And the year ends.

Wow. What a brilliant year this has been.

Not that there were no bad-slash-gloomy moments, but I guess the good ones outweigh the negatives (don't they always?). With a mere 10 minutes left on my hands, I'm still stuck on what to blog about! Gah!

Would my Youtube cover of Hillsong's Oceans Will Part do?

Oh my gosh. What a year. WHAT A YEAR. Not only did I get back to blogging, but I also got to go on trips around the Bicol region and order my first item (The Doodle Planner!) online!

This year could've been better with dad, but though he's across the globe, we constantly get to chat with him on Hangouts. WHAT A YEAR indeed.

Alright everyone, I don't want to miss the countdown to 2014, so this is all for now!

See you next year!

All Day With My Little Bro (not so little anymore)


So today, my brother and I had the freedom to walk around the mall for an entire day (well, at least until 5pm). I think I spent all my savings within a mere 6 hours of circling the mall. :/ Oh well.

Here's a summary (again) in photos. (The lazy spirit of Christmas just always gets me.)

As you might probably guess, we had our stomachs stuffed. So much. Wow. We had lunch at Bigg's, then had snacks at Rafabel's - and as if we weren't full enough, we also ate ice cream. No stomach rumbling here. Thank God for these.

Of course, we went to the arcade, roamed the department store, and hit the internet shop (JP, at least - I went to the bookstore). Speaking of which, I "accidentally" splurged in the bookstore today. Whew.

Here are my purchases today - I'm a little addicted to plain notebooks and pens, just like my dad. It's something we've always had in common, aside from great taste in music and book collecting.

I couldn't help but doodle while sipping my frappe. It's one of those things that helps me remember what happened. I doodle on my planner, and on whatever notebook I have with me.

I have a lot more pens/pencils/coloring materials stashed in the cabinet and drawers, some even dating as far as 2008. Yes, they're all still working, which is awesome for someone who likes doodling things or jotting down ideas. Gah. Awesome.

Well, that's it for now, I guess. Tomorrow will be the last day of 2013, and I want to make the last post special. I have no idea what to do yet, but I'll think of something. Ciao!

More than blessed!

Christmas is that time of year when we give presents to people we care about, without expecting anything in return. Well, I can't say I didn't get anything though. :)

I was also looking at National Bookstore for new things (i.e. books and sketchpads) when I found this little book of devotionals for women. I gave it to my mom as a gift later, with a bookmark to get her organized. Hahaha.

Oh, and my little brother and I also got matching bullet necklaces from Penshoppe. It's just something we've wanted to both share as siblings for a while now. Yay!

Other things I got/received for Christmas:

Yeah, so this post may all just be photos, I know. Hahaha. Sorry about that! I'm going to write better ones tomorrow and the next days, I promise. (No, I'm not showing off.) :P

Cheers and a Merry Christmas to you!

Love is Everything

Woooo! December the 25th is here, babe! ^__^
Not as loud as the previous ones though, but not any less colorful.
We're sort of getting ready for some guests coming over tonight, so I only have a little time to blog about today! No promises, but I might update later. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Anyway, here are the bulbaloos I did earlier today.

Of course, we can't forget that the ultimate reason for Christmas is Christ's birth. Gifts are nice, and spending time with family and friends are the sweetest, but if Jesus didn't come into the world, we'd have no Christmas at all, and no hope for eternal life.

So thank you, Jesus.

:) More to do! As we are nearing the end of this year, a lot of baggage have to be left behind. Time to get started with new plans, ideas, and (ehemm) loves!

Here's what's been playing over and over in my playlist for this occasion:

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas (Almost!)

Hello! After such a busy, busy, busy week (even though the vacation has already started), I'm finally free from school duties! Wooooo!

One of our last projects was to create a Christmas greeting for our loved ones, and after 1.5 days of work (mostly lengthened due to the render time), I submitted it. It feels so great!

Here's the clip:

As usual, I got too lazy to make it longer, but I think I got most of the important things across. :)

Ayt, have a great Christmas! I hope you're with your family during the holidays but if they're away somewhere else in the world (like mine), there's still reason to be merry!

Oh my, my, my.

Oh my glob.

Today is going to be one of the longest days of the year for me - and maybe even for my brother. You see, today is mom's reunion with high school and college friends after 35 years! Pretty exciting for them, not so for us.

Brother and i will be performing 2 songs with a band, and the other kids will be doing their own thing too. Hahhhhhh. This will be soooo awkward.

Anyway... This post is also the first time i'll be using an app for mobile posting. I have no idea how this post will turn out on a bigger screen, but hopefully, it wont be much different.

Let's try a photo post, oui?

Sooo... Yeah. I might update this post later if i have time between the program or after buuuut... Ugh. I hate this feeling in my stomach.

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Last Week in Photos :)

Har! Har! Har!
What a busy week, eh?
I'm telling you, if it gets any more hectic, I'm going to flop on my bed and escape to another world.

Seriously though, I've been really busy at school (with the Pasale Festival which features Indie films from Bicol, on top) and with this school week being the last for the year, projects are pouring in.

So, without further ado, here's a summary of my week, in photos.

For my uncle's last day here in Naga, we had dinner with a few friends at The Crown Park. It wasn't as grand as the dining area for the Crown Plaza Hotel (just above us), but it was awesome because of the company. I pigged out. :( I should be happy, since it's been so long since I ate Banana Split for dessert, but, ugh, I feel so guilty. I've been justifying my dessert since last night. Hahaha.

We also tried the Crown Park Chicken for the first time, but it's nothing special. I still prefer chicken from Bigg's or KFC. Favorites.

5.  If I haven't already mentioned, I signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa, and I thought I'd give a pair of Starbucks coffee cups. I'm going to add a few more little things to it before sending it over to my secret santa, but I'm worried. I hope I ship this in time. :( School's being a pain in the butt.

6.  We finally set up a Christmas tree! OMG. I've been annoying my mom for weeks now (since the first of the month) to put this up, but she waited until last week to do so! She told me it'd be reason for a higher electricity bill and a cause for fire, so I kind of understand the lateness.

7.  A picture among the hundreds of photos-slash-selfies during the 3-day Pasale event in Ateneo. We got to view indie films made by Bicolano directors/artists, and attended talks about the industry and other topics. An added bonus: we were excused from ALL our classes during that one week! Hahaha. Perfect. We enjoyed and learned at the same time (and got loads of free moments.)

8.  My brother. Hahahaha. We were playing with the Bamboo Photo App on the iPhone and got around to this result. Umm. Yeah. 'Nuff said.

So another week passes. It's not over yet though. My uncle is leaving for the UK tomorrow morning - it's always sad when a relative leaves. The house becomes so quiet all over again. However, another relative might just be on our heels. ^___^ This means more trips (maybe?) if time permits, and more fun times at home and anywhere else.

Gah. So many stuff to do this week. And I thought exam week was hell week.

Filed has arrived!

Yes! The FILED doodle planner I ordered finally arrived, and on time too! I was referring to this when I posted about an upcoming package I was waiting to receive - and now it's here!

It came with a free plushie thingy too! They come in a variety of colors, but of course, Pink was my first option. It looks so adorable!

I can't wait to get started working on this planner! I am now officially prepped for 2014! Hahaha. *Sigh. everything feels so good right now. :)

Have a great weekday!

Primal Pet Peeves (Grrr!)

It's that sudden wave of annoyance you feel when you see something you horribly, horribly hate to the core of your being. In short, it's the most vexing thing in the world, ever. Let's see if we have the same ones on the list, shall we?

Note: If you're in a super good mood and want to stay that way, I advise you to stop reading. However, if you're not easily affected by things like these, then please read on. :)

1. Ignorant drivers
I hate these people. Sooooo much. Just this evening on my way home, a car disobeyed the traffic/walk light, deliberately. While the signal for us to cross was still green, a PUV turned our corner, and almost cut in front of us. WOW. The walk light was obviously green, and if he didn't see it, he shouldn't be driving in the first place. I'm not even sure if the driver was a he or a she. Jeez.

Another version of this kind of ignorance is when drivers don't give way to pedestrians, when they should stop when people are crossing the road. Isn't it an unspoken, understood rule that when people are crossing on a pedestrian lane, cars should stop and wait for them to finish? That rule is followed in Australia, as well as in Oman (or so I observed while I was there). Why can't people here follow a simple rule such as this one? What's so hard about obeying rules?!

2. Tricycle passengers
I hailed a tricycle a few days ago and was relieved to have it all to myself. A few meters later and we picked up another passenger, going the same way. I scooted over to the side to give her more space to sit. Then came the annoying part of my morning. Proper manners would tell us to step out of a vehicle if the person seated at the innermost part needed to get off, right? Well, I was surprised when the girl didn't step out. She merely pushed herself more into her seat to clear a little space for me to pass (SQUEEZE, rather) through.

Ugh. Why, why, why do people not have manners? We're social beings, aren't we? Shouldn't we know the basics of relating and acting with/around others? Getting out of the vehicle for a few seconds isn't such a hassle! If you see the other person carrying loads, why not make things easier for both of you by stepping out and giving her all the space, even for a few seconds? Matters are worse when it's pouring. Do you honestly expect the person to get her umbrella out, carry her things, not trip over your shoes and get you wet all at the same time?!

3. Lingering jeepneys
As if traffic wasn't enough to congest roads. I noticed this peeve this evening, as I was waiting for a ride home. A few jeepneys pulled over to where I was standing to let me get on, but I mouthed "no" and expected them to drive away. They didn't, obviously. Instead, they loitered on the road in a definite road-block manner and stayed there for minutes. The cars and tricycles behind them got stuck as well, and the traffic worsened.

Seriously?! Being the cause of more traffic brings you joy? How pathetic. Of course, we can say that they linger to get more passengers and earn more, but what of the other people also trying to earn or get home? *Sigh. Pet peeves are so hard to get over with.

So. How about you? What are some of YOUR pet peeves?

Have a happy, peeve-free weekday!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's 53rd birthday, and since he isn't with us here in the Philippines (he's in Oman, by the way), I thought I'd give him a special post on my blog. Here goes.

Dearest Dad,

You are one of the greatest people I know, and that's not just because you're my dad. It's because of you being you. Ever since I was little, you taught me to be slow to anger and quick to listen, to respond to others with a Christ-like attitude, and to live a good, humble life. I've always seen you as a model because of the things you've taught me, and you've set an example through your words and actions.

People have come into our lives and have given you pain. Some have slandered your name and destroyed you in the eyes of others - some blatantly, some through whispers behind closed doors. You didn't take vengeance, and trusted God for comfort. You - we- know the truth, and God knows it just as much. Through your humble response to these accusations, I've come to realize God in different ways, and my faith has been deepened during the process as well.

Dad, you know me, and you know that I can't verbally say these words to you. But I can express myself through writing. Dad, thank you for always having an open heart, a heart which God continues to strengthen and speak through to others who have yet to know about him. Thank you for being the dad that you are - firm, but gentle and understanding.

Thank you dad for being my run-to when I feel bad about certain things and for letting me share things with you. Thank you for sharing your secrets with me too - I'll keep them secret until you feel it's time to let them go. Thank you dad for being there for me and JP, even though sometimes, our logic and reasoning are at fault. Thank you for the discipline and the loving hand you hold out to us when we need a reality check, or a simple pat on the back.

Thanks dad for supporting my dreams, even though sometimes, we can't afford to reach for them. Thank you for believing in the talents God has graced me with, and for motivating me to do the things I'm scared to do.

You may think this odd, and you may not even remember it, but I remember the day you talked to me about finding the right person God is preparing for me. You told me that the more mature I am in Christ, the better chances I have in letting God lead me to the right person. You said love as God's handiwork is like a dart hitting a dart board. The more I let God teach me and lead me in His ways, the more accurate I'll be able to hit a bulls-eye. Do you remember that dad? How a simple talk about deciding my course choice swerved to a talk about love? Thank you for sharing these things to me.

You've been the voice I've been hearing alongside God's loving nudges in the right direction for years now, and I wouldn't trade you for any treasure in this world. I'd rather be fatherless than not to have you as my dad. 

I joke around when I talk to you most of the time, but deep inside, I cherish the conversations we have, light or deep, and in my quiet moments with God, I recall your words. I often wonder if I can be as awesome as you as an adult, and I hope I can be. This may sound cheesy - can you imagine if I said all this to you personally? I think I'd be laughing (or crying even) before I ever reached the middle of this letter.

Technology has made way for us to talk each night, with mom and JP, and share the things that have happened during the day. Some nights are better than others, and I'm really thankful God has given us these resources. It's made our temporary separation easier to bear.

Thank you dad, for everything. I wouldn't be here without you and mom, and I thank you both so, so much for giving me and JP the life we have. Other families may have riches and grand houses, but we have wealth no one can ever take from us - God's presence in our lives. Our family is bonded in God's love, and I pray that with each year we spend with one another, we grow stronger as a family. God is the pillar of our family. As long as He stays the pillar and the foundation, no storm of any kind will shatter our peace. People may talk behind our backs, but God will shield us from their spite.

Oman is but a few minutes away from hearts that God bridges. 

We love you dad.
We miss you, and we can't wait until March!


The Little Things

The past week was a whirl.

One of my uncles from the UK arrived last Friday, and it's been a good few days since then. He's with his parents right now, but will be back this evening, so I'm stoked about that too.

Earlier this week, during Philosophy of the Human Person 2 class, my hands got the best of me. In other words, I drew on my notebook, despite my trying to keep doodling while in class to a minimum. I guess it can't be helped. This is what I love doing. Hahaha. Here's the little story I got around to doing under 15 minutes, between writing notes and doodling.

In case you're wondering, the notes on the right are from my Politics and Governance subject. I haven't got around to getting separate notebooks for each, but yeah. I often work better using one notebook for everything than all 6/7 subjects scattered (and missing, mostly).

We were talking about love and relationships when I doodled this, about stereotypes and masks. Good thing the subject was not too formal. Gotta love our Philo teacher.

On a different day, I played a little game - by myself. The thing is, you fold a piece of paper into sections, and draw parts of the body (in order) on each face. The catch: you can't see the previous one you've drawn. This game was meant for a group of people, so if you think about it, it doesn't really work with just me, right? Well, I managed to do "quite" well. What happened to my finished result meant that I have poor persistence of vision. Hahaha.

Same person, same character, same pen - but aligned? Not so much. I missed the previous end lines by "pixels". I can't say the same for the right one though.

If you've read the previous post, you'd see that I've changed my hair color and had my brows "fixed". The downside to having natural wavy hair though is that the shorter the cut, the wavier it gets. So, I thought I'd buy a hair band to cloud it in.

See the waviness? Ugh. Yay for the blue ribbon though! I bought it for around Php 80 (around $2), so it was a cheap bargain. Hooray!

Also... I'm SO EXCITED for the package that will be arriving next week (hopefully between Wednesday and Friday). I bought something pretty awesome (thanks, dad!) on the net and... gah, I'm pumped! I've wanted one last year, but didn't push for it, for reasons I don't recall. This year's December is waaayyy different though. :)

I'll remember to write a post about it when it arrives!

P.S. It's shoes galore for me this evening. Ateneo is pushing extremely hard for leather shoes in school this week. I've heard it has something to do with the PAASCU accreditation board coming over but... yeah. We'll see.

NCMS Christmas Lighting

Hello, hello, hello!

Today was GLORIOUS. True, it was awfully tiring, but who notices that when one has a new hair style/color? Hahaha. I'm talking about my hair, silly. I had it colored yesterday evening. Wanna see? In a bit.

So today was the Naga City Montessori School's Christmas Lighting Ceremony, which they (annoyingly enough) held in front of the school. In the middle of the road. Yes. They had the road closed just for this event.

Well anyway, we had to be there to watch my brother play the violin, as he's a member of the school Ensemble. He played the guitar in the previous events, but this time, he handled the violin. I've always wanted to learn how to play one, and now that little brother knows the basics, I can finally ask him how to play. Awesome!

The morning/afternoon before the event was incredibly draggy, so what better way to spend the time than to waste battery on random photos? Haha. Not haggard here yet. Yays.

As night falls over the area, the air gets stuffier and people become more pushy and annoying. Sigh. We were waiting during the entire program for JP to finally perform, but we realized that the Ensemble was the Finale. Whew. The day was worth it though, with cute tots performing dances and singing and reenacting the Nativity story. :)

I guess everyone involved are tired. So much. I mean, I'm tired, and I'm not even directly involved in the preparation! A lot of things could've been improved, but it was still a good program.

The First of December.


I feel like I just turned around to talk to someone for a few seconds and when I look back, it's December! It's a little cliche to say that "time flies" but it does indeed fly by. It seems like only last week when we celebrated New Year and the start of new opportunities for 2013, and now, here we are.

December has a cheerful spirit. Even if someone doesn't normally smile, they can't help but be joyful about every little thing. It's the Christmas spirit, you know? It's always been there.

There are so many things that I'm thankful to God for in the almost-over year. 2013 was filled with so much happiness and experiences (firsts and lasts), and it's they year so many things were revealed to me about others and myself. It's also the year I decided to go on a diet and shed some pounds. :)

Dad might not be here to celebrate with us (duty calls!), but he is ALWAYS in our hearts. We may be more than 8 hours apart from each other, but he's always with me. God is always with me. This December will surely be one to remember.