Yeah, circumstances changed everything. First the visa, then the finances, then the big decision I had to make. My visa was alright, but then we couldn't get mom's passport in time from her boss (who decided to go to Dubai and tell his employees at the last minute). I don't understand why it had to happen, but heck, that's where my second hindrance came in.

Again, the issue about finances rose up. Mom and her other colleagues were supposed to get their work pay on the 25th-26th, but it didn't. If I didn't know better, I think their boss meant for it to come late. Sheesh. You know, my mom said that God may be telling me something with the events. She hinted that maybe, God doesn't want me to go to Dubai, not now at least. I mean, every time I was bound for that place, problems like this come up. Maybe she's right.

Now the BIG decision came. Do you guys also recall me telling you about my much anticipated purchase of a new laptop? Yeah, well, I found myself choosing between going to Dubai and spending on clothes and stuff, and THIS. Yep, and you know what I chose?
The laptop.

Now I find myself thinking if I made the right decision. Was it worth giving up a once in a lifetime opportunity for a laptop? Well? I'm still not quite sure about it.

So yeah, this was a buzzed up, fezzed up article which I had to write under time pressure (since dad came home and asked me to get my attention off the computer). LOL. Be back in a while. :D

#37: Day Twenty!

Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

Right. I was eager to get on with today's blog challenge, but I have to admit, when I saw what I had to write about today, I wanted to skip. I don't know why, actually. I don't think I'm ready yet to discuss these things even with myself. 
I guess I'll just have to put in the traits/qualities I want my future hubby to be. :)

He should be God-fearing. I know a lot of teens always put this in their list of quality traits, but I'm not sure how many of them really know what God-fearing is. I guess for me, we should share the same faith, both love God and are passionate to serve Him, and... just willing to be molded into His character. As long as He prioritizes God, every other good thing will follow.

He doesn't have to be rich, but he should be capable of giving a good life to his family. A lot of young couples are struggling financially, and I don't really want to be in that area. It's not wrong to have little, but if possible (I pray to God!), I hope to have a husband who can financially support his family. Life would be better that way.

He doesn't have to be handsome, but he should be able to make me laugh/smile in those unexpected moments. Good looks die away with age (for most people), so I'd rather have a guys humour and stay happy with him. And besides, most men tend to womanize when they know they've got killer looks, so it's really safer (I think) to go for the moderate funny type. Of course, not all good-looking dudes womanize. It's just a stereotype. :D

He should be loving, despite my flaws. Nobody's perfect, and that phrase has been used countless times to justify any wrong thing people have done. We all have dark spots in life, and that "guy" should be able to lvoe me for me. He shouldn't have ideas of how a woman or his wife should be. Acceptance and communication are, as I see, most important too.

Those are just some of my requests, but if God wills me someone better, then I'll be equally happy! :D

#33: What Happened at the GCCN.

Let me tell you straight out that we did NOT have ample time to practice. I wasn't able to go to tito Rey's place yesterday, so we had to fit a few minutes of practice an hour before the actual even started. Anyway, I had spent the whole day memorizing the lyrics to the two songs I was going to sing and I was getting really tense. Hectic. :D We arrived late, but we weren't going to sing in a few minutes so we hung around the dining area, practicing a bit more and trying to calm our nerves with a few jokes here and there. It almost worked, actually.

Without the microphone, I wasn't really nervous. It felt like we were just jamming and singing to keep from getting bored and everything seemed to be going so well. And then, the moment came for me to sing.
My voice was weak at the beginning, and if I heard myself correctly, I was out of breath a few times and I wasn't hitting some of the notes right. It wasn't terrible, but I KNOW I could've sung it better if I hadn't gotten nervous too fast! :(

Thankfully though, dad and JP were there to at least help me out (mom was at work). I know I've been singing in front of people for at most 2 years now, but I just never get comfortable doing it. It's like every song number is a first try, and I still get freaked out and self-conscious.

The night ended well, I think. I may not have gotten to sing my final song, but there were others who filled in the space. Nagkulang tuloy time ko kumanta. But whatever, the important thing is that I was there and I got to sing. Hayaan ko na sila (I'll leave them be). They can sing forever if they wanted to.

Tito Rey helped me out a lot at the GCCN. He was calm and allowed me to modify the songs a little, to suit my abilities (if I had some). Left to right: Tito Rey, Tito Jerry, Me, and Ate Leng. Wacky poses rule.

The food was great though some of the veggies seemed to be half-cooked - but it's not a problem. The dinner was delicious, so kudos to the cooks who made them! And thanks tito Rey for giving me the privilege of singing with you guys tonight! :D
:D rawr. haha.