Lines, lines, and lines.

30 minutes, Gel pens on normal bond paper. 

I've been thinking about coloring this in digitally, just in case I want to join another exhibit for school. I don't have the time right now though, so yeah. Edited the contrast a little in Picasa 3.6
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Way too early.

Hello again! Now, I know it's a little late for this year's Easter and a little too early for next year's, but never mind that. Hahaha. I was seriously surprised at the amount of chocolate at home, so I went and took my DSLR and took a few shots of a few of them.

Also... I've always loved Easter. And the holidays.

The bunnies! Gaaahh. They look so adorable!

Toblerone (along with Kisses) has always been a childhood favorite of mine. The normal Toblerone's were a treat, the white ones were oh-so-heavenly. I used to like Snickers, but my braces aren't allowing me to eat any as of late.

Aaah. This. Um. I actually have no idea what this is, but it seems like white chocolate with nuts inside a pita sandwich. I haven't had the guts to open it up and try it.

Weee. I do apologize for not having substantial posts lately. I will try as soon as something awesome in my week comes up. By the way, we'll be starting production for our Clay-animation/Stop-motion project for school by this week - so excited! I have no idea how we'll manage, but I'm sure we'll find ways. Har-har.

Erm. No. I haven't been consuming too much chocolate. I rarely even eat these babies.
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I've been browsing the Playstore recently and came across a cool app that allows you to create your own fonts (TTF files), share them, and use them for anything you might need. See the app here.

I made a little note using the font I had created, which I named "Sweets". Yeah, yeah. Laugh at the name. Hahahaha. I did too. Genius.

I didn't create symbols, numerics, and punctuation marks in this set, but I made sure to complete the font pack the next time around. If you ever want to download the font, comment below and I'll gladly email you the complete font pack. I also take requests. *wink wink.

*Did the font on my tablet with the use of my own fingers. It got pretty tiresome during the last glyphs. Hahaha.

Here are two sources for fonts I often use for personal documents/projects:

1. Kevin and Amanda
2. DaFont

Enjoy font-hunting!
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Handy...and Pink!

Hello again!

Things have been extremely slow the past 2 days (due to a long weekend/holiday caused by the annual Teacher's Retreat at the university), and the things I should be doing are (sadly) lost in the numerous priorities on the list I made. Seriously! With my "chores", you'd think I'd be burning my eyebrows studying and doing homework. But no, my determination has a mind of its own, and it isn't even showing itself. *Sigh.

Well, I did finally do something my mom told me to do, which was to take better care of my art stuff. Don't get me wrong, I have two, extremely full cases on the shelf, but the ones I use often are either making a mess at my study table or swimming with one another in the outer pocket of my bag.

So, I bought this:

IT IS PINK. Yes, it sure as hell is. It's one of the reasons I bought it. Oh, and did you notice the cute (though simple) graphic at the front? Adoorable! Here's a better view:

Sooooo lovely! If you didn't take the hint at the previous paragraph, I'm talking about my pens, pencils, and markers. Doing what I do best (i.e. look for cute but very handy things), I managed to find this at the department store at SM this evening.

Here's how it looks inside:

I love the chocolate brown touch it has inside! Greatly compliments the tone of pink used as well. :)

Those pens are what I always use when I'm drawing lineart or sketches. I have a whole box of those type of pencils, a pack of sign pens my dad brought home from abroad, a fountain pen (far left), and two metallic markers my aunt brought from Germany. I've been digging traditional art lately, and I'm sure this new holder would make me want to do more art.

I feel so excited to draw again! ^_^

How about you? Where do you store/keep your most used creation materials?

A Certified Demi Lovato Fan!

I have taken it upon myself to make a small tribute to the amazing, super awesome Demi Lovato, and now, for this day's second post, here are some of Demi's stills from her most recent music video, Made In The USA.

So sweet! She is just sooo perfect in this video! :) Keep making more music and inspiring others (like me)!

I'll be anticipating your next projects! :)

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DEMI: Made In the USA Official MV


Demi Lovato's music video for "Made In the USA" is out now! As if you guys didn't know, I'm a HUUUUGE fan of her and her music, so I dedicate this post to her video. All praises!

C'mon guys... you know you want to watch it over and over again! Hahaha.

Off to scratch the replay button.
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Why "Relief"?

I've noticed that so far, all the titles of my posts for this month has something to do with "relief".
I wonder why?

Maybe it's because I haven't had time to breathe during the last month.
Maybe it's because the freedom I had daily was halted by homework.
Maybe it's because I'm having a hard time juggling the many hobbies I have with the "to-do's" at school.

Whatever it is, it HAS to stop. I want my next post to be fun, full of photos... and I know just what to write about. ;)

For now, I'm going to leave you guys with a drawing I created before our Theology exam started in the morning. Our teacher was about 30 mins. late, and I didn't think speed-reviewing would help me during the exam. I opted for the most obvious "to-do".

I did the pencil lines before the teacher arrived and finished this little (sketch?) off at the DACA library (a place where only people from our Animation course can enter and use) afterwards. I think it took about 30 minutes to do everything, if I put it all together.

Do you guys think this will be good enough for a lineart-type of exhibit?
Comment below!


Not much happening at school, aside from the remainder of the exams, homework, and other normal things that we do. I've been feeling quite pressured (stressed, rather) lately, so I tried to get it out through drawing a portrait of some woman. It worked somehow, fortunately.

Added a texture I found on the internet.

Peace out. :)

Instant Relief

Ohayou! ^_^

IT HAS BEEN WAAAY TOO LONG SINCE MY LAST UPDATE, huh? Forgive my absence! School has been taking most of my time and, well, being an animation student, I HAD to focus on rigging and all those things we just HAVE to do for school. It has been exceedingly fun though, even if I missed blogging.

So... here I am with a new post, one that had my hands working the whole afternoon of yesterday.

Let me introduce my new-found painting style:

Yes, it's messier. And yes, it's watercolors. I love it though.

In comparison to most of my artworks (digital, clean, cartoonish even), this new, messy style was birthed from a day of laziness and willingness to experiment with the art materials I had at home. It's not something I'd normally do if I had enough time, but seeing that I haven't produced anything nice during this hectic month, I decided to give a new style a go.

It was actually a pretty weird feeling when I did this since I spent only about 5 minutes on each, with 2-3 colors of paint and a heap load of markers (the colorful one). I felt like a child again with all the doodling and the messy lines I did! It was a relief to be able to produce artworks with little effort, but quite a style. It DOES feel nice.

I created 5 artworks all in all yesterday on short-sized bond papers. When I showed my mom and cousin the papers, they both had the same reaction: why were all my portraits gloomy? Good question, I told them. But I had no idea why. Maybe it's a problem I've had for the past few weeks. Or maybe I just thought gloomy portraits would fit the messy style most. Whatever the case, I feel really good to have created something like this. It leaves more room for improvement though, and I'll have to look into it more in the next days.

'Til then, I shall savor the new experience.