What It Means To Say “I Love You”

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What makes love different from "like"? What is the distinction? Why is there a need to correct someone if they "like" or "love" something? It's because "love" isn't just liking an object or person. It's acceptance. Of everything, whether good or bad.

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Love isn't just about the good times. It's about realizing that something, someone isn't perfect - and you're totally okay with that. On paper, it seems like the easiest and most logical thing to be able to do, but as we're human with flaws of our own, ego, pride, and self-centeredness get in the way and makes everything complicated.

Love isn't all just about that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you experience your first kiss, your first trip together, your first year. Sometimes, love emerges when the world is dim, and you feel you've got no one who cares. Love is the assurance of knowing that in spite of whatever situation you're in, someone will be there to support you as best they can.

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It's no guarantee that you'll always be in the clouds. There will be times that you'll be under them, and they will seem gloomy and dark. There will be rain and thunderstorms, sometimes for weeks on end. One thing is sure, and it's that if there's love, there's hope.

Work hard, and remain faithful. Faithful to your word, your actions, your belief, and your emotions. Don't blatantly try to hurt the other just because they might have forgotten an important day or simply missed to react to something you did or said in the way you expected them to. Humans fall, so forgive. Be patient. Love them.

Sometimes, love is painful, because it's showing you the truth. It's teaching you a lesson you'll need for the future. Let love correct you, and change you for the better. For what is water to a plant that refuses to accept its nutrients?

When I say "I love you" it means I accept every part of you. Things may not always be perfect for us, and there are situations that will spark doubt about our feelings for each other. Sometimes, you forget. Sometimes, I do too. But don't let these human flaws get in the way of something eternal and beautiful. Love doesn't stop the moment death catches hold of you. It goes beyond, above, and through.

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My heart is bursting at the thought of a future we can have together, but we have to wait. Will you be patient to wait for me, or will you turn away to the next person ready? You've asked me twice to share forever, and twice I've had to turn you down for now. Will you tire of waiting for me?

I trust in love, and I trust you.

Please wait for me.

Brush Calligraphy Workshop by Bem Zenit

I just love it when hard work and passion pays off, and this time around, it's my friend Bem Zenit's (follow her on: Instagram) moment in the spotlight!

She held her Brush Calligraphy Workshop yesterday, Nov. 12, at Don Rodolfo's Café, owned by our friend Nick (check him out here). There were a total of 11 attendees, and I have to say if I weren't quite broke, I'd have participated, haha. On a positive note, my lack of funds allowed me to document her workshop with photos and a time-lapse of her going around and writing names of participants on their envelopes.

Why don't I just stop talking (um, writing?) and let the photos/video speak for themselves?

The workshop went on from 8AM-12NN and came with materials and lunch/snacks. These babies were so chill haha. Had fun going around and looking over their shoulders to see how they were doing.

Rodolfo's Café was the perfect place to hold this workshop too, with good food to top it off.

So earthy (in a good way)! Man. If only I lived nearer I'd be here during weekends. Just so happens that Starbucks is closer to home.

That's one item I can cross out of my short-term November goals list!!! Will update my post, Konnichiwa, November.

Bem will also be holding workshops in Manila! *Fan-girling* See the poster below and if you're near the area, please do consider joining her workshop! It'll be worth it, I promise! She also sells cute handmade items so check out her Facebook page: Bem Zenit.

Treat yourself to self-improvement or discovery of a new hobby. You'll get a great experience plus materials to keep working on your craft. I'm not making any promises, but if I had the chance, I'd be on a bus to Manila!

Lights Out: A Review

If you've heard about Lights Out, the Swedish short film released last 2013, then you must be one of those who, upon learning that they would be making a full-feature film in 2016, made sure that they would see it in the theaters and continue the story.

Just to give you a bit of a background, the short film was directed, shot, written, produced, and scored by David F. Sandberg and co-producer Lotta Losten, who also starred in the film. It only ran for 3 minutes, but the thrill, the "what would happen if" moments were ever present, leaving the audience wanting. The short won "Best Short" at the Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival in 2014 and in the "Best Director" category in Bcc Horror Challenge (the site might be down now, though).

Know more in their wiki here.

Here is the original video upload of Lights Out on Vimeo:

Lights Out - Who's There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.

It captured the internet and film industry by streams, and that resulted in its being created into a full-length film. Like I said, if you were already aware of the short, you would've sprung into action once the film came out in 2016. I did, and I enjoyed it for the most part. The other that was left begged for more depth, unfortunately, but we'll get to that later. I'll try to be as unbiased and as gentle as possible, with as much truthfulness as I can give without spoiling the movie.

The Plot / Story

Almost immediately, you're transported to the same situation the short had, only this time, it wasn't in a house but at some sort of apparel factory. You're given the iconic scenes presented during the short, and you're well aware that this won't last just 3 minutes. It sucks you right in and reveals who is doing the killing at the start and its weakness - light. Now, this fact they couldn't save for later as the short already gave the villain away, but what was most exciting was how they developed those 3 minutes into something more sinister. A creature with a history.

The short gave us no clue to what the creature (Diana) really was, why she was doing those horrible things, and what the random girl had done to deserve such a fright. They had all the time in the film to introduce us to a more textured character, one that at some point in time we might've sympathized with. It's always amazing how storytellers can craft a whole world from a few minutes of inspiration, and that is what they did with Lights Out.

The Ups

The thrill is there, the story was there, and the actors did a swell job of portraying their characters and their emotions. I'd say the casting team did their job alright. Nicely-shot angles, great lighting, and great choice in the house they used for the filming.

The Downs

The end was "meh". I feel like so much more could've been done at the end, and the film had the impression of being an extension of a short, not a full-length movie. It might just be me, but unlike cliff-hangers that leave you wanting more, Lights Out left me hollow.

Overall Rating: π π π π (4 "pies", haha)

What do you think of the film, and if you haven't seen it yet, do you plan to?

Konnichiwa, November!

What an awesome, awesome time it is to be alive. Just days ago, I was feeling like a rotten egg, not wanting to even acknowledge the fact that the end of the year is due soon. So many personal deadlines to make in addition to work, plus all the family gatherings I'll have to attend and be subjected to "ang *payat* mo parin" and "akala ko mag-aabroad ka na" questions... November and December are going to be insane.

I'm feeling quite better now, and seeing that it's the first of the month, it's time for a little updating and goal-making. First off, updating.

  • Within the last two weeks, I've been more active on social media (thanks to Halloween), especially on Tumblr, Instagram, and Ello. My Facebook Page is always updated - and now, I've got more than 1,000 followers! Although it's not about the numbers, it gives me comfort knowing that at least those many people feel my brand is worth following. I hope it only goes up from here. 
  • I scored my first major blog post sponsorship! I had been sponsored before, but the pays weren't cash, just tokens and products. This may not mean much to others, but it came at a time where I was really thinking about other gigs for my blog. Thanks Groupon!
  • I found a stable-enough part-time writing job online at onlinejobs.ph and it has been sustaining my planner addiction. Ah! I was offered by the same employer to do a more focused job with a higher monthly pay, but the tasks just weren't doable considering I am an employed graphic artist. 
  • Work has had some major events. So many options that I still can't wrap my head around it. The hardest thing is that I want to do everything being thrown at me. I know I can be a good this or a great that if I wanted to, but I can't handle all of them at the same time, especially when one job title requires a self-confident, reassuring project manager and another needs a really creative, nerdy artist. It's all good though, haha, if not a little frazzling.

These were major events that have impacted my decision-making for next year. I'm scared, unsure of the future and if I can make it after "The Decision", but I do have dreams to fulfill and an immediate family to support, so there's that.

As with normal people, I've got short-term goals for November. 
  • Finish Flor's album cover art (gift for her friend)
  • Start and finish my planned Christmas gifts for my boss and co-workers
  • Find the so-called "Planner Peace" (or else find myself bankrupt before the holidays)
  • Attend my friend's Brush Calligraphy Workshop (November 12th)
  • Buy back my DSLR (dammit)
  • Do one more Podcast around a really good horror story (Listen to the first one below)

  • Write a proper review on "Lights Out" (just watched it, have mixed feelings)
  • Reach 1,500 likes on my Facebook Page

The next part is making sure I achieve these goals. It won't be easy, but my fingers are crossed. I pray to God I accomplish so much more in the last two months of 2016 than I have been able to in the past ten. *Shivers*

I am so scared of 2017. 
And it's just November.