Easter Garden Photos

Happy Easter!
(Yeah, sorry for such an interesting title.)

I just got back home after a weekend at my grandpa's house, and I am SOOO not ready to go to work tomorrow. I just can't, right now. To console myself, I'm currently watching Pewdiepie's livestream on Twitch and surfing Reddit + Tumblr. The Holy Week holiday was incredibly stressful and frantic, and I want more (of the holiday, that is). Oh well. Life.

Since it was the last day of freedom, I woke up this morning with a purpose: to take photos of my art and mom's garden while the lighting was perfect. (Note: This post will be photo-heavy.)

Got around to practicing my strokes with water brushes. I'm still not able to draw roses (ugh), but I guess they're sort of looking like flowers more, now? Hahaha. Alessia Cara for the win! I love her and her music so much. They're relatable and has clean lyrics. Also, the BEAT. Funky as hell.

This (above) is by far one of the best shots I've ever taken. I love how well the color of the flower went with the sky and everything. It was meant to be, for sure.

Quite ironic since it's Easter and the flower should be blooming. It looked like a gown though, so I took a photo. 

Photo above is currently my wallpaper! Haha. It looks good on my mac with a dark themed doc and bar. I might release this as a wallpaper soon. I'll need to know how many people want it. 

Nestled in between the greens, this flower has been well taken-care of. :) Just the thought puts a smile to myself.

Took these photos a few hours before lunch time using my Nikon D5100 and my aunt's memory card (forgot mine - only to find out as we were going home that I had it in my bag's secret pocket all this time).

My anti-bucket list: Things I hope to never (have to) do before I die

I came around to the "anti-bucket list" after I decided to clean my Chrome bookmarks and get rid of the expired, inactive, and now-useless sites I had saved years ago. I found some real treasures, tutorials I forgot I still needed to study, links to art blogs that are life, and creative prompt websites (which I used to be quite obsessed about). One such site is Fat Mum Slim, where I bookmarked a post of 50 things to blog about. So many prompts to choose from, but I finally settled on one.

My Anti-Bucket List (as of 23.3.16)

  • do something that will break my relationship with my closest friend
  • burn the kitchen due to my lack of cooking skills
  • become obsessed with my weight
  • do something illegal that I'd be jailed for for years
  • break a bone
  • vomit in front of an audience during a performance
  • ruin the family name by being unsuccessful
  • get pregnant before marriage
  • marry the wrong person (how will you know, though?)
  • realize I've been living my life wrong the entire time and not having enough years to redo it
  • become an embarrassment in front of the whole world
  • stain hotel sheets due to my period (oh god no)
  • pass out from fatigue
  • work at a fast food chain because God knows I'm scared of people
  • spend more than P2000 in one visit at Starbucks (closest I've ever spent was around P1500+)
  • resort to something illegal to earn money
  • get lost in a strange country with a weird language

I'm quite sure I've got more to include in the list, so I WILL be updating this from time to time. :) How about you? What would you write in your anti-bucket list?

Shameless: Song Covers CAN cure Boredom

Heyo! Haha, so I'm going to bring myself a lot of embarrassment through this post, but I figured since I'm "awkward" personified, might as well. Haha.

For those who know me personally, they have an idea about most of my hobbies, and these include creating covers and *shamelessly* uploading them to Soundcloud or Youtube.

I was browsing my socials (cleaning up my history, more like) and came across my Soundcloud. I already deleted a few posts, but kept some for future laughs.

If you're bored and looking for someone to laugh at (or with, ahah), here are a few of my covers.

I'm In Love With a Monster - Fifth Harmony

Took a risk with this one, since I had heard the whole song only once before but figured I could wing the melody. Haha.

For The First Time In Forever (Partial) - Frozen OST

Um, yeah. The video quality isn't that great, but again, I took the risk even without knowing the entire song and probably made the song worse, haha.

Comme Ci, Comme Ca - ZAZ

Second favorite French song (second to Celine Dion's Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore.

Falling Over Me - Demi Lovato

This was when I had just began learning the guitar. Feeling expert! Hahaha.

Paper Hearts

Just discovered the QUEEN. (Sorry sa voicing - my nose was clogged as usual. TMI, sorry.)

Say Something - A Great Big World ft. Xtina

Hopefully, we'll all still be friends after this, haha!


My Illustration Process 3: Reese

I'm back with another illustration process post, and this time, I have a speed-paint video for you! Reese is a new character I created, named (and fashioned a little) after the chocolate brand. You *may* realize why. (Hint: What does the skirt look like?)

Hope you enjoy this video and let me know if you want more or if you think I should do something differently.

Original time: 5+ hrs
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Mac version
Tool(s): Wacom Manga Pen & Touch

Thank you for watching! Will be posting the full image on my art page on Facebook (here).

Ciao, bellas!

Etsy Finds: Oddities and Curiosities

As some of you may know, I am (unapologetically) addicted to online shopping. It seems to me like whatever I want can only be found online, and in some cases, this is true. One of my favorite shops is Etsy (pretty sure you guys know about it already), and during the wee hours of the morning or evening, I am glued to the screen just browsing for things to add to my cart for future purchase.

Today, I'd like to give you a list of 6 things I found on Etsy that I find weird, a little funny, and/or something I want in my life. Here's to hoping you won't look at me funny from your end of the screen.

1. Parasitic, Extraterrestrial Maggot-Worm in a Jar

Just the word "jar" had me sold on this one, but the real treat comes from the "being" inside the jar itself. It has a longer title on Etsy, but I didn't mind since my thoughts were fixed on where I could place them in my room. God, if you could hear my brain right now, you'd think I'm a maniac.

It sells for ₱1,456.31 (excluding shipping, I guess), and I think it's a pretty good deal since it's sculptured and painted by hand. Oh, the joy I'd have waking up to this on my desk. Haha. 

Buy it HERE.

2. Smiling Eyeglasses Holder-Stand

While this item isn't necessarily odd, it's definitely something I need. As someone who wears glasses and sometimes forgets where they were placed, this is DIVINE. 

Even if I didn't wear glasses, I'd still want one of these for my shades or something (imagine the holder without the glasses - you'd just get a nose and a mouth smiling at you to double the fun, haha).

This costs 1,941.75 and ships from Connecticut, United States. Itching to get at least five of these for whatever.

Buy it HERE.

3. Human Tooth Bronze Bracelet

Promise, it doesn't look as creepy as it sounds. I've heard of people creating jewelry with their teeth (or other parts), and this is one I wouldn't mind wearing as long as it's my own teeth. 

Here's an actual description from the seller:
It's a cute gift for a special person with distinguishable space.
Hahaha, I find that funny for some reason. I don't have distinguishable space, but I'd love one of these. The sho even has tooth hair clips, tooth rings, and others. I'm surprised they haven't come up with a tooth hair band or something (or maybe they do but I didn't bother looking through).

This will cost you 904.26 but honestly, I don't think it's worth it (sorry, seller). I could probably do the same thing for less, and I get to choose which tooth I want pulled out to make one. Kidding.

Buy it HERE.

4. Urinal White Enamel Medical Display

I did not know this could be a thing. Seriously! A urinal? Who'd want that out in full display, all rusty and... weird? Probably me if I studied medicine and retained a love for creepy, weird stuff. But right now, the only urinal I want to see is in my bathroom.

Oddly enough, I think the price fits the item. You may get this (or have one customized for you at an additional cost) for ₱519.42. Any Med students reading this who want to get one? Up-top!

Buy it HERE.

5. 'Dead' Bookmark

I love this! As an avid reader and fan of creepy, strange things, it's an awesome bookmark to have in my collection. Imagine using this to mark Stephen King, or H.P. Lovecraft. Oh my. I wonder if you can get knife or 'pool of blood' bookmarks too?

This dude literally immersed himself in the books. Haha! This costs ₱1,213.59, and though I like it, I feel it's a little bit more than what I would be willing to spend on this (just a little, teeny bit).

Get it HERE.

6. Boadicea Vintage Cat Print

The moment I saw this, I KNEW I wanted this. I want the whole freaking collection (and I bet you'll want to as well, once you see the gallery). This is AMAZING! I'm neutral when it comes to pet-love and as long as it's cute and fluffy, I'm sold.

I didn't know I needed this in my life until I saw it. Do I hear a "yasss"?! Hahaha. The "epic-ness" of this alone is worth whatever it costs. The price ranges from ₱873.79 - ₱5,582.52 depending on the size (the largest available is Mounted Canvas 16x20 inches).

If you guys want to order, let me know so we can save on the shipping, haha. 

Buy it HERE.

Did any of these tickle your fancy? Tell me which one and let's both be weirdos together.