Stay Strong

There are things in life we can't change or manipulate. A challenge presents itself to you regardless of how you feel about it. All we can do is accept the situation, hope for the best, and try to move on, no matter how hard and scarring it is.

Sometimes, I can't help but wonder what it would be to have no problems at all. Would it be hard to empathize? Would people see me as an ungrateful woman who seems to have it all but couldn't care less about anything?

Today left some scars, but I've got all the time in the world to bury them. I've been doing it for years - there's no reason I can't do it longer.

That's right. I'll be staying strong. For my family, for myself, for God.

the weekend madness

The weekend proved to be the most productive weekend I've ever had in terms of illustration and graphic design in general.

A few days ago, I posted about a typography design I did using a marker and sharpie pen, but I didn't really post anything about what I did with it afterwards (or what other nonsense I came up with after it). Here's a post that'll hopefully make up for the little space between, ;)

That's right. I downloaded a t-shirt mock-up on Deviantart (link) and just added color to my "typographic" designs. This is not the first time I've placed my designs on a shirt, but I've never had this much urge to actually get it printed out for me to wear.

Also, aside from those, I also got back to 2D animation (or rather, the little that I know of about it). I tried animating in Photoshop about a year ago, but never really had the drive to pursue it. Yesterday though, I seem to have pushed a button somewhere that had me crazy for 2D animation.

So yeah. Hahaha. I'm thinking about doing a full animated short in the next days, but with a lot going on and the nearing of the first day of classes for the second semester... things are looking pretty weak. But let's see.

xoxo Veeyah

Eternally Yours

I got into a roll today.

My weakness is typography, and for the longest time, I've tried and failed. Others I've shown my work to say that I've already done good but personally, I just don't see it. I had another go today, and somehow, I'm liking what I've done.

Any suggestions for improvement? Comments?

Green doesn't attract me so much. I should've used a blue or just stuck to black. So yeah.

This is where I'll leave you for now, I guess.

(By the way, my grades have come back... and I'm SUPER happy. Being included in Ateneo's President's List is an HONOR, and for the second time, I'm in it! More on it [and my experiences last semester] in the next post!)

Book Review: The Bodies Out Back by Joseph E. Wright

image from Google
Before the end of the semester, I grabbed the chance to read a book using the Kobo app on my Mac, and being the book junkie/addict that I am, I was thrilled to be reading something new again. Now, before I explain my thoughts and actually review the book, I'd just like to say how awesome technology really is in terms of book-keeping and organizing. I also have this app on my tablet, and it just freaking makes me HAPPY. Now that's out of the way, let's get on to the book.

At a Glance

The book is about a young woman (Phillis) who finds the perfect apartment and agrees to take it under the assumption that her roommate was a girl (who was still on vacation). Her roommate (Pat) arrives a day early and is a man (but is actually gay) and that fact sprouts an argument between Phillis and her boyfriend, a member of the police force. The day Pat arrives, murders around the neighborhood start happening, and she and Pat try to uncover the mystery without the police's direct knowledge. (A lot of other things happen and the end could either shock or piss you off.)

Rating: The Story

I have to admit that the first chapter actually seemed great. I was hooked in under 3 chapters and I couldn't quit reading (despite having classes). I've always loved mysteries and whodunits so I had incredibly high expectations. When my suspicions about the roommate's true identity were confirmed, I was gleeful and excited for a little fling between the two main characters. That was besides the fact that the guy was actually gay.

The way the story was told was a typical A to B style. In the middle of the story though, I already had a guess on who the killer was - but something else proved to be the major shocker.

I was PISSED to the core. So freaking much. I can't decide if the author was just really, really good in keeping a reader on the hook or if he was just pure evil and misleading. I can't give the story away (you'll have to read it), but it just pissed me off so much. Using "pissed" twice (thrice) in one paragraph is proof.

Rating: Writing style

I'm incredibly picky in choosing what I read, and the common rule I have is that the writing style should be simple enough or if not, should complement the genre of the novel. I called out a few grammatical errors in the book while reading and sometimes, the paragraph was either too draggy or too quick that you have to reread the last sentences to understand what was happening.

Other thoughts

One word - pissed. It gave me so much hope during the first chapters until the last 3 or so and I'm not sure that's a good thing. I expected more from it, but can't really complain because (1) it's free on the Kobo store, (2) it hasn't been professionally published so the mistakes are forgivable, and (3) I don't have enough energy to.

If you're looking for a free, random read, try and check out The Bodies Out Back by Joseph E. Wright. Download the ebook from here. My opinions may differ from yours, so before you trash this book altogether, read it.

General Rating:  3 out of  5 bookmarks.

The Seniors' Retreat comes to a close

*Sigh. And I was just starting to actually enjoy it.

Anyway, obviously, our 2-day retreat ended this afternoon, and personally, I felt like I could endure another day (though not a full one - just half a day to meditate on God's Word). It was a silent retreat, so we actually couldn't take pictures lest we distract the others.

I can say a few things about it though. Firstly, I came to realize how much I missed talking to God through my devotions. It's been forever since I last had my devotions, and it sucks. Secondly, I also realized how different everybody truly is. There were some folks in our batch that... well... let's just say "couldn't" understand how to read scripture, and that's truly fine. I guess I just expected that since we were all seniors in college, we all had this deep understanding of the Bible.

Moving on.

The experience was quite calming. It allowed me to step back from technology even for only two days, and it helped me assess myself as a person and where I am at this point in my life.

My favorite portion was when we were tasked to create our Mandalas. If you don't know what a Mandala is, it's a geometric pattern or sets of symbols that represent who you are. It's supposed to embody your whole being and speak of you as a human being. Here's a link from one of the many sites about Mandalas.

Of course, not everything about the retreat was heavy and dramatic. I also had moments where I wanted to relax and doodle a little on the journal I brought with me. I just sort of felt like my reflections were becoming too heavy to keep lingering on, so I took a little break once in a while.

As I said earlier, the retreat allowed me assess myself. It gave me a breather from everything around me. I had to let go of my worries, and I was able to successfully to do so during the two days of solitude.

Do you ever feel like you need to take a step back from life for a while?

xoxo Veeyah


Hello there! Phew, I can't believe it's Monday already. So much to do in such a small amount of time - and honestly, I couldn't ask for more. It beats having nothing to do and feeling out of the loop though, so all is good.

1. I have three things I'd like to talk about in this post, starting with the most exciting (and extremely unexpected) news.

OMG. Is this even happening right now?! My not-so-awesome-and-not-much-effort-exerted animated TV commercial passed the Animahenasyon (ACPI) judges' standards! Is this real? Seryoso?! Here's why I didn't even think it would make it to the list of our school's entries, much less pull through to the actual competition:

  • I didn't put my 100% (honestly, I grew tired of the project and decided to finish it just for the sake of being able to pass something on the deadline)
  • It wasn't my first concept choice (my first ones got rejected since they were either too abstract or too simple)
  • I personally don't believe it was that good. 

Imagine my surprise when I came home this evening after our Seniors' Retreat and was chatted up by a classmate on Facebook, congratulating me for something I wasn't aware of. I had NO CLUE about what he was talking about so I kept asking why he was congratulating me. At that moment, another friend of mine sent me a link to Animahenasyon's official Facebook page announcing the "cream of the crop" entries out of all the ones they received from different schools across the country.

Am I even registering this right now?! This is too goo to be true right? All I can say is that God can really work wonders. I was not expecting such an honor at all! Thank you Lord! Thank you, thank you! Just to be chosen among thousands of entries is a privilege, so whether I go home from the event winning or not, I'll still feel awesome.

2. The second thing I'd like to talk about is the birthday present my cousin in the U.S. was asking of me: a tattoo design with the names of her parents incorporated. I admit to not doing this immediately since the first semester was more hectic than the president's calendar (haha, nah, not really) and I wanted to focus on my academics before anything else.
A few nights ago, I took out my brush pen and decided to draft a few designs. Frankly, I think they'd look better on paper than on human skin. I have zero experience in designing tattoos though.

My personal favorites are the second one from the top on the left, the second one on the second row, and the second one from the third. Do they look too typographic for a tattoo? Tell me your thoughts by commenting on this post! Or just place any suggestions. :) Any feedback is much appreciated.

3. Thirdly and lastly, We had Day 1 of our Seniors' Retreat today. It's funny how we were all told to be at the venue at 7:30 AM when it actually started at around 8:30 AM. This is just one unforgivable Filipino habit we have. Is it that hard to come to an event on time and start on time as well? Sheesh.

After we were settled, we were then informed that the registration period was actually from 8-8:30 AM. Why weren't we told about this through the test that was sent to us? I could've extended my sleep for 30 minutes more. But, it's done, and they told us this afternoon to be at the venue tomorrow before 8:30 AM (the retreat is two days by the way).

If I had to pick out parts I thoroughly enjoyed during the first day, it would be (1) creating our Mandelas and (2) reflecting on the passage given (Hosea 11:1-4). I was immediately reminded of the book I recently read titled Redeeming Love by one of my favorite Christian authors, Francine Rivers.

It personifies the book of Hosea, a story about unconditional, ever-forgiving, compassionate love from a God-fearing man to a prostitute who kept breaking his heart and returning to her ways. I loved how Rivers wrote the book to make us relate to Angel (the prostitute-turned faithful wife) in our relationship with God. We two-time God with the materialism of this world, and it damages a pure relationship with him.

Tomorrow is the last day of our Seniors' Retreat and there's going to be lots of "alone time with God" and reflections. There's also going to be a mass (which I'm hoping is not a requirement even for non-Catholics like myself) and other activities. I'm actually looking forward to it. :) At least I'm not at home all day surfing the net and fixing my blog and website.

So yeah. Something else happened today that has me freaking out tremendously, but I'm still trying to fix things (hint: I payed for something via Paypal and it glitched when I tried to change the shipping address). Hopefully, it gets resolved by the time I come home from the retreat tomorrow. :( I seriously want that item I ordered.

Have a fun evening! Sleep well, friend.

The rain didn't quit, so neither did I.

Bonjour, my internet friend! :3

I finally got the chance to go out today! I wasn't able to visit the Holy Rosary Seminary Museum today (I'm still planning to, though!) but I did go to the mall. I didn't buy anything aside from food but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy my day! I plan to go around Centro tomorrow morning after breakfast (or before?) so I might have more photos for you tomorrow.


Our first stop was National Bookstore, which I regularly visit whenever I'm at the mall. I can't leave without stopping by there first. There were a lot of Christmas decorations already on display, more than Halloween stuff. It was also full of people who either read books or just roamed around (like yours truly). I'm disappointed I didn't get a picture with a mask and the prate hat, but in truth, I was just really shy to have my photo taken. It's an issue, people. I always ask myself, "Who do you think you are?! Trying to act like a celebrity and getting your photo taken? Nu-uh."

Our next stop was inside the department store (by the way, mom came with us, but she and a close family friend went off to see The Trial in the cinemas). This time, there were also a lot more Halloween decorations and costumes around. It was awesome. I wanted to take a lot of photos, but there were LOTS of sales people standing by that I couldn't take more than I wanted. Of course, Christmas decorations were still in abundance. But prettier.

I WANT THAT "ZOMBIE CONTAINMENT AREA" SIGN ON MY BEDROOM DOOR NOW. Sad thing is, I share my room with my mom and brother (the "perks" of living in an apartment in the city, right?). But someday. That's going to be on my bedroom door. YES.

So yep. Mom and tita Beth came out of the theaters around 4:40pm, and we ate meryenda right after. Nothing much happened then though. Tomorrow, I want to go around Centro and take photos. Really. And maybe visit the museum if it's open on weekends.


Trunk-cleaning Thursday

The rain kept me inside again. AGAIN. Like, what?! I told you before - I'm getting so bored with everyday's habitual Youtube-Facebook-Twitter routine. So I did a little spring-cleaning in the cabinet in the bedroom.

I never realized how many books I really had, and those in there weren't half of it. Hahaha. I don't have the heart to let go of them or even sell them though. I'm sort of a book junkie. I get high on them, along with shoes and music.

I had a Childcraft book. Like, wow.  And I realized how many Stephen King books I had around, aside from the ebooks and PDF's I had stored on my tab. Hahaha. By the way, I was watching GiGi throughout my cleaning process, and I feel so weird, almost like she was there with me and telling me her stories and such.

Most of these books I bought from nuns who had a whole warehouse of books. I remember going to their place with two of my friends and leaving with two boxes of books each. I think they've closed now, though. What a bummer.

I also found a scrapbook I made during high school and I planner I got in Australia when I was in primary school. These stuff were old. It brought back so many memories, ones that I want to relive over and over. Gah, I was so... innocent(?!) back then.

OMG. The book I bought from Booksale had this writing inside it. Woooowww. This is ancient, honeys. 1977 seems pretty old to me. My parents were still teens back then! I feel bad for whoever lost (or sold) this because someone gave it to them, but at the same time I feel really happy to read the dedication.

Also, see the James Patterson book I have up there? It's Sundays at Tiffany's, and it's a nice book for those who like romance novels with a twist (or if you're really just a James Patterson fan). I've read through it around 3 times now, and as much as I liked the story, I'm not much for romance. All my friends know this about me. I'd rather sit through SAW than watch something romantic.

Buuuttt, I've decided to give it away. It's not brand new, and it's been in the cabinet for a little under a year and a half, but it's still intact. I'll probably give it to a friend though. So yeah. I want to try more giveaways that are actually worth something, but I'll have to get organized.

Thanks for hanging around today! I promise as soon as I can get out of the house and explore the city, I'll post them up. Let's just hope the rain decides to stay away tomorrow.

P.S. I might get my hair done this week. Excited again for a new look! These curls aren't doing my hair any justice.

For the love of pink

Today was spent sitting in front of the PC (again! *sigh) watching Pewdiepie and downloading/purchasing books from Kobo onto my tab. I wanted to go for a walk today(as I said in my previous blog post) but it rained, and I realized in the morning that my camera was almost out of power. Bummer.

Is this my life right now?!

It's not like bad bad, but I had grand plans today. I'm going to have to do a rain check tomorrow morning and see if I can go out then. I feel effing restless. Months of being stressed and having little to no sleep has settled into what I would call "normal" and now that I have a lot of time, I don't know what to do with it! Yeah, I read books and surf the net, and I do have online classes to study for, but I'm getting sooooo bored. :( Really.

Random things on my mind:

  • Why isn't the sky candy pink?
  • Why do rainbows only come out after the rain?
  • I need to buy a new graphics tablet. (Too urgent)
  • I wish I could record an album soon.
  • Why don't I have an art style yet?
  • Why do I suck at design? :(
  • Should I set up an Instagram for business?
  • I want to go to Paris right now. RIGHT. NOW.
  • I wish the semester break lasts for a month at least.

Yup. As you probably guessed, I had no direction for this post whatsoever. I just didn't want to break writing again, since that's all I've mostly done and I feel really guilty. Also, to make up for such a tasteless post, here are some pink, adorable things I found on one of my favorite sites ever, WeHeartIt.

I really am SO in love with pink. Anything that's pink always catches my eye whether it's a dress, a notebook, heels, anything. I even find a hard time deciding which book to buy just because one is pink and the other is not (though I like the story of the not-pink book). By the way, I haven't tried the strawberry-banana frappe from Starbucks yet. I feel like once I do, I might always keep ordering it.

I'll leave this post at that for now. I want to do so many things tomorrow, I only hope I wake up early and energized for it. I don't want to stay at home and watch Youtube videos all day again

Listed: 3 Sites I'm Digging Right Now

Hello blogging-slash-internet world! I'm writing under the comfort of my blanket on the bed, while the rest of the house has resigned to their dreams some minutes ago. I don't know why I just said that but hey, I'm doing free-styling tonight. *wink *wink.

Today was extremely flat, since I had nothing better to do than fix my tab and watch Pewdiepie and iiSuperwomanii videos all day. But, of course there was a part of my day which I could say was the highlight of it all, and no doubt in the coming days as well.

Again, I got around to discovering websites out of curiosity and need. Here are three websites I've fallen in love with during the past week.

(Note: Listed in the order I discovered them, haha.)


Right after the semester ended, I grew restless and a little tense to not be doing anything (sad, because I did a lot of complaining that I needed a break from everything) so I went online and started surfing for online classes. I had only three important rules: they had to be interesting (in my line of interest of course), they had to be free, and they had to be short.

Fortunately, I found Coursera a few days before my first enrolled class, The Moralities of Everyday Life by Paul Bloom (Yale University) started. I have to say that after the first week, I can't seem to stop. October 12th was the deadline for all the Week 1 activities and quizzes, and just this evening, I received an email that Week 2 is now in progress. Super excited!

In my excitement in everything, I enrolled in 2 more courses, both of which came from Berklee College of Music and started today. I did my Songwriting course this afternoon, and tomorrow, I might start the Intro to Guitar one, which I'm stoked to be enrolled in.

These courses are free, and I do get a certificate of completion once everything's done, but I won't be able to put that down on my resume. Sadly, I'll have to pay around $49 to get a verified, accredited certificate from the university (and have the right to place that achievement on the resume), but I don't have that much money, especially not for three courses. I'll have to find a way though.

If you have lots (or little) time on your hands, enroll in an online class. Go to Coursera.

2. YUGOP (

THIS SITE THOUGH. The first few minutes I was inside, I didn't know what to make of it. Really. I still can't explain it to you right now. It's just a fun website where I get to play around with what's on screen, also depending on what you choose and stuff. There are heaps to fiddle with. I can't believe how creative people can get. Such awesomeness.

I really can't say much about it because you'll have to see for yourself. Admittedly, I did get bored after a couple of tries, but it may just be me.


Okay, so I haven't hopped around the site for a long time (since I did just find it around two hours ago) but it looks neat enough for me to spend hours on it. Here's the first thing you'll read when you go to their website:

Life's Little Mysteries answers fascinating questions about the world around you and the stuff in it, from things in the news and on your mind to crazy questions you didn't even know you had. Our team of experienced reporters and editors do serious research while having loads of fun explaining the world's objects and phenomena, both natural and man-made.

That about dragged me into it.  Want to know why the sky is blue and "why does the moon shine"? Head over to LiveScience. You'll thank me later (haha).

There you have it! Tomorrow, I'm planning to go out for a walk 'cause I'm getting tired of my office chair and workstation. I want to explore Naga City (and maybe play a little Ingress on the way) but I'm having doubts about bringing my DSLR with me. The streets, even in daylight, aren't totally safe. My mom has a day off on Friday, and she offered to tag along, but I'm aching to go out tomorrow. We'll see what I decide tomorrow. ;)

Good night / Good morning / Good afternoon! :)

2/4 Done!

Friday decides the vibe of the semester break.

Today decided my fate in the Animahenasyon, an annual animation festival/contest involving all the animation universities in the country.

One of the requirements to be submitted before 12 noon today was our matriculation form, or proof of enrollment. Fortunately for me, I LOST MINE (which I later found among mom's things, inside the bag, inside a pack of bond paper). So, I had to go through the process for re-printing that form. I thought it would only cost 50 pesos, but surprisingly, I had to pay 75. Wow. Even printing fees inside the school experience inflation. :/

As if this didn't bug me out enough, I had to pay at the treasurer's office, which was at that time already dealing multiple, long lines of students paying their tuition. Wow. Couldn't I just pay directly in the Registrar's office? So inconvenient.

So anyway, there was NO WAY I was going to make it by 12 noon if I joined the line, so I called a classmate whose mom worked in the treasurer's office. Long story short, I was able to pay the fee thanks to said classmate, but a few students who were in line complained to a guard nearby and we were told off. I felt guilty, but not enough to cringe inside. They didn't know me, and I doubt I'll see them any time soon.

Just... today was such a hassle. We had a meeting at 9:30 am, followed by a xerox session inside the department office. We were a crowd in there, all lining up to get their matriculation forms and ID's photocopied. Thank goodness that's all over now.

Now that I'm done with half of my projects, I took half the day to fix my work station. I'm not a klutz, but my desk was a mess. I started with this:

And happily ended with this:

Clean as a jar. Yep. I feel proud about how productive I was today, haha. This rarely happens by the way. Rare means a few times a month. So yeah. It feels squeaky clean again. I just hope I don't mess it up tomorrow morning.

In other news, I finished a project today. I'm 2 out of 4 done! We had to create a business and create a letterhead, business card, brochure, envelope, and newsletter and print them out for submission. After an hour of editing, I did this.

Sorry if I can't post a clearer copy. My address isn't quite ready to be seen yet. I'm a little disappointed with how the brochure turned out. I wanted it bigger, but my resources aren't that many, so I had to make do with a standard short-sized special paper.

This post is just photos. Haha. That's all the time I have guys! Post more in a few.

Have an awesome day / night / afternoon!

Here We Go Again

There's exactly 6 days until this semester is finally over, and all the sleepless nights and starved-out days will be accounted for. Of course, it would have been too easy for the academe to just let its students walk away into bliss stress-free, so they've given us projects (that will also - no doubt - take up our dear sleeping hours).

But, hey - I'm talking about a few more days until I can sleep in again! I should be excited. There's still a bajillion things to do though. Ah, freedom. You're so hard to catch these days.

In other news, my graphics tablet is not functioning anymore. It's been almost 5 days I think. I just hate it when you need to use something and that object decides to become useless at the same time. Ugh. I wonder when I'll be able to buy a new one? :/ I have my eyes set on a small sized Intuos Pro from Wacom, but I'm not about to pressure my parents for it. I might just borrow a friend's.

In other, other news, my animated TV commercial was one of the chosen few to be an official entry for this year's Animahensayon! *Squeal! Hahaha. I was NOT expecting it to be chosen by our professors. I didn't even fix my animation. Even the sound design sucked. So why was it chosen?! My best bet would be the story concept, but still. How? But I'm not complaining.

My recent posts from Instagram (which is battling between becoming an all-art account or a person-whatever-I-want-to-post account). 

This post was meant to be yesterday's, but I got behind schedule. Bummer.