Hello, hello, hello!

Today was GLORIOUS. True, it was awfully tiring, but who notices that when one has a new hair style/color? Hahaha. I'm talking about my hair, silly. I had it colored yesterday evening. Wanna see? In a bit.

So today was the Naga City Montessori School's Christmas Lighting Ceremony, which they (annoyingly enough) held in front of the school. In the middle of the road. Yes. They had the road closed just for this event.

Well anyway, we had to be there to watch my brother play the violin, as he's a member of the school Ensemble. He played the guitar in the previous events, but this time, he handled the violin. I've always wanted to learn how to play one, and now that little brother knows the basics, I can finally ask him how to play. Awesome!

The morning/afternoon before the event was incredibly draggy, so what better way to spend the time than to waste battery on random photos? Haha. Not haggard here yet. Yays.

As night falls over the area, the air gets stuffier and people become more pushy and annoying. Sigh. We were waiting during the entire program for JP to finally perform, but we realized that the Ensemble was the Finale. Whew. The day was worth it though, with cute tots performing dances and singing and reenacting the Nativity story. :)

I guess everyone involved are tired. So much. I mean, I'm tired, and I'm not even directly involved in the preparation! A lot of things could've been improved, but it was still a good program.