A Well-ended Day

Can you think back to a specific day where you had the chance to just chill and take a walk with the family at the mall or any place with other people? Do you remember how relaxing it was, and how, for a moment, all your troubles about school (or work) went away?

That happened to me two days back. I didn't originally plan on leaving the house since I still had the last 3 pages of our comic book project for Philosophy to finish, and with the style I was using, it took around 5 hours to finish one page with two panels. It was that much work, so imagine the decision I had to make when mom and li'l bro asked me to go with them to the mall. I weighed the options and... I guess I let everything loose for a while.

It was one of the great decisions I've made in terms of comfort and stress. I chose to go and chill with them, and after we ate dinner, I immediately felt like half of the stress I had had disappeared. I enjoyed the small talks we had over dinner, which got me thinking why I didn't want to go in the first place! Hahaha. Finally, before going home, I urged mom to buy us some waffles (the pancake-sized ones). I got Banana-Hazel Nut fillings while JP had French Butter fillings. Both were D-E-L-icious!

Let's just say that right now, I'm more than relieved. I've submitted the comics yesterday (which garnered numerous approvals ^__^) and today, my run animation was approved. We're on our way to starting our clay-mation for the second time and I'm still not worried about the deadline (which was moved to the 26th, hurray!). Though I'm still doubtful about the dance animation and how to start working on it, I've come to terms with the deadlines I have to make.

A summary, through photos:

Above: The new character mode we're doing. It was a real pain to snap the pliers onto the wire, and much harder to make sure the character's "skeleton" would work together without messing up the movement for animation. Listening to Cher Lloyd's "Oath" and "Want U Back"!

Below: One of the panels for our comic book! It was my first time shading and fixing the lines for a simple comic project, but I learned a lot in the process! I'm now obsessed with shading the nose perfectly as often as I can. Whenever I look at people, all I see is how the shadows hit their noses where the highlights should go. I still have a problem with the shading and the thickness in the lineart, but I had tremendous fun with this project nonetheless!

Other stuff happened that day, and while the weather wasn't the best, mom was still able to fix her small garden. Haha. If my stress reliever is music, movies, and drawing, her's is gardening and cooking. Tsk, tsk. I would never be relaxed while doing those things!

She made one of the workers of our compound make the stand (is that what you call them?) and was a little disappointed that the carpenter didn't quite get what sort of holder she wanted. It looked pretty quite though, so she settled soon enough.

'Til the next post!
Keep in touch!
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Hopeful, and the Crowd.

Howdy! Hahaha. Are you ready for another awkward post? Me neither. I'll try to make this as (ehemm) less weird as possible.

Today was the day we finally moved our animation props to an apartment we rented for one week.

I didn't know what to expect to be honest, but the place was really nice. It had ample space for seven or so people and the caretaker of the apartment was really kind (he even let us borrow a fan - while we were still contemplating on where we'd get one!) and thoughtful.

So we got around to bringing the materials at around 5:30pm and had a "serious" enough talk with my other group mates. We agreed to re-do the characters and the set, and we'll start the official shoot tomorrow after lunch.

Afterwards, we went back to school, met up with a few friends and ate out, to ease the stress and what-not's.

So we ate at Bigg's, after a few weeks of always eating at McDonald's or other fast-food chains. It was a relief, regardless of the long (slow) line at the counter and the exceedingly crowded sidewalks. Yes, we walked our way to the resto, since it's a Fiesta here in Naga, with a large mass before the Peñafrancia Festival on Sept 19-22. It was my first time to walk in a crowd so large and so busy, so I remained quiet the entire time we walked (which was highly unusual for me). I regained my composure when we reached the restaurant.

I ate my all-time favorite dish from the place, which was Italian Spaghetti with chicken and Pizza Bread. I ordered a Ripe Mango shake, to relieve me of the heat. :)

I've always loved Pasta (and chicken and pizza, teehee), but eating with friends made it taste even better. I miss going out with buddies just for fun or just to hang out. It's something I rarely get to do with all the projects we have right now. Money spent was time spent well too.

It's great to actually relax for even a few hours with friends, and it made me forget (somehow) the stack of requirements I have to get racing through. Right now though, I have to get on with them if I want to make it to the deadline! I actually plan on not sleeping tonight to finish everything. *Sigh. Should I do that or just go to sleep early then wake up early tomorrow?

It's a big day and a fresh start for our clay-mation group tomorrow. I have high hopes for us, and I don't want to mess up or give up now. There's too much at stake. The best thing I need to do is to just focus and bring up everything to God. :) After all, He controls everything.
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The ACP: A star-studded event

Yo! How's everything been so far? Good? The weather? Fine? Good!

Well, enough of that. What is this - an interrogation? Haha. Hello again! Today was CRAZY. Really, really crazy. You see, the Alternative Class Program in Ateneo was a BLAST - well, star-studded, at least.

Some of the speakers were Atom Araullo, Ces Drilon, Ramon Bautista, and Erick Salud. YES. It was all too real. I even missed the chance to take photos of Ces and RB even though I practically said hi (and they said 'hi' back) while we were at the President's Office this afternoon! I think we got too starstruck and forgot we had a camera! >__< What a dumbo, right?

I attended Mr. Erick Salud's topic, generally titled as "I feature reality with my bare hands, I defy the sense of dependency" (I have no idea why they decided give long titles for each topic). Aaannnddd... here I am with him:

I knooowwww! I look stupid, and ugly, and really haggard and everything, but I'm not letting that get in the way of having a picture taken with such an amazingly talented person! I literally thought that I wouldn't get to take a picture with him since he immediately went out of the hall after his talk, but I had to get a picture with him so I rushed out (even while the emcee was speaking, oops) and saw him sitting by the front of the door - alone and not really busy. So, I asked a nearby student to snap the photo and shazzaamm!

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took while the seminar/discussion was going on.

So, this girl above was our Emcee, but she seemed pretty tense and all (which was forgiveable) with her being a sophomore and an Engineering student, younger than most of the attendees of the seminar. She was a pretty fun emcee anyway though.

I really enjoyed the way he related his experiences and gave us tips with our own animation/shooting project. We got really inspired so... we are officially doing it all over again, from the top. But that'll be for another blog post.

Mr. Salud talked about how he first began as a little kid to love local films and how he entered into film through Cinemalaya. He told us the perks and the sacrifices he had to make jsut to get where he is now, and that was a long discussion on its own! :) He seemed like a true individual who, like most of us, enjoy films and have a dream to create something unique. It was a great experience and I would've given time to talk to him more of only his schedule wasn't fixed and limited.

What made this event extra fun was the fact that my friends were with me! :)

From left: Bem and HM. Awkward! Hahaha. Precious girls, these two.

A fewminutes later, I found myself at Xavier Hall, where almost a fourth of the whole student body were present to browse and visit the different booths for the ACP fair. It was crowded and really hot (while it rained!) so I just shot the action from above.

Yeah. I'd probably be among them if I weren't awkward around big crowds. ^___^ I saw a few friends who were visiting the booths but I didn't call their attention. Let them have their day. Besides, it's tiresome to see the same face every single day right? *Sigh.

So about the animation project - we are definitely a GO to start over. We've talked to our group mates and they've confirmed their approval. I just hope we do things properly this time and without wasted time and effort. I just remembered I've been placed in charge of the sound/audio tracks. Dum-dum-dum-duuuum.

How was your day like?
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A random day at school

Hello again! (Don't I have better openers? Haha!)

Today was a normal school day - uneventful, full of lectures, and the rain (which we couldn't enjoy inside the classroom, obviously). It's been raining often recently, but they always, always pour when we're already at school or attending a lecture. I guess you could say that I've been hoping - like most of us - for an unintended cancellation of school. But, everything must go on.

I took my mom's phone with me today (with her knowledge of course) because I wanted to take pictures around the school without having to bring my bulky DSLR, although it wouldn't be much of a problem... I think.

So this particular pathway is where I walk through every Mondays and Wednesdays to reach the Arrupe building, where we have our Theology and Philosophy classes. I was about 15 minutes early before 7:30, so taking a picture wasn't too embarrassing.

The subject after my Theology class (rather, after my 1.5-hour break) is Presentation Skills, where we practice speaking or presenting different topics related to our course, and where we practice designing effective PowerPoint templates in Photoshop (my favourite activity so far).

After that followed our Philosophy class, where we continued our discussion on Kaligayahan or Happiness and how the great Philosopher Aristotle explained true happiness can be achieved. Here's a photo of my notes so far:

Aristotle talked about achieving true happiness (Eudaimonia) through two ways: Mesotes or Sophia. In general terms, Mesotes meant finding the middle or what you could call "just right" for you. Not longing or having too little nor having too much of anything. Not reacting too aloof or neutral nor acting with too much passion.
On the other hand, Sophia is all about philosophic virtues and having deep thoughts or reflections about the life you've lead. Our teacher told us that the elderly are those which are in this stage in their life. We even talked about other associated subjects like Love, Faith, and Hope - which invited a lot of different reactions from my classmates. Teenagers, right? Haha.

So after that class, that same teacher told me to see him in his office at around 3pm so that I could give him the documents I scanned as a mini project. I had no other classes, so I had another 1.5 hours of free time which I used watching "Monsters vs. Aliens" with some friends at the DACA library.

We spent a good 30 minutes browsing through the films already on display (a lot were still inside the boxes) and decided to go for a 3D comedy. Alas, 10 minutes before three, they were all gone and Kim (another friend) and I were the only ones left. I had to leave in a few minutes anyway so we called it quits. Pity, I would've wanted to finish the film. Maybe next time.

When I went to our teacher's office though, he was a no show. I waited about 20 minutes before leaving since I hadn't eaten my lunch yet and was starving. Hahaha. Things I'll do for grades: starve myself, wait like a moron, listen to another teacher scold a student for not performing well - in front of me.

There, my school day ends.

Tomorrow is the Alternative Class Program and I am too darn excited for it! I'll be attending a seminar by a really good TV director here in the Philippines, Mr. Erik Salud, with "the importance of directors in films" as one of the main themes. I am suuuper excited for the event! This will be my fourth ACP, wherein the first one I attended was a singing/voice seminar, the second one was about blogging by the very pretty Vern Enciso, the third was was about fashion and now, about directing for television. I'm pretty sure I'd love school more if the ACP happened twice a semester or four times a year!

I'll be bringing my DSLR tomorrow for awesome footage of my day, so wait for updates! This is going to be fun!

'Til tomorrow's post!
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No dead air

Hey, hey, hey!
How's your day been so far?

Mine was close to BORING. Close, but not really there. I had a lot of dead moments during the day at school, but that doesn't mean I'll have dead air here on my blog!

I told you about how it was my aunt's birthday the other day, and mentioned that I would be doing a sketch of her. Well, that didn't go right as planned - so I made a collage (or digital sticker art) for her:

I practically did NOTHING. Hahaha. I got a picture of her from her FB page and applied make-up on her as a touch up, then randomly created shapes and downloaded patterns from google images. She liked it anyway, so I think I did an awesome job (pat on the back?).

Aside from that, I also mentioned the first traditional artwork I created on the book stand-cum-easel. It was done in a little under 45 minutes, with a cheap paintbrush set (with pre-filled colours inside) I got from the bookstore. I only used the black one here, and I've given one away to a friend who was inspired by my DIY water-brush and decided he wanted one as well!

Anyway, here's the artwork I've been talking about:

My Philosophy teacher told me to do a guy version, but I couldn't tell him that my weakness is drawing guys! I've had trouble drawing masculine characters since FOREVER, and though I've tried really hard, they always seem too feminine for my taste. I have the body covered, but the face just ruins it! I don't know why! But believe me, I am trying.

I guess I'll just have to try a little harder then.

By the way, I had my run animation checked this morning, and our teacher almost gave me a green light! I only have to fix the upper body and some snapping areas, but I AM moving on to the dance animation!!! I am sooo ready to create my reference. Should I post it here? Hahaha.
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A Mini book stand (turned easel)!

Hello there!

I got one of the ultimate surprises of this month, which was this:

Mom brought home a mini book stand - which functions also as an easel! ^__^ You see, a few days earlier, mom noticed that I had difficulty in drawing "un-long" faces due to the poor drawing angle I always had. I used to put a pillow on my chair to increase my sitting height, but it wasn't really effective.

According to my mom, she didn't really set out to buy the stand, but while she was looking at the furthest corner of the store, she saw this - and decided to buy it.


I've created one artwork on it so far, and I'll be posting it early tomorrow morning (though if you can't wait until then, I already have it posted over on Instagram here --> @veeyah19.

Also, a lot of stuff are going to be happening to me this week, including a (tentative) sleep-over at the Chroma studio at school (yay!), the Alternative Class Program on the 12th, and the showing of Insidious 2 at the cinemas! Although I'm not sure I have enough savings to go (darn food make me spend a LOT), I'll try to watch with friends so I can put a review on here.

This reminds me of my review for "The Conjuring" which I think I'll have up by next week if I finish the animation project at school.

Off to sketch a digital portrait of my aunt who celebrated her birthday yesterday!

Tomorrow, then? :)
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Little Bro's Tournament


I've talked about my brother a few times in my posts, and in this one, I'll be telling a little something about his first official school Basketball Tournament.

Yesterday, my brother experienced Elementary Level Basketball at the City Hall's Court. Why is this a big deal? Well, JP's a little addicted to Basketball - and knows almost every player (both popular and not-so popular ones).

His wallpaper is of Michael Jordan, his PSP Go is filled to the brim with basketball games (like 2K12, 2K13 and others), his Youtube subscriptions are also those who post game-plays of Basketball games, and before he goes to bed, he turns on the TV and religiously watches Kobe, Lebron, and Wade make their shots.

Even his exams (when related to Basketball) are perfect! What do you make of that?

(little bro at the left-most side)

In my opinion, a sport is only healthy until it becomes an addiction. I like playing Badminton, for example, and grew up with Swimming as a sport and not just a hobby, but I don't get fixated on them. I like keeping things balanced, and unlike my brother, I know when enough is enough.

I credit this obsession to his being 11 years old and in the sixth grade though, and I'm hoping he'll set his priorities straight when he enters high school. I like Basketball too, and I even had it as a sport last year, but... what gives? Why the obsession? I guess I'll never know.

I felt a little guilty since we made it to the City Hall before the second quarter started, so we missed the first few moments of the game. JP told us that a player injured his left foot when he landed after jumping.

He just joined Montessori's Varsity Team last August, so it was pretty understandable that the name on his jersey isn't his. By the way, what does the number "23" stand for? Don't players get to choose their own numbers are are they credited to a player's position on the team? JP's the power-forward - does 23 make sense? Or are the numbers completely random?

For some reason, the camera wasn't cooperating very much. I had it on the "sports" mode on the dial, but I guess, it had to be on a tripod to lessen the blurs. Next time.

The area was a little private, so not many people were present, save for some supporters from both teams. It was also annoying that the area had no ventilation whatsoever. Sure, there were large windows, but no fans or air-conditioners. I had to wipe sweat of my face and neck over and over while I took pictures and shot some videos! I'll remember to bring a small battery-operated fan next time!

In general though, I enjoyed their game. They're kids! It was fun seeing them have fun. It also brought back memories from my basketball experience at school last year for PE class. Haha. What fun. Oh, and it really helped to know what certain hand signals meant (a foul or box-in) and the basic rules to avoid violations. :)

See ya!
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More shooting... none taken.

So this morning, we managed to go to school early and resume shooting for our Claymation or stop-motion animation.

The thing is, the shots weren't... satisfactory. Compared to our last shooting session, this was not productive. T___T Why?! I think we're doomed. I hope to God we are going to make the deadline. If not... well.

Here are some shots from our previous shooting session:

That guy up there (yeah, totally forgot to place the eyes) is our main character, "Kiko", the less fearful of the group. In this scene, he's supposed to hear something in the bushes and cautiously approach it. I think we'll be re-shooting this scene.

The three shots above were our first test shots of the same scene. We changed the ISO and the White Balance, and of course, the F-Stop or Aperture. We found the settings we liked, but (stupidly) we forgot to jot it down. Genius, right?

It;s like our minds aren't in the game exactly. We're physically there, but absent-minded about everything. We haven't been thinking straight, I... think?

The shoot this morning wasn't productive. Not very much. Two of us get along quite well, and we accomplish things, but when the other two arrive... things just get all "low-qualitied", if there's a word like that. I want to achieve perfection or something close to that, but there are others who don't see that as necessary for a good outcome. I don't want to hurt their feelings, and even if I so desperately want to tell them that they should raise their standards, I can't. I don't want to lose friendships, especially those which are extremely beneficial. (I'm not a user, okay? You know what I mean?)

I've been thinking lately that in order for our little group to function properly, I'll have to risk losing almost binding friendships. I have a lot of flaws too, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't make them see theirs, right? How should I tell them? I'm in a real muddle right now. I want our animation to be flawless, but I want to keep my friends too. How do I go both ways without freaking out first?

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Almost Is Never Enough (RAW song cover)

Have I ever mentioned my obsession with beautiful female vocals?

Well this past week, my playlist has been flooded with Ariana Grande's songs from her recently released debut Album, "Yours Truly" and other covers I found on Youtube. I found all of her songs AWESOME, but one stood out for me this week - so much that I decided to record an acapella version, RAW, in the middle of the night/morning.

Husky, but I love the song, so I hope you enjoy my short cover!

I have other song covers on my soundcloud (hahaha, the feels), so feel free to check them out! I'd greatly appreciate feedback too! (I am SO in want of a quality mic with voice filter.)

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So this week, during the free time I had at school, I got to work on exploring traditional art, specifically with sign pens and water with regards to lines and patterns.

I've been an avid fan of artworks which look super detailed, and figured I should try experimenting in the same area. Being the "non-expert" that I am, I managed, though it may not be as perfect as the oh-so-great artists out there who specialize in this area.

Here's one of the few drawings I made:

See what I meant when I said "not as perfect"? Haha. Seriously, it took me a good 20 minutes to finish the doodles (tattoos?) on her body. It was a fun ride, even more when I realized that I wasn't using waterproof pens! I didn't know what effect water would have on the pen I used (Dong-A Gel pen) but I think it went quite well. You?

You see, I still have no art style yet. What I mean is, there's still nothing unique about my style to set it apart from other artists' works! I have multiple art influences, ranging from traditional pens, watercolours, markers to digital art, and I think a problem I'm facing is that all those styles are being incorporated in my artworks. I see a little bit of another artist here and there, but none which I could actually call my style.

A friend of mine told me that one of my signatures is "clean lines". Is it enough though? I mean, any artist can have fine lines if they work carefully enough, so how does that make me stand out?

I've been stressing about this fact for months now, and even a close friend of mine has run out of ideas to help me get over it. What would you suggest? Online forums give general suggestions and tips, but none of them have helped so far. Suggestions?

Thanks for hanging around!
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Greetings, hell-month!

It is officially September!

I noticed how many people have made their own "Hello, September" photos, so I figured I'd do the same this time. Haha. I know, I know - not original. What is, these days?

So why do I call September the "hell month" of this year? Well, let me list down the projects I need to do by the end of the month (ordered from the highest priority):

  1. finish out stop-motion animation project (Sept. 24)
  2. submit the run cycle for animation class
  3. submit the dance (free-form animation) project
  4. start & finish the comics for Philosophy on Plato (Sept. 16)
  5. finish the PowerPoint design for my presentation
  6. pass my oral exams in Literature Class
  7. finish scanning documents (teacher's favor)

There are a LOT more things I have surely forgotten to put on this list, but these alone consume a hell of a lot of time to accomplish. The stop-motion is the deadliest of them all, I think, which earned it the top spot on this priority list.

Aside from that, I'm trying to squeeze in more time to do commissions and finish entries I'm making for a contest on Deviantart, by Sept. 22, or else they'll give my spot to someone else. I'm also doing adoptables, characters which you can sell for real money or art trades or even DA points.

To top it all off, I'm sort of emotionally unstable right now, for some reason. Friendships are harder to maintain than romantic relationships. Sigh.

Still, I welcome you with open arms, September! Bring it on!
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