I haven't talked much about my devotions, and I feel really... guilty about all that. *Sigh. Isn't it a given that a Christian wears her faith on her sleeve and doesn't cram it into her closet for other "special" moments? *Sigh.

I think my dad noticed my lack in reading the Bible for months now (I can't blame my school projects for it) and urged me - the whole family - to get started again.

On Saturday night, before going to bed, I started the first chapter of the gospel of John. It felt weird at first; does it really feel like this when you haven't done something for a long, long time? I eventually got the hang of it by the last paragraph.

Yesterday, I read chapter 2.

I used to have daily devotions during the first 2 years of college, but when Animation 3 came into the picture, it just stopped. Dead. Now, I'm trying to catch up on them.

I just LOVE how my Bible, notebook, and pen go so well together. O__O It inspires me more to keep writing and doing my devotions.

Do any of you have devotions of the sort, too?