After Effects CS6 Tutorial: Combining and Stitching Audio and Videos

The air is feeling crisp and the afternoon is just getting started. So, I've created a mini tutorial on how to combine/stitch together videos or/and audio in Adobe After Effects CS6. If you'd rather download a PDF for future offline help, I'll provide a link for you at the end of this post.

Enjoy and let's get cracking!

Things you'll need:
Adobe After Effects CS6 (or CS5.5)
Audio/Videos you want to put together
Time to polish things up

(Note: if the images are too small, you can hit "ctrl+" on your keyboard.)

Steps 1-8

Steps 9-14

Now wasn't that easy? It may not seem like it if it's your first time dealing with this software, but the more you do it, the faster these procedures will get. It'll be like second skin for you - trust me. :)

I originally made this for my dad who wanted to put together compilations of his favorite Bee Gees and Earth, Wind, & Fire videos, but I wanted to share this process with others too.

Comment on this post to suggest other tutorials you want me to make or send me a message through the "@" link at the top of this page. As I promised, here's the link to the PDF download for this tutorial.

Adobe AE Tutorial: How To Compile Videos/Audio

I hope you have fun stitching! ;)

10 Words That Sound Dirty (But Aren't!)

For all the time I spend in front of the computer, I come up with this. Yes. Here's 10 seemingly-dirty-words-but-really-aren't list (in no order). You're welcome.

1. Masticate
    What it sounds like to me:  what sex-deprived teens do under the covers
    What it really means:  to grind, crush, or chew food

2. Tittle
     What it sounds like to me:  the cherry on top of the "cake"
     What it really means:  the dot above "i" or "j"

3. Interrobang
     What it sounds like to me:  hitting the love bed. 
     What it really means:  a punctuation mark after an exclamatory rhetorical 
                                         question >> ‽  (combine ? and !)

4. Angina
     What it sounds like to me:  the tiger just below the belt
     What it really means:  a condition in which spasmodic attacks of suffocating 
                                        pain occurs

5. Lucubration
     What it sounds like to me:  to make things incredibly... lubricated
     What it really means:  to seriously meditate or study 

6. Sexaginarian
     What it sounds like to me:  an expert in the sexual arts
     What it really means:  someone between 60-70 years old

7. Cockshy
     What it sounds like to me:  do I really have to explain this?
     What it really means:  the throw in a throwing contest

8. Futtock
     What it sounds like to me:  butt f*** (ehemm.)
     What it really means:  one of the ribs in the frame of a wooden vessel

9. Dripple
     What it sounds like to me:  when a liquid substance drips down the nipples
     What it really means:  weak or rare

10. Libation
     What it sounds like to me:  a surgical operation being done to the bottom drawer
     What it really means:  the pouring of a liquid offering as a religious ritual

Gah. I really think it's just the human mind that gives double-meaning to innocent words, like shuttlecock, hump, or exacerbate. I, for one, can think of other words that are NSFW if said out loud.

What other words do you know that seem dirty but are truly "innocent" in meaning?


Maleficent: Not Your Ordinary Villain

Hey ya'll!

I know it's a tad too early to be blogging about my day, but it's been one of the really good ones! I don't know if you've noticed why I'm so pumped up but... I JUST WATCHED MALEFICENT AND IT WAS FREAKIN' PERFECT! (I had to type that in all caps.)

I'm not even sure if I'll write a proper review about this awesome movie, but if I do, expect full stars.

So Maleficent is the villain from Disney's The Sleeping Beauty. As a kid, I both loved and disliked her. I didn't like the fact that she cursed Aurora (she's one of my favorite Disney princesses, by the way) but I loved all the other things: her color combination, her staff, her "fabulous-ness", and others. If I had an alter ego, I'd be her.

When I finished watching Maleficent this morning, I realized how many angles a story can have, and how a fairy tale could turn into a plot for revenge. I also realized how awesome it would be to have her as my aunt. Hahahaha.

photo from Google images

Watching the film gave Maleficent a whole new look. I love the fact that Disney is slowly working the stories from all angles, in how love should be perceived and what true love could ultimately be (if I go further, I might give away a spoiler).

It was nice that I actually related to her. She was feisty, a little bit of a b-word, and incredibly seductive without effort. (Ehemm.) But seriously - I could really relate. Just... If you watch the film, you'll understand whatever it is I'm raving about.

photo from Google images

Also, I applaud Angelina Jolie for her performance as Maleficent. I can't think of anyone else who would look good with Maleficent's features. The lips, the eyes, the fabulous cheekbones - Angelina had them right to a "T". She fit the role perfectly and executed it well, and she gave Maleficent a softer demeanor.

photo from Google images

If you haven't watched this spectacular movie yet, I BEG you to watch it. It's worth watching over and over. I guarantee it.

Yesterday's Night Out

Hello again!

I feel like I've just been through 3 days of  partying. Since the 24th of this month, we rarely stayed at home, and if we did, we seemed to have meetings and baking sessions with mom's new oven. Not that I'm against baking. ;)

Last night, after church, we dined at The Avenue Plaza Hotel. Now it's been 3 or so days since I started a no-rice diet, so eating out has become sort of an issue for me. Not last night.

No, the cake wasn't mine. I had the Cucumber cooler (a mix of cucumber and honey) and the Caesar salad on the right. Normally, I wouldn't order only a salad - I'd have a main course like chicken with potatoes or Pasta Bolognese. Since I'm dieting, I've learnt to let go of those pleasures. I think I finished eating after an hour and a half.

What made this dinner special? Family!

My aunts from Switzerland and an uncle from Manila came over to spend a few days, and whenever there are visitors, special dinners are always expected (and that's not a bad thing).

From the top row: our cousin Liezel, aunty Margie, aunty Tita, my brother JP, mom, and uncle Ogot. (The selfies were in an all-time high during these photos.)

The crazy thing was that there was a debut going on in the function hall while we ate, and most of the attendees were teenagers (of course). They were soooooo noisy! I wanted to scold them for it since they were in a hotel and the situation called for sophistication and elegance. *Sigh.

I'm really, really thankful for my family, and not just because we get to have a good time and hang out in nice places. I'm thankful because they're all extremely down-to-earth people. They don't trade grandeur for a great time and great conversation, and they'd rather eat street food and share laughs than eat somewhere pretty and maintain such a cold atmosphere.

I love my family.

DML: Trip to Caramoan Islands and the Cagsawa Ruins

Looking back at the past brings me so much memories. Most of them are happy, while others are just plain nostalgic to the point where I want to go back at this very moment.

Today, I'll take you back down memory lane to two of my favorite travels: Caramoan Islands and Cagsawa Ruins. (It just so happened that today's a Thursday - so here's a throwback post for you!)

I remember how much fun we had at Cagsawa Ruins. If you search the net, you'll find that it's just near Mayon volcano. On a nice day, you can actually see the volcano in all its glory from the Cagsawa. We had so much fun that day... makes me want to go back right now! :/

The Caramoan Islands. I have lots more photos from this place, but some of them just brings back nostalgic memos. This photo, not so much. Haha. Sorry! Here you go!

Caramoan Islands is around a 2-hour boat ride from the port of Sabang. We stayed at Residencia de Salvacion for around 2 days, and availed their island hopping package for that duration. Our package came with three meals and the whole apartment to ourselves. It was AWESOME. So much.

I'm hoping to visit more beaches come sem-break this school year, and I already have my piggy bank ready to save up. Hahaha!

Where do you go to relax and unwind during the summer?

Looking Back

I was cleaning out my hard drive today, during which I found my first shots using my (then new) Nikon D5100. I don't think I ever uploaded them up on this blog, but if I did and you've read those posts, think of this as a sort of "reminiscing" moment. :D

My first shots were pretty simple, but I might have upgraded my skills since then. :) Well, then. See you when I do.

A Long Break and A Farewell


April and the first two weeks of May was a train-load of busy days. Yup. We were out of internet connection for more than a month and went mobile for that period.

Here's a list of things that happened:

  • My dad came home for vacation on the 26th of March
  • My #100HappyDays project started on the 26th of March as well
  • We went to San Jose (my grandpa's place) on April 1
  • We held a Thanksgiving service on April 6 and did some charity work for the less fortunate (gave out toys, groceries, etc.)
  • I witnessed around 2 of my parents' high school reunions (both held at home)
  • We went swimming twice (once at the beach and once at a pool)
  • Went shopping for pink cuties I could find in a single store
  • We shopped more when we got back to Naga
  • Dad left for Manila on the 24th (or 25th?) to go back to Oman
  • A cousin came to Naga for work and hung out with us at the same time
  • Got new Grosby kicks
  • Went swimming again with cousins
  • My brother got sick for 4 days 
  • Finished my part of an art trade with a fellow animation student (1/10)
  • We applied for a new internet provider and got back 2 days ago
  • Went Spotify Premium around 3 days ago
  • Had to reformat my PC 'cause of an OS failure (all my files have up and gone, darnit)

Uhuh. I think I forgot a considerable amount of happenings, but I don't really think adding a few more would give more of a "busy days 'til evening" impression. It already does, maybe.

Today, we're going back to San Jose with my aunt and cousin for around 2 days, so I'm going to live off of mobile for those few days again. -_- I didn't want to go, but mom's so persistent. *Sigh. At least I have Spotify.

Here's the art trade piece I mentioned in the list. La Bella.