Hello again! (Don't I have better openers? Haha!)

Today was a normal school day - uneventful, full of lectures, and the rain (which we couldn't enjoy inside the classroom, obviously). It's been raining often recently, but they always, always pour when we're already at school or attending a lecture. I guess you could say that I've been hoping - like most of us - for an unintended cancellation of school. But, everything must go on.

I took my mom's phone with me today (with her knowledge of course) because I wanted to take pictures around the school without having to bring my bulky DSLR, although it wouldn't be much of a problem... I think.

So this particular pathway is where I walk through every Mondays and Wednesdays to reach the Arrupe building, where we have our Theology and Philosophy classes. I was about 15 minutes early before 7:30, so taking a picture wasn't too embarrassing.

The subject after my Theology class (rather, after my 1.5-hour break) is Presentation Skills, where we practice speaking or presenting different topics related to our course, and where we practice designing effective PowerPoint templates in Photoshop (my favourite activity so far).

After that followed our Philosophy class, where we continued our discussion on Kaligayahan or Happiness and how the great Philosopher Aristotle explained true happiness can be achieved. Here's a photo of my notes so far:

Aristotle talked about achieving true happiness (Eudaimonia) through two ways: Mesotes or Sophia. In general terms, Mesotes meant finding the middle or what you could call "just right" for you. Not longing or having too little nor having too much of anything. Not reacting too aloof or neutral nor acting with too much passion.
On the other hand, Sophia is all about philosophic virtues and having deep thoughts or reflections about the life you've lead. Our teacher told us that the elderly are those which are in this stage in their life. We even talked about other associated subjects like Love, Faith, and Hope - which invited a lot of different reactions from my classmates. Teenagers, right? Haha.

So after that class, that same teacher told me to see him in his office at around 3pm so that I could give him the documents I scanned as a mini project. I had no other classes, so I had another 1.5 hours of free time which I used watching "Monsters vs. Aliens" with some friends at the DACA library.

We spent a good 30 minutes browsing through the films already on display (a lot were still inside the boxes) and decided to go for a 3D comedy. Alas, 10 minutes before three, they were all gone and Kim (another friend) and I were the only ones left. I had to leave in a few minutes anyway so we called it quits. Pity, I would've wanted to finish the film. Maybe next time.

When I went to our teacher's office though, he was a no show. I waited about 20 minutes before leaving since I hadn't eaten my lunch yet and was starving. Hahaha. Things I'll do for grades: starve myself, wait like a moron, listen to another teacher scold a student for not performing well - in front of me.

There, my school day ends.

Tomorrow is the Alternative Class Program and I am too darn excited for it! I'll be attending a seminar by a really good TV director here in the Philippines, Mr. Erik Salud, with "the importance of directors in films" as one of the main themes. I am suuuper excited for the event! This will be my fourth ACP, wherein the first one I attended was a singing/voice seminar, the second one was about blogging by the very pretty Vern Enciso, the third was was about fashion and now, about directing for television. I'm pretty sure I'd love school more if the ACP happened twice a semester or four times a year!

I'll be bringing my DSLR tomorrow for awesome footage of my day, so wait for updates! This is going to be fun!

'Til tomorrow's post!
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