#126: "Buwan Ng Wika"

Have you ever felt like you've inhaled too much helium and your chest gets so heavy and you can't breathe properly anymore? Well, that's what I felt today, at the "Buwan Ng Wika" program at school. Our block participated in two of the three events: Sabayang Pagbigkas, Interpretative Dance, and Vocal Solo.

1. Sabayang Pagbigkas. There was only one microphone, so you can see the disadvantage at once. You can't really hear the voices, but some of our blockmates really tuned up their voices. :)

2.Vocal Solo. OMG. Yess, as you might have guessed (or not), I entered myself into the contest for the following reasons: (1) For the 50% grade in our upcoming pre-finals, (2) For the experience, and (3) For myself. It was really nerve-racking, and can you believe I faltered? Yes, pumiyok ako. It was so embarrassing, but my classmates said it wasn't that obvious. I DON'T believe them. When I watched the playback, I thought I sounded awful when my voice didn't reach the high note (which I have always reached before). Oh wells.

When I told my dad about it during FB a few minutes ago, he said it was natural for me to piyok especially since I was nervous and it was my first time in front of a lot of people for a contest. :) Haaay. Still though...

So the result was, I placed 2nd, out of 7 females. (There was a vocal solo for men too, but they separated the awarding for that.) Though I was aiming for the top spot, I still have reason to thank God because I wasn't expecting second. Most of the contestants really had good voices - how was I supposed to win? But God answered my prayers. I silently prayed, "Kahit 3rd place lang..." and what do you know? I placed one higher. PRAISE GOD for His goodness and strength. :)

Blogger seems to hate the videos I've been trying to upload since the start of this entry. :( The video won't upload! Dang! :( Well, anyway, I guess I've updated you guys enough. Next, next week is our Pre-finals, and I haven't started reviewing yet! Math is turning out to be awesome though.

Tomorrow, I still have P.E. class in the morning, then I'm off to San Jose for the long vacation! Hooray! (I should get my assessment tomorrow... hmm.)

#125: Sooooo tired!! :(

As I am typing these words, one hand is holding a peanut butter sandwich, which finds its way into my mouth every so often. I pause and use my other hand (the one typing) to take a sip out of the refreshing, cooling cup of water to my right. After satisfying my thirst, I go back to typing, with the hand holding the sandwich still doing its job: feeding me.

Now that I've described my setting, it's time for me to explain in detail the reasons for this very descriptive introduction. Hopefully, if you ever do what a lot of Ateneans did today, you won't have to endure the sun's killer stare.

start break <I take a bite out of my sandwich. Hmmm... yummy... nom-nom*> end break

Back to blogging.

Today, August 13, 2011, I went to my first tree planting activity, at Brgy. Pandan, Cabusao, CamSur. I had grand plans and even dreamed of finishing the task without a hassle. We were told to plant two trees in the area, and that didn't seem like much of a challenge for me. So, I shrugged the activity off and didn't bother researching on the how-to's and the what-not's.

Well, when I got there, I realized the pain I would have to endure just to get one tree planted. Along with my block mates, we positioned ourselves alphabetically and began digging through the dirt, pulling out the weeds, and picking out the rocks from the soil. I thought to myself, "Lord, you alone can give me the strength to finish this." I couldn't do it alone, and I knew it. So, as the others sang a bit and cursed at the blistering sun, I silently did my work. I wouldn't waste my energy ranting on and on about the situation.
As my spot for planting was nearing its clean state, one of the coordinators approached us (me and the next four afterwards) and apologized, saying that we were digging at the spot with pipes and that we had to move to another place. It's safe to say that I got discouraged after that. How could the others understand the effort we put in? It hurt to realize that we had to start from the very beginning and get dirty all over again. Add to that the humidity and sunlight and you've got a deadly trio.

Anyway, even though we were moved to another spot, I was very grateful because I was placed beside a kind Education student (a girl) and when I asked for help in cleaning out the area for planting, she didn't even hesitate to help. And you know what's more worthy of praise? She cleaned out the whole spot, when I only asked for her to show me how! Isn't that a real blessing? Even as I started digging the hole for my tree, she was constantly around, ridding the area of itchy plants and later, even frogs! :)

After working very hard to clean to soil and getting used to the red ants crawling around, I was able to finish planting the first tree. As I said, the ES girl helped me throughout the whole time of my planting, and for that, I am very very grateful and indebted to her.

To make this long story short, I learned something from this experience without expecting it. As I was pulling out the weeds and the roots from the soil, I realized that it was similar to winning souls for Christ. Every person is different - some are harder to convince than others and some easily submit to follow Christ. The first time I pulled the weeds, I clutched all of them at the same time and tried pulling them out of the ground. I even tried chopping them off with my trowel! But some really wouldn't budge. I could feel myself getting blisters when I decided to pull them out one by one. As I did so, the weeds came out more easily, and some, even though they really took much of my time, also slowly came out.

At that moment, I felt God tell me that that was how to really share Christ to others. I can't just try to win souls for the sake of doing it - I have to treat every one of my targets as people with different backgrounds, roots, and beliefs. I have to take the time to work with them and allow them to understand that pulling them out of the darkness, the dirt in their lives, are for their benefit. :)

I may be really drained physically after that outreach for the people of Brgy. Pandan, but in the end, I could say that that event was successful. I learned more than a few things about life and Christ, and I was able to realize how lucky I am to be in my position.

#124: August!

:) It's good, for a number of reasons.
It's also the birth month of my lovely mom. <3
What should we get her?

Today is the day before our midterms, and I still have no idea of what we're going to take a test on. Seriously, this is freaking me out. So why am I telling you all about this instead of studying my brain out? Beats me. :I argh.

I can feel my eyes slowly drooping as I fix the teaser of Intrams for ADNU, and thankfully, I'll just have to wait for the results from our department head. :)

Oh, and I just remembered: It is NECESSARY for me to WAKE UP EARLY tomorrow, for all the important reasons. Gahhh! :)

Praise God for the strength and wisdom! I wouldn't get through this without Him, and He has never failed me even in the most overwhelming of circumstances. <3 I love you Lord! Thanks for being with me and my family all the time! Thank you for providing our every need and for ensuring our health and safety! Thank you, thank you!