WIWW 05.24.12

(Items used: earrings by Gold Digger, necklace from Pilgrim, mini dress from Top Shop,
shoulderbag from Mulberry, ring from Uterque, heels by Louise Goldin for Topshop)

WIWW - 05.18.12

(Items used: necklace by Freyja Sur, cardigan from Moschino Cheap & Chic,
handbag from Longchamp, mini dress from Lipsy London, gloves by Vintage, tights from Marimekko,
socks from Twilfit, heels by Rizzo)

WIWW - 05.12.12

Another post filler! :D Forgive my absences?

(Items used: necklace from Pilgrim, top from Back, cardigan from H&M,
shorts by Ivana Helsinki, handbag by Sonia Rykiel, heels by Paul Smith)

WIWW - 04.08.12

I was thinking of a millionaire's daughter attending her grandpa's funeral in either Rome, Spain, or Italy. I have no idea why I included a dog. maybe I was thinking of... Garfield? :/

(Items used: hat from Zara, sunglasses from Ray Ban, earrings from Lara Bohnic,
necklace by Pilgrim, mini dress from Tiger of Sweden, cardigan by Malene Birger, 
shoulderbag from Mulberry, watch by Roberto Cavalli, tights from Bluefox, wedges by Tove Jansson.)

Day 9: An advice you will never forget.

Back in Oman, my dad and I had a little talk about my course choices for college, where I would be studying at, and my reasons for choosing it. So, it was a real shocker when our topic turned towards relationships and maturity, about preserving purity for my future hubby (if God wills it) as a gift to him. This wasn't my dad's exact words, but he said:

"Looking for a man or partner in life is like playing darts. When you enter into a relationship too early, when your mind and heart are still ripe and have yet to mature, your 'must-have's' for the perfect guy are way off from what a practical child of God would have: good looks, rich, good at playing an instrument or other physical attributes. Like playing darts, you won't land at the center. You'll miss it and land outside the rings.  
But if you wait until you mature in the Lord, until after He prepares and readies your heart for a relationship, your dart would land right on target. You wouldn't make mistakes unlike other teens who've entered into a relationship and came out pregnant. This is because the man you'll be bound to meet would be the man God has chosen for you to spend your life with. Because you had waited patiently for the right time, your reward from God would be a happy, fulfilling life with your husband."

Yes. My dad is so deep he can practically "out-win" Sadako's well. Well yeah. I mean, he's a pastor, and long years of study had equipped him for these kind of talks, so I'm very, very happy to have him as my dad. If you knew my dad well enough, you wouldn't believe we'd had this talk at all. Haha. He's not usually the guy who talks about relationships with his daughter, or so I thought.

I learned much during our talk that afternoon. And I definitely won't forget what he told me. He didn't give me nonsense, shallow advice like "follow your dreams" or "things will just fall into place", because I'd definitely be confused with that! Dad detailed things out for me, and now, I'm aware of the choices I can and must make to lead a life pleasing to the Lord. Yes, I have tough times where temptations are just too hard to resist, but in the end, I realize that I could've prevented falling into temptation. God had given me power in His name to resist the works of the evil one!

I encourage other teens (and even the not-so-teens) like me to have a talk with their mom or dad once in a while. Not only does it show you respect and love them enough to want their advice, it also gives you new ideas to think about. Ideas that'll help you cope with life when everything may seem to fall out of place.

Day 8: Something you have but never use.


Hard as I try to think of something I have but never used, I can't seem to think of anything! Yeah, I'm the sort of person who really uses whatever she's bought! :)

So sorry for this - err - empty post. But maybe I can account for it with a fashion ensemble from Looklet?

(Items used: sunglasses by Christian Dior, scarf from LongChamp, tank top from Bik Bok,
navy vest by Jil Sander, shorts by Ivana Helsinki, shoulderbag from Mulberry, wedges from Chloe.)

Um yeah. So... it's my birthday today. Hahaha. :)) But I'll still be posting!

Day 7: Something one should never say to another person (according to me).

There are SO many words one shouldn't say to another, and here, I've listed down some words and to whom you shouldn't say them to! ;)

Word/s: B*tch
Never use on: girl friends, GIRLFRIENDS, macho men.

Word/s: I don't give a (insert foul word here) about you!
Never use on: parents, best friend, other dear relatives.

Word/s: "You're just a pebble in my shoe." (From Ever After)
Never use on: people close to you, grandparents

Word/s: F*ck Off
Never use on: ANYONE! That'll hurt more than being back-stabbed.

Frankly, these are the only words I'm aware of. And frankly, I've never, and will never, use these words on anyone. Human emotions are too fragile to be trampled on this way, and wounds wouldn't have to heal if they  weren't there in the first place.

WIWW - 04.04.12

An outfit I would wear if I was already working. Plain Jane, I know. :)

Day 6: A place you have never visited but want to visit.

Again, I didn't have to work my brain out for this prompt! ;)

PARIS. It's the country I've always, ALWAYS wanted to visit - since 4th grade! I don't exactly know why, but I guess due to my love for fashion, I've been practically obsessed (well, not really) about stepping foot in this awesome country. Aside from the Eiffel tower, I'd like to visit the Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame!!! I wonder what I'd do if I WAS able to go there? I might not be able to sleep from excitement!

Notre Dame


Day 4: Something you have never said but should or wanted to.

Click for a larger image. And I mean LARGER. ;)

WIWW - 04.02.12

A modern-looking white lady for you! ;)

(Items used: heart necklace from Chanel, long necklace from Pilgrim, blouse by Patricia Forgeal,
belt by Gina Tricot, skirt from Uterque, ring from Indiska, heels from Churchs)

Good morning!

Hey guys! How was April fool's yesterday? Sadly i w asn't able to pull a prank on my little bro so...

Just kidding! So it's only 5 days before my birthday, and I am seriously dreading it! I'm no sure why, but i am.

I was thinking about not preparing any food any inviting visitors over, cause that would be a big hassle, but my mom insists on cooking at least something, for the people who will surely be coming. Personally? Why bother? I'd rather buy books at the bookstore or shop for sketchpads rather than eat and celebrate on my birthday.

So yeah. I'm at my grandpa's house right now and internet here is either slow or scarce, and i think i'm experiencing both. Yeah. Great. There may be a problem with my internet provider. Even with load, i can't acces the net on my phone! Drats!

Well, have a good day people!

WIWW 2 - 04.01.2012

Argh! I forgot to list down the details for this ensemble! I hate it when this happens. Anyway, hope you guys like it! ;) The second WIWW for today!

*As usual, the necklace is from Pilgrim! :)

Day 3: A song / poem you know by heart and will never forget.

I know many songs by heart, but one that have never skipped my mind is a song from the Bible. It's from the book of Psalms, and was written by David, the man after God's own heart. It goes like this:

I've known this verse since 6th grade, and it's been - what - almost 9 years since then? I still remember this verse, and somehow, whenever time calls for this verse to be remembered, it snaps back into place in my head.

WIWW - 04.01.12

Happy April Fools Day! ;) Can't say I'll be making pranks though. LOL.

(Items Used: crown by NK Leksaker, sunglasses by TOD, earrings by Lara Bohnic,
maxi dress by Elie Saab, gloves by Rare, "Versus" heels by Versace)