Hello, hello, hello!

It's been a great morning so far, and I'm in a good mood - totally! One of the reasons why is because I bought christmas lights at the bookstore yesterday and had them "installed" around my work area! I now feel like I'm in the "Christmas Mood" all the time!

I think it started when I saw bedroom designs a few weeks ago that looked really cute and "alive" with lights on, so I figured I'd put on some on my corner too! I got the lights for Php149, around $3.40, so I didn't spend so much, haha.

Just to clarfiy: the artworks shown above are NOT mine. I got them from Deviantart (oh no, I forgot which artists though) and made them an inspiration for my Inspiration Wall. Mine are the ones on the left side, the charcoal drawings.

Reember my Clay Animation post a few weeks back? Well, the beads and the tubes of watercolor and acrylic paints came from that "era". I thought it a waste to throw them away regardless of the messed-up condition they were in, so I cleaned them off. Watercolor is water-based, obviously, so it wasn't hard to clean them up at all, although the acrylics were a different story. I think I gave up cleaning those after the third tube.

I always like making my work station inspiring and really fun. I don't think I can work properly if my area was really plain or bare - I'd break out in insanity. And yes, I've always had clutter on my desk. The only clutter-free hour I had was when a few cousins came to visit from Manila, but a few hours after, it went back to the messy condition it originally was. I like it messy though. It makes lost things easier to find (no sarcasm intended!).

There are only 32 days left until Christmas, and I can't wait for vacation! Don't get me wrong - school's been okay so far - but vacation time means "alone time" and a lot of my plans can take place at last (world domination? Mwahahaha!). I've got a gazillion other stuff planned until then, so stick around so we can plan the destruction of the world together, okay? :3

Okay, bye!