Over it!

I created her about 6 days ago after our finals were passed and the summer holidays started. I was feeling so high then - only a little less now. I'd been aiming for a stylized sort of anime sketch for a while, but the output always leans toward Disney princess-ish and cartoon styles. It might become a thing once I realize I can't do a typical anime drawing. Bummer.

A few minutes from now, the whole family will be going to San Jose for a week. I have to tell you though - I've never dreaded my birthday ever, until now. :( I feel sick to the stomach just thinking about what's going to happen. Sorry, parents. If you read this in the future, know that I didn't think I'd be celebrating my birthday out of my comfort zone. Double bummer.

I can't do it! I'm not prepared for this! I can't even speak Bikol! To think that there's something big planned for April 6 and knowing I play a role in it that I'm not prepared for gives my stomach butterflies! NO! This is sooo hard for me, but I can't say no. I'd risk the mood of the whole vacation. :(

Anyway, I have to go now. I'll update when I can - mom's calling me to do something for her.

Bye. :(

GIFs Galore

Here I am again. Have you ever had that one day where you wake up, eat breakfast, go out, have lunch, go back home and then sit in front of the computer just to look at (and download) random funny (and/or cute) GIFs all day long? For me, today was that day (and it's not even done yet).

Two of my "go-to" sites for Graphic Interchange Formats or GIFs are Deviantart and Tumblr. The former site holds a lot of cute, adorable GIFs ranging from flash files to pixel art and animated icons while Tumblr has more of the funny GIF "experience" and videos showing funny people doing funny things.

Given that, what do you think this post'll be about? Well, um, GIFs?

I don't often do this, but with an impending hiatus on the way, it'll have to do (ugh, I lead such a boring life right now).

Sooo... let's play a little game! I'll post some GIFs and relate an emotion or an experience I react to in the same way. :) Typical Tumblr post, but let's carry that over here on Blogger today.

1. When I really, really want something and I say practically anything to get it. 
Yeah, this happens more times than it should. Especially when it's about 
buying a book or getting a new gadget. :/ Yeah...

2. When I'm in a group and then someone makes a joke that people seem to
find funny and I don't. This rarely happens with my close friends,
but when I'm at a large party... ugh. Just stop this already. I don't really give
anything about what you just said. Maybe I shouldn't be here...?

3. How my life feels like during summer break. Heck, this even applies for
school days. It's like time goes by too fast that I don't realize what's
happening anymore. I don't like it.

4. How I feel when school is over for the week/the semester. Hooray! I've literally
ran the same way down the halls at school, and it feels super awesome. 
I smell freedom. I smell days of doing nothing. Hahaha.

5. I sleep like this after submitting an incredibly heavy project for school. 
Especially if it's from a major subject and requires animated
perfection. Hooray, Anna! :)

6. My typing when someone chats me up on Facebook and asks
 the same question 10000000 times. Seriously?! How annoying can you get? 
Do you want me to lend you a freaking dictionary? I'll even gift-wrap it for you.

7. When an opportunity comes along and I have no choice but to let it slip.
Ugh. This almost always happens, and the primary reason for it is lack of finances and availability.
School gets in the way (?!) and I can't push for my parents to let me go. They've given me
so much already - won't burden them further.

8. My "I-told-you-so" face. Nothing feels better than saying something that turns out
to be true. Yeah, I can tell the future. Suck it. XD Kidding.

9. My reaction to my haters. 
My haters include people who push my to be someone I'm not, people who repeatedly
 tell me to go on a diet yet never believe I can actually do it, and the people who think 
I'll never get ahead in life. Here's what I'll tell you: your life SUCKS. You're too busy 
targeting other people you don't realize how negative in life you are now. So just keep 
hitting me with what you have. I'll be the cat blocking your way to the other end of the tunnel.

10. Society, government, world - listen to what I have to say. There's too many things
to talk about when it comes to societal flaws and government holes. So here's my feels.
It's listed. Ahahaha. Serious. Meh.

So... there. My GIF folder is still rich with other reactions I have for other things, but I'll have to save that for later. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe on Tuesday. Too many feels. 

Ciao! ;)

When You Look At Me

Something tells me that
the stars are really just your
eyes, staring, boring into
my soul. The very core of my
being. It shakes the depths of
my unknown, raw emotions - 
filling me with ecstatic love
for you.

It is DONE.

Yessss! SOMG! School is FINALLY over!
(Well, after I pass our last final project tomorrow. ;) But it's the same thing, since I'm already done with it.)

I don't know how I even made it through (thank you Lord!) the previous week! It felt like death was slowly jumping at me from all sides! All our major subjects had final projects, and the pressure was over the TOP. Like, whew! How did I even...?


A lot of things have happened over the period I haven't posted, and since almost all of them are school related, I have to think things through before posting them (maybe clips would be okay though). Gah.

I feel so RELIEVED! It's the same feeling you get when you take a dump after a week-long break from dealing with the toilet seat. (Ummm. Yeah, not the best image.)

Though my hands are dead tired, I slipped in an incredibly no-thought-included digital portrait.

You can, like, see where the brush strokes meet and end! I didn't even bother cleaning it up. :/ Haha. I feel insanely happy about it though. Hooray for being messy!

See you when I do! Have a great week ahead!

Second Chances


This week has been crazy! Crazy with the number of projects (it is the last 2 weeks of this semester), crazy with the amount of things I learned about my classmates, and crazy for the coming summer!

Where to start?

Today, we submitted an nHair simulation and a Dynamic Rig Curve simulation during class. I had tremendous fun with the hair, and as easy as the latter exercise was, the computers at school just couldn't handle it. Maya kept crashing. I may have had at least 5 fatal errors in one sitting, and when I transferred to another computer in another room, it was the same thing. Thank goodness for my friendly classmates who offered assistance. :)

Here's my output for the Dynamic Rig activity. (She's a Pokemon, rather, a hybrid of two.)

Mehehehe. (^___^)

Also, the reason why I titled this post as Second Chances was because I got into doodle art again. It has never been a strength, and to be able to create just one awesome, large, detailed doodle art would be AWESOME. :)

A little preview, a WIP.

Tomorrow's a Friday, so cheers to those of you who still have work (or school). Fridays are a holiday for me. Haha. The perks of choosing your schedule.

Thanks for reading and sharing this time with me! :)

Lirik Lagu - Ailee (Heaven - Japanese Version)

OMG! Why did I just see this now?!

I am SOOO in love with Ailee and her vocals, so much that I've probably watched every one of her videos from her simple Youtube days to the present.

The original (Korean) version of her song "Heaven" was already beautiful, but after hearing the Japanese version, I'm rooting so bad for the latter! It has a certain vibe to it that no Korean song can ever have (I think). This might also be the reason why Anime OST's work so darn good. It's more than a good-vibe song. It's more than nostalgic. But I can't put my finger on it.

Anyway, here's Ailee's music video, in case you haven't watched it yet.

(Note: I am NOT a Kpop fan or anything like that, but Ailee is an insanely different artist.)

She is so freaking BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to meet her in person!


I haven't talked much about my devotions, and I feel really... guilty about all that. *Sigh. Isn't it a given that a Christian wears her faith on her sleeve and doesn't cram it into her closet for other "special" moments? *Sigh.

I think my dad noticed my lack in reading the Bible for months now (I can't blame my school projects for it) and urged me - the whole family - to get started again.

On Saturday night, before going to bed, I started the first chapter of the gospel of John. It felt weird at first; does it really feel like this when you haven't done something for a long, long time? I eventually got the hang of it by the last paragraph.

Yesterday, I read chapter 2.

I used to have daily devotions during the first 2 years of college, but when Animation 3 came into the picture, it just stopped. Dead. Now, I'm trying to catch up on them.

I just LOVE how my Bible, notebook, and pen go so well together. O__O It inspires me more to keep writing and doing my devotions.

Do any of you have devotions of the sort, too?

DML: The Oriental

In my previous post, I talked about our trip to Donsol during the weekend (last January 11-13), and how it was one of the craziest, most insane weekends I've had (so far).

Let's get on with it, then.

After breakfast at Vitton Beach Resort, we left at 8am back to Naga city. Of course, we couldn't not eat lunch so we had to stop over. What was funny was the fact that we went to those resorts to find my brother some steak (he'd been craving for it since that morning) and came out empty. Nada steaks. We took our chance at The Oriental Hotel in Legazpi.

Gosh, that awkward, brace-splattered face. Just admire the view, okay? We were really high up a mountain, so the hotel overlooked the city. Must be prettier during the night. (The first time we went here was in the evening a few months back, but I was so busy admiring the inside to realize the view. :/)

We got settled down at this point and looked at the menu - still no steak available. They had a steak dish, but the Australian steak meant for it was not available. Sad. My brother and I had to choose another meal, which, in the end, we couldn't finish. Say hello.

My aunt was still full from breakfast (how was that possible with a few slices of toast, eggs, and a hotdog?) so she ordered a salad instead. While we had fish and chips before our main course - Lasagna and cheese pizza.

When we realized we couldn't finish what we ordered, we gave them to mom and to whoever wanted a bite. I was sooo full at that time. Just, full

While mom and my aunt talked about business things, we walked around the hotel. We were sort of restless though.

Other random photos.

Gaaahhh I miss having nothing to worry about! I miss those times when I could do anything I thought of at that exact moment. Like, if I wanted to go swimming right now or go to a park, I could. It's part of growing up I guess. 

I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to stay 16 when I turned 16 and I wanted to still be 18 when I turned 18. I'm in my early twenties right now, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be at this age. You see, though I never wanted to grow up, I didn't want to die young either.

Here's to another weekend!

Miss March Merry

It's March! It's March! It's March!

I seem a little too excited for this month, am I right? I have reason to, that's why! I think every month is something to look forward to regardless of school or if there's anything special happening. However, March to me is a huge thing for now.

There are exactly three major things happening this month (that I know of):
  • I'm officially done being a college junior!
  • Li'l bro will be graduating from 6th Grade!
  • Dad will be coming home for vacation on the 26th!

I am hyped! Although the trip to Singapore this summer is a no-go, there are better things ahead. Besides, Singapore will always be there. The apocalypse ain't here yet.

I said goodbye to February yesterday through an artwork. Had free time.