Finally! The last exam (and day) for this year is OVER!
So, before I tell you what I did on my first "almost vacation" day, I have to share this week's mayhem.

This week was the first time I ever experienced being forced to sing a prayer before class. I've been singing for years and my friends know that it's one of my top "can't live without" things. I've also grown used to the fact that most of my teachers at school know I sing and I get tapped to do song numbers for events. Stage fright is something I've always struggled with. Well, last Thursday, our Moral Theology professor asked me a question that caught me off-guard.

Prof: "Ano ulit yung in-upload mo sa Facebook?"
(What did you upload on Facebook?) 
Me: "Alin po dun sir? Mejo... marami po kasi akong inuupload. Haha."
(Which one, sir? I upload a lot of things. Haha.) 
Prof: "Yung... ingat lang ba yun? Yung kanta."
(Was it Ingat Lang? It was a song.) 
Me: "Ah! Yung Ngiti Lang yun sir. Yung may manok sa background?"
(Oh! It was Ngiti Lang. The one with chicken noises in the background?) 
Prof: "Oo, yun ata yun. Kantahin mo nga ulit."
(Yes, I think that was it. Can you sing it again?) 
Me: "Hala! 'Wag na sir! Nakakahiya!"
(But sir, it's embarrassing!) 
Prof: "Tayo tayo palang naman. Habang wala pang tao."
(There's only a few of us here right now, though.) 
Me: [I sung the first line of the song and stopped. Haha.]

To understand the 'chicken' bit, you have to know that while I was singing the song, our neighbor's chickens were noisy as hell. So, when you play back the recording, the clucking can be heard so much.

Would you believe that our professor was still not contented. Before we started our lesson, he asked me to sing a prayer for the class and asked my classmates to close their eyes and just listen. Awkward! While I'm thankful for the attention and support, this sudden turn got me frantically searching my brain for a short prayer that can be sung. Needless to say, I think I nailed it. So yeah.

Another thing that I want to share is that I have proven that studying for a test or exam before going to bed, knowing which areas to study, and listening to the Coffee Table Jazz playlist on Spotify works like a charm.
Yesterday, a friend and I hung out at our place from 2/3 PM until 12:56 AM just watching Youtube videos and doing song covers. After that, I had a debate in my head about studying for the exams or just watching more videos. The studying part won and I tuned into Spotify while summarizing the 3 lectures. Fast forward to this morning and 10 minutes into the exam, I passed my paper. Thankfully, most of the items on there were the ones I studied. Thank God.

Now that that's out of the way, let me show you what I did when I got home today (or more accurately, 3 hours ago).

Started this during class yesterday (the same one where I had my exam today) and I guess it worked out somehow. I feel like I am getting addicted to drawing feathers. Oh well.

The struggle to find my art style is still strong. Every day, I look at the works of my favorite artists and think about how far I am from reaching their level of awesomeness. I've been told by friends that I beat myself too hard and that I should stop comparing myself to professional artists, but I can't. I'm telling you, it's a disease. No matter how pretty or cool I think my art is, when I look at it beside an artist I love, I cringe.

This is my current set-up by the way. Hahaha. I really adore the USB lamp thing my mom bought a few months ago. It's been a friend when I want to be in bed and review but my mom and brother are already asleep.


Smile, for we shall conquer the world.