1. Olivia Hussey (for her talent and beauty in Romeo and Juliet)

EDIT: What can I say? Since I saw the film, I was captured. It's been years since my first view, and I'm still watching it on my computer when I feel like it. The era she first starred in suit her so well that it was kind of hard for me to picture her in any other movie. She's starred in others after Romeo and Juliet, but I still see her as the Capulet who made me question the strength of my confidence. She looked like an angel to me.

2. Emma Watson (for just being 'Emma')

EDIT: Can I say anything more about her perfection? She's an advocate for feminism, has a great list of films under her belt, and she's very educated. Who doesn't love a true-to-life Hermione?

3. Charlize Theron (for her role in 'Aeon Flux')

EDIT: When I watched Snow White and the Huntsman, it was Charlize who caught my attention. She fit right in as the Evil Queen and she really was a stand-out beauty in the film. Kristen Stewart paled in comparison (also quite literally), although I like her too.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones (for her great personality)

EDIT: I especially love her for her role in Zorro (the one with Antonio Banderas) and her appeal in 'Entrapment' (with Sean Connery). She always looks elegant and the way she tackles her character is amazing. Take 'The Terminal' for example. Really good.

5. Anne Hathaway (for being so beautiful and talented)

EDIT: She's been on a lot of my favorite films (because of her and the story) like 'The Devil Wears Prada', 'Ella Enchanted', and of course, 'The Princess Diaries'. She's just an amazing actress (and singer too if you count her guesting, Lip Sync Battle appearance, and her Les Miserable performance).

I'm making this post extremely short 'cause my eyes are starting to hurt.. LOL. :) Anyway, I've broken my daily challenge but what gives? As long as I complete the challenge in 30 days, I'll be fine.