#75: Reality Is Not So Sweet

I'm a sucker for so true GIF's and though I already reblogged this on Tumblr, I felt like I had to post this on Blogger too! Yeah! :)

When you want to smile sweetly at someone:


Dancing to your favorite song:


Laughing at something really funny:


Waving Hi to your crush:


Finding out something that’s really exciting:

  tumblr knows everyone so well
^ this. :))

#74: Day Fourteen - Top 5 Actresses (UPDATED)

1. Olivia Hussey (for her talent and beauty in Romeo and Juliet)

EDIT: What can I say? Since I saw the film, I was captured. It's been years since my first view, and I'm still watching it on my computer when I feel like it. The era she first starred in suit her so well that it was kind of hard for me to picture her in any other movie. She's starred in others after Romeo and Juliet, but I still see her as the Capulet who made me question the strength of my confidence. She looked like an angel to me.

2. Emma Watson (for just being 'Emma')

EDIT: Can I say anything more about her perfection? She's an advocate for feminism, has a great list of films under her belt, and she's very educated. Who doesn't love a true-to-life Hermione?

3. Charlize Theron (for her role in 'Aeon Flux')

EDIT: When I watched Snow White and the Huntsman, it was Charlize who caught my attention. She fit right in as the Evil Queen and she really was a stand-out beauty in the film. Kristen Stewart paled in comparison (also quite literally), although I like her too.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones (for her great personality)

EDIT: I especially love her for her role in Zorro (the one with Antonio Banderas) and her appeal in 'Entrapment' (with Sean Connery). She always looks elegant and the way she tackles her character is amazing. Take 'The Terminal' for example. Really good.

5. Anne Hathaway (for being so beautiful and talented)

EDIT: She's been on a lot of my favorite films (because of her and the story) like 'The Devil Wears Prada', 'Ella Enchanted', and of course, 'The Princess Diaries'. She's just an amazing actress (and singer too if you count her guesting, Lip Sync Battle appearance, and her Les Miserable performance).

I'm making this post extremely short 'cause my eyes are starting to hurt.. LOL. :) Anyway, I've broken my daily challenge but what gives? As long as I complete the challenge in 30 days, I'll be fine.

#72: Day Twelve –Top 5 Films (UPDATED)

1. Romeo and Juliet

I’m not going to lie – I practically love this movie from the cast to the script to the writer and director. Olivia Hussey, I must say, was born for this role, and so was her co-star Leonard Whiting. The setting Franco Zefirelli (the Director) chose was PERFECT and the story was one of the best works of my ever favorite writer William Shakespeare. See what I mean when I said I loved every single detail about this film? And the clothes – the CLOTHES – were so right. I don’t know how else they could’ve made this better. You guys just HAVE to see this version of Romeo and Juliet. Forget the one with Claire Danes and Leonardo De Caprio (though I like these actors too). You can’t compare the original to a revival, ever. Even with music! But that’s another story.

2. Ever After

Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott had such wonderful chemistry in Ever After, and the rest of the cast was just as impressive. I mean, with Angelica Houston’s villainous character, it was a perfect recipe for forbidden love. Of course, the script was equally as great with quotes from Thomas Moore’s Utopia and other “learnable” stuff in life. And I;m not forgetting the costumes. Let’s just say that if I had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest, I’d give it a 9. Hell yeah.

3. The Bourne Series

Again, Matt Damon was a WOW in this film. Acting the part of the best agent there is for the CIA, he worked really hard to act and look the role. This is even better than the James Bond films, seriously. I mean, it’s mostly charm and suits and women in the 007 films, but in the Bourne series, it’s pure skill, intelligence, and strategy. Sure there was his love life in The Bourne Identity, but that was it. It’s a great story about an agent tracking down his past and knowing who he is. Definitely a 10.

4. Rush Hour Trilogy

LOL, literally. Jackie Chan+Chris Tucker= HILARIOUS. I don’t know if they could’ve chosen a better cast. My brother and I have been watching all three films multiple times during the past two months and we haven’t grown tired of it at all. No matter how many times we watch it, we still get a kick out of seeing the partners kick but and make a fool of themselves. Action and Comedy go together so well in this trilogy.

5. Oceans Trilogy

Personally, not all George Clooney movies catch my attention. I think this is the first time I really liked him for his role, and I’m guessing it may be my last too. He plays a professional thief along with 11 other felons, and with a brilliant plan of robbing banks and other stuff, it’s a great film. Julia Roberts is also in this movie, but I’m not a fan. Seriously. It’s a nice in-your-face film. Haha.

#71: Day Eleven –Top 5 Countries

1. France

If you asked me what country I really liked 10 years ago, I’d answer “England” pretty fast. I was always watching movies that were set in London and the actors had lovely British accents. But since then, I’ve grown to desire France more. Is it because of their language (that I’m studying right now)? Is it because of their food and lovely sites? Is it because of the Eiffel Tower (that I crave to visit)? Up to now, I have no idea when I started liking his wonderful country, but it really doesn’t matter much. One thing I’d love to do in France is to study Fashion Design and work for Vogue. YES. Maybe as the EiC? :) Someday I’m gonna tick that off my dreams list. Oh, and they have a white Christmas.

2. United Kingdom

I still love this country as much as I love France, though not as entirely. (Huh?) Alright, that was a mess. What I meant to say is that the UK is almost as great as France IMO, so this comes in second place. As I said, I’ve always adored this country ever since my childhood years, and now is no exception. I would LOVE to visit London and go shopping, go to the Wax Museum and pose beside any wax model for photos, and just chill. I have an aunt there and says the winters there are pretty neat, so I plan to visit there maybe next year. (Hopefully.) One thing I ‘m not really fond of is the high tax residents of the UK have to pay. But above all that, life there seems awesome.

3. Germany

Hmmm. I don’t like Germany because of Adolf Hitler, so you guys can relax. But I can say that their food is AWESOME. Really. And as you might have noticed, I mostly like countries with really cold winters. I remember when Lana Packer (a missionary that’s visiting our church ATM) told us that even though Germans look and act real tough, they are the ones who respond to physical touch most over all the other nationalities. Maybe having a German bestie would be great.

4. Australia

Aussies, go! :) Have I mentioned before that we lived there for three years when I was a kid? Well, it’s one of the very few countries I’ve visited in my life and I simply adore it! (Maybe I should’ve placed this at the third spot.) Where should I start? I mean, this is a country where I’ve never felt left out, stressed out, or lonely. I lived the grand life there, so would you blame me for wanting to go back? :) Let’s see, the food is wonderful, their facilities are great too – and oh! The Olympic Stadium! Me any my pals used to swim there a few times every month and just hang out. I even remember the slides and the diving boards (which I was too scared to jump off of those days). But there you go. You should visit Australia someday, if you still haven’t.

5. Japan/Korea

Japan was one of my dream countries several years back too, maybe the same time I loved England. I was so fascinated by their language, their writing, their culture, and their talent at animation and drawing. And don’t forget their advanced technology. I still like Japan, but my favorites are just limited to three: language, talent, and writing.

#67: Day Seven –Top 5 Things you’re looking forward to in 2011

I’m looking forward to…

1. Spending more time with my lolo (grandpa) when we go home to the Philly this March.

I mentioned in my older posts about my grandpa’s situation, and to be able to make him smile would be so fulfilling as a grandchild. I guess it’s the least I can do to help make him happy again after my dear lola’s passing last August 13. Besides, I rarely go to the province, so this is the perfect opportunity to bond with him again.

2. Getting better at drawing and creating digital pieces.

I can’t say I SUCK at digital drawing, but I really need to learn a lot more if I’m ever going to make money out of this. I’ve managed to get LOTS of inspiration from Deviantart and Carbonmade, but I need more tutorials and practice. That’s what I lack – practice. There’s just so many things on my mind and a lot of distractions for me to focus on this passion of mine. And have I told you that I have major difficulty in drawing men? Girls I can draw really well, but when I start making machos, they look more like she-males. (No offense. I remember having to draw a gay character for one of my short stories at our school paper, and this twisted talent of mine worked perfectly.)

3. Buying cute moleskines and a LOT of little sketch books from Borders.

Recently, my little like for moleskines turned into an obsession. As I was browsing the web last week for stores around Muscat to buy some, I managed to find lots of online stores instead. I LOVE moleskines now. And I love the fact that they have special moleskines for different purposes, like one for cooking, one for journaling, one for sketches, and the like. And I plan to buy all of them. When I checked Borders last Monday (I think it was Monday), I couldn’t find a moleskine, but I did find lots of other cute notebooks, diaries, and sketchbooks. I am no doubt returning soon to buy them. :)

4. College.

Can’t this be self-explanatory? No? Fine. I want to finish an IT degree and get my family out of the Philly for numerous reasons. One, ‘cause I feel that my beloved country is being infested by corrupt power, thieves, and liars. Two, because it’s becoming a very polluted city, both in noise, air, and whatever. Three, because I feel so poor when I’m in that place. I prefer my old life back in Australia when I was a kid. Freedom. And fourth, ‘cause it just depresses me when I’m there. You always have to be better than others to be important and liked. I guess that’s happening around the world too, but I’ve never felt it more than in my own country. Laging pagalingan. Sorry my kapwa Pinoys, but I’m just stating the obvious. And I know that not all Filipinos are like that. But it’s a dominating trait.

5. A new hope, to start fresh in my life.

This was what I was expecting when I came to Oman almost three years ago. I expected to start a new slate of life, one where I can build nicer, longer-lasting relationships and do things I’ve never done before. And I got to do them too. I was able to be somebody. Now I’m going back to Philly, I’m hoping for the best. I hope I get the friends I’ve always wanted to have, to get that recognition at school for my God-given talents, to compete once more in the area of Journalism, to be one of the editors at the school paper at whatever college I’ll be attending, and to be an active A+ student again. I want to engage life in every way possible, to participate in rallies for what I believe in, to give hope to other people in my community and to spread the Gospel to everyone. Seems like a pretty long list of to-do’s, but if this is what God planned me to do, I’ll have all the time in the world.

I’ve always wanted to be the girl everyone remembered as kind, compassionate, reliable, intelligent, and helpful. Now’s my chance to make that happen.

#63: Day Four - Top 5 Puddings/Desserts

1. CAKE - Black Forest.

Yum. So sweet and so pretty! I remember buying a piece of Black Forest cake back in Auburn (Australia) every time we had to go back home after a day of shopping. I'd ask my mom if we could pass by that cake store and she'd agree, much to my delight. And they pack the cake into cute plastic thingies, you know, the ones they put refrigerated cakes in at grocery stores? Only cuter, triangle ones.

2. PUDDING - Leche Flan

Again, just thinking of Leche Flan brings back so many good memories of my childhood. I recall one time when I would just get this insane craving for Leche Flan in the morning and ask to have it for breakfast. Of course, they wouldn't allow me (they being the older ones). LOL. Thank heavens. I may have a sweet tooth, but no diabetes, thank you. :) I'd like to keep it that way.

3. ICE CREAM - Rocky Road!

When people ask me why I love Rocky Road ice cream, I give them two simple reasons: one, because it has lots of "surprises", and two, because it's my favourite. When I was a kid, I used to love mango and chocolate chip, but at the moment, not so much. Another flavour I like aside from Rocky Road id Cookies & Cream. :) Just mouth-watering...

4. TART - Blueberries

What can I say? The mixture of sour and sweet, along with the crispy pastry is off the hook. I'm not into strawberries, either in ice creams or tarts or anything else, but fresh strawberries I dig. :) ANyone care to give me a basket? LOL.

and finally...


I don't remember having this as a child, but the last time I tasted choco mousse was effing grand! :) It wasn't as sweet as I imagined it would be too! It's a bit like ice cream and whipping cream, mixed together just right for that perfect texture. :) aggh.. I want some now.

#58: Sadness to follow…

I woke up crying today. A great way to celebrate the the first day of February right?

And no, it wasn’t because I had a bad dream or something. I was wide awake when my heart strings decided to get majorly tugged in two different directions. I cried for two things: one, because I’m going to be away for a long time from a person I really love to take care of my schooling, and two, I can’t bear to see that person alone with no humour in his life. I don’t want to see that person be heartbroken and such. I just CAN’T.

After being with him constantly for years, getting to bond and know him better – I don’t know if I’m ready to move anywhere without him. It scares me. It scares me so bad. You know how it feels like to tread on ice? I feel that way. I’m afraid that one move without him being there physically with me will be a wrong decision. :(

I am so FEAKING SCARED right now. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to move on just yet. Not without being complete. Oh God, please, if there is any way to avoid what’s ahead, any other alternative than what’s already been planned – PLEASE show me! I want to stay where I am with him! With my family complete as well.

Why am I being so effing dramatic? It’s not like I’m going to die without him right? CRAP.

Sorry to anyone who’s getting so down and offended. :( But you guys have to understand, my connection with him just got so much closer these recent years, so I’m very upset with what’s going to happen in the future. Please pray for me! I’m so scared…