A Perfect November.

November's almost over... but my love for pink is not even close!

In the last two days, I've been browsing images at weheartit (something I haven't done in a really long while!) and found cute, pink-themed, pretty images that have sparked in me the urge to create a squared collage.

Most of the things here are those which I've been wanting to have, but have never really gotten around to purchasing. It's either they're not available here in Naga (I'm not really a fan of online shopping 'cause of some privacy issues) or I can't afford them yet, although most of the time, it's the latter that gets in the way.

As for macaroons... I'm trying to get a hold of them! Soft, cream-filled slices of paradise. *Sigh. Mouth-watering goodness, so unreachable. Why are there no macaroons around here?

For the Starbucks planner... I already have my sticker card thing, but it's not even half full yet! The weather right now is getting worse, and I'm too busy at school to have time to go and buy beverages! It's sad, I know. Hahaha. Well, if I don't get this year's planner, I might as well make my own or wait for next year O___O.

Another favorite of mine is the headphones. They look so pretty, but also can be dirtied-up easily. Still, if they had shops here to customize headphones, I'd have mine pimped. I have a purple one, but pink is still my ultimate.

Also, my love for floral/vintage patterns isn't because it's suddenly the hype - I've always liked girly things, and florals are one of the better symbolism for it. If I could have floral wedges/heels/rubbers, I would SOOO walk in them 24/7. I might even go to the bathroom wearing stilettos.

How about you? What's your favorite color and how do you incorporate that int your style?

Cheers, and have a happy last day of November!

Old Art: Not so long ago

Good grief, it's been this long?!

I'm talking about my art diary of course, and I can't believe it's been 3 years (or so) since I started trying to develop my art style. It's been an endless boomerang from here to there, and most of the time, the result is all about my mood during the time of creation.

Let's play a little game: see if you can identify which ones are more recent and which ones are "older".
Note: They're all jumbled up, so if I've really started to develop a style, you'll hopefully identify the recent ones. :)

Leave your guesses in the comment section!
I'll be really grateful!

A Mouthful of Conversation

Sunday has always been a family day, and yesterday, we did just that. With mom always busy at work and our schedule at school, we rarely get to go out and just have fun, conversing over food, so yesterday was a real treat.

White Bean is a the rose among thorns around "Centro" or the place where most of the shops and businesses are in Naga City. In the midst of pollution and the extremely heavy traffic, this place is what I call a bit of home.

The interior of White Bean is extremely adapted for eating and chilling with friends or family. There are books on the shelves and cute lantern-like decorations. The colors are very appealing (light yellow, green, light blue, pinks - pastels in short) which remind me of a happier time during my childhood.

Aside from the ambiance, the food is equally satisfying. My brother, cousin, and mom ordered Carbonara with bread, while I chose Chicken Pesto for dinner. As we shared stories about our day and new discoveries, we enjoyed the food just as much. The pesto dish was GREAT which suited a pesto-lover like me, while the Carbonara wasn't so bad itself. It would've tasted better with more cream though, but that's just my preference.

With all the stressful things we've gone through the previous week, this little food trip was a good way to relax. I won't even mind doing this again some other time.

If you're in Naga City or happen to visit the place, try out White Bean. You'll adore it as much as I do.

P.S. I'll remember to take a picture of the whole area next time - to entice you further into visiting the place, haha. Oh, and don't mind the worn-out face on the middle left.


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Yeah, Hello again. I had to make another post for bloglovin to verify my blog so... yeah. ^__^ Scroll down to see the latest post about Christmas!

Lights On!

Hello, hello, hello!

It's been a great morning so far, and I'm in a good mood - totally! One of the reasons why is because I bought christmas lights at the bookstore yesterday and had them "installed" around my work area! I now feel like I'm in the "Christmas Mood" all the time!

I think it started when I saw bedroom designs a few weeks ago that looked really cute and "alive" with lights on, so I figured I'd put on some on my corner too! I got the lights for Php149, around $3.40, so I didn't spend so much, haha.

Just to clarfiy: the artworks shown above are NOT mine. I got them from Deviantart (oh no, I forgot which artists though) and made them an inspiration for my Inspiration Wall. Mine are the ones on the left side, the charcoal drawings.

Reember my Clay Animation post a few weeks back? Well, the beads and the tubes of watercolor and acrylic paints came from that "era". I thought it a waste to throw them away regardless of the messed-up condition they were in, so I cleaned them off. Watercolor is water-based, obviously, so it wasn't hard to clean them up at all, although the acrylics were a different story. I think I gave up cleaning those after the third tube.

I always like making my work station inspiring and really fun. I don't think I can work properly if my area was really plain or bare - I'd break out in insanity. And yes, I've always had clutter on my desk. The only clutter-free hour I had was when a few cousins came to visit from Manila, but a few hours after, it went back to the messy condition it originally was. I like it messy though. It makes lost things easier to find (no sarcasm intended!).

There are only 32 days left until Christmas, and I can't wait for vacation! Don't get me wrong - school's been okay so far - but vacation time means "alone time" and a lot of my plans can take place at last (world domination? Mwahahaha!). I've got a gazillion other stuff planned until then, so stick around so we can plan the destruction of the world together, okay? :3

Okay, bye!

The Ball : AE Update!

Hello again! I'm finally now at the final stretch of my AE animation "quiz". Hahaha. This is still a rough, unfinished draft of the project, so bear with the animation! I'm going to fix this perhaps tomorrow - I have to do an article for school first!

Any advice or tips to improve this? Tell me what you think in the comment section below!
Have a great day!

All over the place... again.

If you've been a follower of mine for a bit, you'd know how much I change my blog layout/design - frequently. Now, I've done it again. Why, you ask? Well, bugger, I have no idea either. I guess I just haven't found the right layout for me.

I keep saying how I'll stick with a theme for "months", and then realize that I'm creating another layout. Switching takes time - and these days, I haven't got much of it. Yeah, I code a little, and though most of my themes are basic themes from other web designers, I still customize it a lot.

But why am I complaining?

Well, here's the thing. I've decided (here we go again, right?) to really NOT change the layout in a period of one year. Yes. I will not be changing my theme for a whole 12 months. I'm dead serious. Since this theme looks good with my posts (I think?) and  exerted extra effort onto the sidebar and other things, I'll keep this for a year (and longer, if I can).

So anyway...

This is what I've been up to since yesterday afternoon. We were given two things to do (one was an exercise and the other was this one) during our week-long break from major subjects, since the teachers are attending a yearly event for Animators called the Animahenasyon. It showcases animations from all over the country and judges choose the best ones from each category.

It's my first time actually hanging out with After Effects, so you can imagine how problematic it seemed to me. However, after a few minutes of clicking random things on the workspace and getting the desired effects I wanted, I'm eventually starting to love it. So much. I even thought about pursuing a career in motion graphics, if ever. Haha. It's been fun.

I honestly don't know what else to say. My mind's been lingering on something for a whole week now, but I don't know what it is. Gah. Like this post, my mind's all over the place. Once I remember it though, I'll make sure to update this.

Aight. Peace!

Reminisce: Australia

Yesterday, I left you in Oman. Now, I'm taking you to a farther, earlier place in time. Let's go back to the first foreign country I've ever been to, a place where so many things changed me for the better. Let's go to Australia.

When I was a little girl, I loved excellence. I loved being at the top of my class and I felt excited every time we did class activities and group works. I was at the point where everything I did was to elevate myself and to make sure people would notice what I could do.

I guess I'm still like that today. Yes, I still live for excellence and I still want to be better than most people, but I know now what to avoid and what to do to keep friendships. I now know that some people love fame more than others, and that I should stay out of their way to avoid my own destruction (wow, that was a mouthful - err - handful?). I don't live for attention as much as I did as a kid, and good thing too, since I experienced just how cruel people like that could be.

Aside from dreams for academic status, I also participated in events I found interesting. Above are two of the certificates I found from the suitcase, which will hopefully prove what I'm telling you. Ahhh, those days were the life. Carefree and happy all the time... no responsibilities... and just the right amount of expectations. Not that I hate these things, but people often expect more from me, and I fear I might disappoint them. There's pressure in how life plays for me, as with everyone's. I think it's just a matter of perception.

I remember one of the best skills I acquired in Australia is my ability to swim. Yes, I'm a swimmer. No, I don't swim professionally. I had it as a sport in elementary, but I didn't pursue a serious career in the area. I wanted it as a hobby, to add to my interest in singing and the arts in general.

My happy experiences didn't stop there. There are numerous other moments I could share about my childhood. A lot of my first experiences were in Australia, and no place would've been better to have them.

Time. What would I do if I had the power to go back and relive certain moments? I certainly know what I'd fix. What decisions I'm going to make. I'd do anything in my power to stay in this happy, safe place from my childhood, where I only felt love and joy. No pain, no self loathing, no pessimism.

Of course, these are just "if only's". I wasn't given the power to change my past, but I can still alter my future. It'll be a good one. I know it will.
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Reminisce: Oman

Time went by too quickly for my taste.

I know, I know. There's this excitement about being independent and growing up, having sleep-overs and sharing secrets with your closest friends. My childhood was rich, and if I could go back to relive it, I would, and wouldn't dare change a thing.

You may be wondering why I'm suddenly so gloomy and serious. Well yesterday, I decided to open up one of my old suitcases and see what years of keeping random things would bring me.

Before going to this country, I used to be so scared about the idea of being around Arabs. Maybe it was the culture, and the general notion about Muslim countries being super dangerous. Or maybe it was because everything would be different once I got there. Whatever it was, I felt caged with the decision I had to make: either stay here in the Philippines alone or go with my family to Oman.

I've never regretted my choice in going with them, and I never will. I learnt so many things in Oman during the three years of our stay. In all honesty, maybe it was the place I actually grew up in.

I've always been fond of writing random things when I go out and get bored, and this little habit of mine flourished at this country. I had a load of time on my hands, and almost every bit of it was spent writing about anything. I was also into lists and schedules back then (and I still am) and made sure I had things planned for the day, even if all I had to do was hang up clothes to dry or sweep the floor.

College was also a problem. I left the Philippines right after graduating from High School, so I had no plans prepared. The tuition was expensive, and for non-Omani's, it was hard getting into a university. Being the woman I was then, I downloaded application forms from schools across Europe and America and decided to push for education.

One of the schools I wanted to apply at was the University of East London. I wanted to take a course in the Bachelor of Arts, and just when I had my heart set on a course, I realized there was an important missing piece - finances.

We weren't poor, but we weren't filthy rich either. We had relatives abroad who could help, but factors were present which stopped me from seeking their aid. I researched for more quality but affordable schools and again realized how hopeless things were turning out. In the end, I chose to study a 6-month course at the Sultan Qaboos University.

Unsatisfied with the turn of events, I sought different ways to get over my disappointment. I turned to music and practiced the piano way more than I used to and took the time to hone the little "arts and crafts" I knew, starting with creating bookmarks and other things. It was also at this time that I learned basic HTML coding (via Blogger) and some vocal exercises to further my connection with music.

Of course, it was also during this time that I got more involved at church and the ministry. I joined the worship team and became active in my daily devotions. I kept a prayer list as well, which served as the closing ceremony of the day. I also planned to join the Desert Challenge: Dubai event (a youth camp) but failed to go through because I wasn't granted a visa (for unknown reasons).

I remember being super excited for this camp! The week before, I couldn't keep still and kept thinking about what to bring and how it would be like. Another addition to my disappointment, obviously, but that was the least of my problems. I don't sulk about lost opportunities as I find it a tiresome way to spend time.

I've forgotten why, but I also took the IELTS test while I was here. It was an important part of my year, mostly because I needed it to get into whatever school I would be aiming for. I may not have gotten a Band 9, but 8 seems just fine.

All I can say is this: Nothing you want will ever happen exactly how you planned it. No matter how much time you put into trying to make that possible, if it isn't destined for you, you won't get it. It may land on your hands, but it'll flow along to the next deserving person like a river flows to become part of something bigger.

I've tried reaching for other parts of the river, but without a bridge, I can never get far enough. Time will come when I'll finally get to the better place but until then, I have to keep moving forward.

To reminisce the past is to bring light to the future.
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Why are Filipinos Like That?

Hello there!

After an extremely uneventful week (though my gaming life was filled to the brim, haha), school finally resumes, and so do the observations I've been making since getting back from abroad about the people of this country. It annoys me that something so simple can be overlooked or brushed off.

1. Using pedestrian lanes.
Photo from Google (not in Naga city)
I've been to two countries where people know how pedestrians work and the rules about them, but it seems to me that this knowledge is yet to be discovered by the Filipinos. I've also observed on my way home from school that, though a pedestrian is present, vehicles don't follow the rules, which is to slowly stop for those crossing the road and waiting for them to get to the other side before moving on.

What happens here in Naga though, is quite different. Instead of observing the rules, the motorists/drivers get annoyed if they have to stop to let people pass, and honk their horns as if they ruled the road. Now isn't that great?

As I was crossing the road the other day, I followed road rules like looking left and right while crossing and moving quicker than normal, making sure the traffic enforcer had my back as I did so. You'd think that with all these, drivers on their part would have the common sense of slowing down to give way, right? No! Their time is too precious to even stop for pedestrians. I was even honked at even when I was being extra careful on crossing the road.

It just disappoints me that there are a lot of educated people capable of sharing road rules - basics, even - yet a lot of people are still unaware. Either that or they choose not to care just so they could arrive to a movie screening on time.

Another thing - am I the only person who finds it weird that stop/walk signals are stationed by pedestrian lanes? I think it should be placed where there are no pedestrians, to aid motorists and people on foot. It should be a given that pedestrian lanes prioritize people on the road. Tsk. Ignorance causes so many problems, and the longer we are uneducated about something, the bigger the trouble gets.

2. If people give you lemons, throw rocks back.
We all have our pride, right? However, I've noticed that we Filipinos take retaliation to a whole different level. Why is it that when another nation is the laughing stock, we ride along with a few jokes of our own, but when the tables are turned, we immediately express anger and demand respect, no matter how wrong or right the accusations against us are.

Remember when Megan Young (now Miss World 2013) was bashed by Devina DeDiva, using words like "ugly" and labeling Filipinos with a stereotype, as maids or low, undeserving workers? Her comments spread like wildfire across the net, and Filipinos (even other foreigners) immediately fired back with a greater degree. That's a common response, since humans are innately defensive. The sad thing? Our comments were way worse. I saw people saying "I hope she dies" or "Go to hell (followed by a curse word)" on DeDiva's Facebook page.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm in favor of DeDiva's comments about the Filipino people in general - in fact, I felt annoyed and angry at how low her perception of Filipinos are. I thought to myself how her parents could have brought her up in such a way, and to think that she was supposed to have graduated from the University of Manchester! But no matter how foul she described us, we still didn't have the right to wish for her death, among others. She apologized after and was denied by Manchester University as their former student. She also lost her job - isn't that enough punishment?

We did almost the same thing to the newly crowned Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela. The moment Ariela Arida entered the top 5 of the Miss Universe Pageant, supporters could be heard hooting or shouting their approval. When she landed 3rd runner-up though, not even a single shout was heard in the stadium. Everything happened so fast and by the time Miss Venezuela was finally proclaimed the winner, The Filipino viewers had already found something negative about her. Just to make sure we feel superior, we do what we can to destroy the image of another.

I'm making an observation about Filipinos in general, and with the events that have been happening and the corresponding responses we give, this fact is far from false. I think it's becoming a Filipino trait to lash out 10 times stronger than what the oppressor deserves, just to keep a high status, or superiority. In the end though, we emerge even worse and nothing close to superior.

Although there are a few other things on my mind, I think I'll reserve those for another time. As of now, these are the major observations I've made, which disappoint me so much about the people of my home country. Sadly, if anyone tries to correct or give an opinion about something which should be done differently, those affected spare no time in fighting back. When will we change our ways?

How about you? What observations have you made about your country or the people in it, which you think should be fixed or questioned?
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Book Review: The Mating by Nicky Charles

Better than Twilight.

I just finished reading "The Mating" by Nicky Charles yesterday, but if my mom didn't force me to hit the bed early, I would've finished it last Thursday. Hahaha. Anyway, as I was saying, I'm done reading the novel, and seeing as I can't get the story out of my mind, I might as well write a brief review about it.

The Plot In General
Basically, the novels centers on the life of Elise (the daughter of the Alpha of their pack) and her sudden "mating" or marriage to Kane, the newest Alpha of a neighboring pack. As the story unravels, Kane's past is brought to light which makes the two bonded even more, despite the vain efforts of a female third party. As a sinister plot is revealed, Elise and Kane realize that, as sudden as their relationship came to be, the two of them could work, and that they actually love each other.

Writing Style
I'm not choosy when it comes to the style a story was written, just as long as the grammar is perfect and the sentences don't drag. Happily, the novel was neither of the two which had me clinging to the story as if my life depended on it. Though some scenes were a little graphic (eg. when describing their mating process), it didn't pull the reader out of the main story, rather, it helps the readers feel for the relationship of the characters.

I really enjoyed the novel, and still can't stop thinking about it! I guess that even though I'm not a werewolf like those in the novel, I still get mushy over their love story. Imagine having to marry a total stranger for the safety of a group or a family and falling very much in love afterwards? The start wasn't a fairytale, but the end certainly qualifies.

Of course, I hadn't heard of Nicky Charles until I Googled the author, but I've never been happier to have done so. During the search, I found the other 2 books following this one, which makes me terribly, extremely happy! Once I finish reading the second one, I'll make another review, as well as for the third one.

My rating for this novel is:
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Listed: My Top 5 YouTube Gamers

Hello! Ahh it feels good to blog again!

Now if it isn't obvious, I'm a bit of a gamer myself, and often find relief from stress while playing them, especially first-person shooter types, puzzles, or even hidden object-type games. It was an obvious decision, then, to browse the internet for fellow crazy gamers like myself (ehemm, crazy?).

In the past 2 years, I've been hooked to YouTube, specifically "Let's Play" users. Somehow, I find delight in watching people playing games and raging, getting annoyed, or just enjoying the game, no matter how hilarious it is. So today, I'll be listing my Top 5 YouTube Gaming personalities! Yay!

Note: These are listed in the order I found out about them.

Okay, okay, so it seems weird that all the gamers on my list are guys. The thing is, there are extremely few female gamers out there, which has often made me think about creating a channel of my own gameplay videos. I haven't come around to the decision yet, but the more I watch them, the more I want to try it out.

Without further ado, my Top 5 Gamers!

(Click the images to go to their YouTube channels!)

So there I was, browsing YouTube with my brother one fine weekend, when we stumbled upon a gameplay of NBA2K11, obviously a basketball-based game. During this time, we were also playing the same game on the PC, and were curious enough to want to see another person playing it.

As we started watching, I took notice of the mellow, inviting tone his voice had. His commentaries were just right, and he didn't use foul words in his videos. Also, during his gameplay of Call of Duty and Last of Us, he seemed so much into the game that I couldn't help but be engrossed in it as well.

He also has his own "smoove jargon", like the ever awesome "smoove move" and terms like "cuh", "give that guy a manual", and the popular "spla-a-a-a-a-sshhh", among others. One of the gameplays I very much enjoyed was The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, though his recent videos are just as competitive.

Toby, ah, yes, the "Happy Wheels" guy. No, we don't call him that, but it was through the game "Happy Wheels" that I got around to discovering this guy. From what I've seen in his videos, he gets a kick out of getting frustrated. Haha. Seriously though, he's a heck of a gamer.

Of course, the first video my brother and I saw was a Happy Wheels one, though I forgot the title. I just remembered looking at this gorgeous guy wearing headphones and getting all frustrated about dying at a Happy Wheels game. The rest is history.

Aside from Happy Wheels, he also gameplays other cool games like Call of Duty, Halo, Assassin's Creed, and a lot more. I've always wondered how he got to his routine end remarks, "Bless your face...if you sneeze, then the city will bless you...". Hahaha. Visit his channel!

THIS GUY. What can I say? I'm totally hooked to his videos. They are freaking HILARIOUS and downright entertaining. When this guy rages, he RAGES. I've heard some of the best in-game jokes from his gameplays, and the things he does are just so catchy! He's gameplayed a lot of games including Just Dance, Happy Wheels, Beyond: Two Souls, and a LOT of indie games.

With the amount of videos I've watched from him, I'm finding it difficult to remember which game I first watched from him, though it might have been Amnesia, which he's totally popular for. One of the reasons why he's possibly the reason I go on YouTube these days is that he makes horror games comedic and turns funny games into killer one-liners.

Admittedly, his good looks alone could've earned him the 15 million plus subscribers he has now, but thanks to his funny bone and hilarious commentaries, he's earned them just as much. His "bros" and the traditional "brofist" he gives at the end of his videos have become his trademark, which is also one of the reasons why I find him awesome. His segment "Fridays with Pewdiepie" are also worth watching.

There's just too much I can say about the dude! Check out his channel to see what all the fuss is about!

One of the craziest (I mean, wild "crazy") people on this list. The first video I ever watched was his VLOG, "What is it like to be Black" and his video about KFC closing down (which turns out as an apocalyptic event since his whole family supposedly LOVES KFC). It's also been fun watching him play incredibly easy games which turn out to be nothing close to easy. More like frustrating.

The only thing that isn't really comfortable about this guy is that he swears a whole freaking lot. I can't give his channel for my dad to watch no matter how funny it is, and that goes for PewDiePie's videos as well. However, their total goofiness make up for it. KSI has been on my "to-watch daily" lists ever since I subscribed.

I guess the funniest gameplay I've seen of him is that of the Slender series and a little Amnesia. No matter how funny is gameplays are though, his VLOGs are always a hundred times funnier. Do you know he also created his version of the Harlem Shake?

Finally, we have the most mysterious dude on the list: Cry. I'm not even sure if he IS that guy above though I searched Google over and over and that image kept appearing. He always has a mask on, and fanarts about him depict him the same way. His fans no doubt want to see his face but he has said that if he showed his face, the air of mystery will be gone.

A lot of fan fictions have been written about him, one going as far as saying that when Cry was born, his face was supposedly too handsome that it blinded the doctors who were present. Since his looks were blinding, he had to wear a mask for the rest of his life. Talk about fans and the element of mystery.

The thing is, he has a really nice voice, which suits his commentaries. It sounds really, really cute. He has fun in his videos and has an established fan-fic between him and Russ, which fans totally adore. On a side note, if that picture is really Cry... well.

Yolanda and a TBT


So today (and supposedly until the weekend), the super typhoon "Yolanda" finally hits the Visayas region, which means that by tomorrow, if it follows it's current course, it'll hit our city, and the Bicol region in general. This is the first time I think I'll be encountering a typhoon, so this is something new. People are panicking, for logical obvious reasons, but I can't seem to do the same. Is it so bad that I'm relaxed so much in the midst of a typhoon?

Anyway, our classes were cancelled, and today went by with me in front of the PC, waiting for my downloads to finish and fixing my blog, aside from recording song covers and playing the guitar for a few minutes. I re-watched Despicable Me 2 during lunch and watched World War Z right after. If classes are still suspended by tomorrow (though it doesn't really matter on my part since I really have no classes scheduled on Fridays & Saturdays), I might watch After Earth, Iron Man 3, Monsters University and The Mortal Instruments again. Haha.

Another reason for this blog post is the fact that I've never done a Throw-back Thursday post before, on any social networking sites. EVER. Today will be my first. Hurrah!

So here it is, a collage of really old pictures I could find of my mom, dad, brother and myself.

I showed these to my dad a few days back and he got a kick out of seeing photos of himself when he was younger. I guess we all did. *Sigh. Time flies.

That's all for now! I'll update as soon as I can about school and the typhoon!
Good night!
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