Looking back at the past brings me so much memories. Most of them are happy, while others are just plain nostalgic to the point where I want to go back at this very moment.

Today, I'll take you back down memory lane to two of my favorite travels: Caramoan Islands and Cagsawa Ruins. (It just so happened that today's a Thursday - so here's a throwback post for you!)

I remember how much fun we had at Cagsawa Ruins. If you search the net, you'll find that it's just near Mayon volcano. On a nice day, you can actually see the volcano in all its glory from the Cagsawa. We had so much fun that day... makes me want to go back right now! :/

The Caramoan Islands. I have lots more photos from this place, but some of them just brings back nostalgic memos. This photo, not so much. Haha. Sorry! Here you go!

Caramoan Islands is around a 2-hour boat ride from the port of Sabang. We stayed at Residencia de Salvacion for around 2 days, and availed their island hopping package for that duration. Our package came with three meals and the whole apartment to ourselves. It was AWESOME. So much.

I'm hoping to visit more beaches come sem-break this school year, and I already have my piggy bank ready to save up. Hahaha!

Where do you go to relax and unwind during the summer?