I'm Becoming a Night Owl

Merry Christmas everyone!

Geez, so many things have passed since I last blogged, but whatever, right? Thing is, Christmas happened, and though mine was quiet, it was awesome.

For starters, I had my hair done. The plan was to sport a purple ombre look (from black to a lighter purple/violet) but when I looked at what I was to work with, I realized I couldn't bleach my hair just so the purple would be seen. So, since my hair was already a lighter shade at the tips due to my previous hair color, it was suggested that I use the normal purple mix on top of it. I was incredibly annoyed with how my hair looked at the time that I was willing to undergo any change. I said yes. So far (I had it colored & trimmed on the 24th), I'm really liking it. It's looking more like a mix of light browns, pinks, and purples under the sun so that's just awesome. Moving on!

Also, I have had no progress in my Senior Project 2 (a demo reel) since the start of Christmas vacation. Should I be worried that I'm not worried at all? Almost all my classmates are freaking out already, but I'm not feeling the pressure too much at all. I can't say I don't, but do you get the feeling of knowing there's something to be done but you think 'It's so easy' that you just don't do it? That's my problem. I guess I'll face the demon when I'm ready.

More recently, I went shopping today. I was out of the house all day with a cousin and my brother just going to different shops and buying stuff that I realized I shouldn't have bought when I came home. One of those is a mixing palette 'cause I already had one. Another is a mini statue/model of the Eiffel Tower (but I'm thinking I actually need it to get motivated).

There's actually a bigger, more expensive model, but I reckoned I didn't have space on my table - which was accurate. I saw this at the store last November when my friends from school and I were shopping for props materials and promised I would buy it after. Here's the promise, you guys.

Even if I didn't promise it though, I still would've bought it. If you read my previous posts, you'd see how smitten I am with Paris. I always say it's my soul country. Then again, I haven't been to the place so this claim is built on sand.

We were joined by my mom in the afternoon and we proceeded to the department store, specifically the make-up section. (You should've seen my brother's face the whole time. He pulled off a 'poker' and a 'pissed' at the same time. Hahaha. I told him to go the guy's section but I guess he couldn't amuse himself even if he tried.)

The moment I laid eyes on these two, I knew I was going to get it.

The first one is a lipstick by 'Sakiraya', which sounds like a Japanese/Korean brand to me. Admittedly, I got sucked in by the cute jewel embellishment on top and the pink casing (that's just how I am, I guess). I got it in the shade 'Cranberry Red' and sure enough, it was an extremely bold, bright red. Mom tried it, but it didn't look as bright (just right) and I have yet to try it on.

Second up is a black pencil eye liner by the same brand. Now, I'm not a fan of pencil liners - I've sworn to use only liquid liners in all shades appropriate - but today, I wanted to try it. The packaging was really cute too so that wasn't such a problem for me. Once I use it, I might post a photo-slash-review post on here. Same goes for the lipstick.

When I find a store with a lot of [useless] adorable, weird things, I grab whatever I can and splurge. I had to hold myself back 'cause I purchased something incredibly expensive too, so it was pretty downing. Anyway, I found this cute little blue fan that [can never replace the glorious pink one I owned but broke] for the random hot weather bursts we're having for only Php 38 (just a little under a dollar). Cheap find, right? I was going to get the black one but it wasn't as sturdy.

I also bought writing instruments 'cause 'why not?'. These cute, thick markers in grey and pink were on display and I figured I could use them somewhere so that's that. I also found a sign pen that looked like a pencil but turned out to be just the casing for a pen inside. It was just weird, you know? I also bought black drawing ink (just a small bottle) and a size C-4 speedball (inside the pencil case which I also bought fro the store). I'm telling you, I could go crazy just using the speedball for my calligraphy. I tried to use it to ink an illustration I did for my mom, and so far, it's working pretty well. 

I also bought a wooden easel (the most expensive one on my shopping list) and it was all thanks to a special someone whom I can't thank enough. That person gave me the money to buy an easel and other art materials, but requested that I don't tell anyone. Such a sweet, humble person. :) I could easily be the happiest girl right now.

As if these blessings weren't enough, my dad just promised to buy me something (online) that isn't available in the Philippines - and I'm getting it in January! It's still art-related, so it's not like it'll be a useless purchase or anything. I'll post about it when I do get it.

It's been such a [tiring] fun day today. Tomorrow is going to be a general cleaning sort of morning and a work-themed afternoon (hopefully, the plan stays that way). It's already 2 AM and I've been in this late-sleep cycle for days now. Boo. I'm becoming a child of the night (but I already am).

Good mor-night!

Smile, for we shall conquer the world.

Finally! The last exam (and day) for this year is OVER!
So, before I tell you what I did on my first "almost vacation" day, I have to share this week's mayhem.

This week was the first time I ever experienced being forced to sing a prayer before class. I've been singing for years and my friends know that it's one of my top "can't live without" things. I've also grown used to the fact that most of my teachers at school know I sing and I get tapped to do song numbers for events. Stage fright is something I've always struggled with. Well, last Thursday, our Moral Theology professor asked me a question that caught me off-guard.

Prof: "Ano ulit yung in-upload mo sa Facebook?"
(What did you upload on Facebook?) 
Me: "Alin po dun sir? Mejo... marami po kasi akong inuupload. Haha."
(Which one, sir? I upload a lot of things. Haha.) 
Prof: "Yung... ingat lang ba yun? Yung kanta."
(Was it Ingat Lang? It was a song.) 
Me: "Ah! Yung Ngiti Lang yun sir. Yung may manok sa background?"
(Oh! It was Ngiti Lang. The one with chicken noises in the background?) 
Prof: "Oo, yun ata yun. Kantahin mo nga ulit."
(Yes, I think that was it. Can you sing it again?) 
Me: "Hala! 'Wag na sir! Nakakahiya!"
(But sir, it's embarrassing!) 
Prof: "Tayo tayo palang naman. Habang wala pang tao."
(There's only a few of us here right now, though.) 
Me: [I sung the first line of the song and stopped. Haha.]

To understand the 'chicken' bit, you have to know that while I was singing the song, our neighbor's chickens were noisy as hell. So, when you play back the recording, the clucking can be heard so much.

Would you believe that our professor was still not contented. Before we started our lesson, he asked me to sing a prayer for the class and asked my classmates to close their eyes and just listen. Awkward! While I'm thankful for the attention and support, this sudden turn got me frantically searching my brain for a short prayer that can be sung. Needless to say, I think I nailed it. So yeah.

Another thing that I want to share is that I have proven that studying for a test or exam before going to bed, knowing which areas to study, and listening to the Coffee Table Jazz playlist on Spotify works like a charm.
Yesterday, a friend and I hung out at our place from 2/3 PM until 12:56 AM just watching Youtube videos and doing song covers. After that, I had a debate in my head about studying for the exams or just watching more videos. The studying part won and I tuned into Spotify while summarizing the 3 lectures. Fast forward to this morning and 10 minutes into the exam, I passed my paper. Thankfully, most of the items on there were the ones I studied. Thank God.

Now that that's out of the way, let me show you what I did when I got home today (or more accurately, 3 hours ago).

Started this during class yesterday (the same one where I had my exam today) and I guess it worked out somehow. I feel like I am getting addicted to drawing feathers. Oh well.

The struggle to find my art style is still strong. Every day, I look at the works of my favorite artists and think about how far I am from reaching their level of awesomeness. I've been told by friends that I beat myself too hard and that I should stop comparing myself to professional artists, but I can't. I'm telling you, it's a disease. No matter how pretty or cool I think my art is, when I look at it beside an artist I love, I cringe.

This is my current set-up by the way. Hahaha. I really adore the USB lamp thing my mom bought a few months ago. It's been a friend when I want to be in bed and review but my mom and brother are already asleep.


Smile, for we shall conquer the world.

+ Love Me Harder +

It's the last night before classes end - which means the REAL work begins. *Sigh. But, no use being all depressed since IT IS almost Christmas (which I'm not feeling even a tiny bit by the way). I posted a few new sounds on my Soundcloud (just check out the link form the 'Social' tab on the upper right corner), but what's pissed me off recently is that I've experienced getting a notice that the audio I used was copyrighted. The work-around? Upload the ish in Youtube.

Yup. The cover a friend and I did just this evening is now uploaded on there for people to be critical about, haha. Not too much, hopefully.

As you may know, I am a huge Ariana Grande fan, and I've tried to be up-to-date about the events in her career and life since her 'Victorious' days. I'm really proud at what she's achieved at a young age and well, let's just say she's sort of living my dream. ;)

Anyhoo, here's the cover.

I am SOOOO relieved to get through Youtube. After 1.5 hours, it's finally on the net.

Enjoy, and have an awesome weekend!

A Year of Instability

It's a sickness. Seriously. I think I've tried to leave Blogger a number of times this year, but I always keep coming back for some reason only after weeks of posting on my new blog. Call it serious attachment issues, but it's a difficult thing to have, especially if it's a blogging platform you're attached to!

So I've tried Tumblr (I already had one, but it wasn't for blogging, just reposting cute images) for two weeks. I edited the code, customized it to my liking, fixed my socials and other widgets and was energized to start over on a new platform. However, it didn't feel right at all. Tumblr wasn't made for blogging about your day or what's happening to your life. It was (probably) made just for sharing photos, quotes and articles that don't require extensive reading. In other words, it wasn't a fit so I went back to Blogger.

After a few months, I (again) grew tired of Blogger. It was always the fact that there were no good enough templates that kept me switching and that whenever I wanted to create my own blog theme from scratch, I never had enough time to. (I still don't.) So, I decided to cross over to Wordpress (I also already had two WP blogs before, but I had let them die down - they were mostly for my writings and artworks) and though the templates were limited, they were still better than most themes for Blogspot. It was really starting to look great. It made sharing my blog across my networks easy and there were a few feedbacks from the community.
However, around a week ago, it started to feel empty. I had no motivation to write and all I did was post my digital paintings and WIPs. I didn't really post anything I wanted to read a year from now, and I had a lot of that here on Blogger. Again, I decided to move.

In the course of one year, I've registered for Jux, Squarespace, Typepad, Medium, and a bunch of other blogging sites. BUT I ALWAYS WENT BACK TO MY ROOTS. Always. I started this blog on November 2008 and in those six years, it's had its ups and downs. I talked about a lot of my firsts here and a lot of things that happen in my life that I always want to remember. I wrote letters to my parents and to the people who mean a lot to me using Blogger, and I want to stay true to blogging. I don't need thousands of views and comments. I don't need to become famous just to feel that I've succeeded. I started this blog to just be a place where I can be myself and write about what keeps me happy, what annoys me, and what frustrates me.

I want this journey to stay alive. I want to keep writing and sharing my thoughts to anyone who stumbles upon this blog. You may hate it, you may love it - but I got my point across and that's what matters.




No more empty promises.

Welcome back. ;)