The past week was a whirl.

One of my uncles from the UK arrived last Friday, and it's been a good few days since then. He's with his parents right now, but will be back this evening, so I'm stoked about that too.

Earlier this week, during Philosophy of the Human Person 2 class, my hands got the best of me. In other words, I drew on my notebook, despite my trying to keep doodling while in class to a minimum. I guess it can't be helped. This is what I love doing. Hahaha. Here's the little story I got around to doing under 15 minutes, between writing notes and doodling.

In case you're wondering, the notes on the right are from my Politics and Governance subject. I haven't got around to getting separate notebooks for each, but yeah. I often work better using one notebook for everything than all 6/7 subjects scattered (and missing, mostly).

We were talking about love and relationships when I doodled this, about stereotypes and masks. Good thing the subject was not too formal. Gotta love our Philo teacher.

On a different day, I played a little game - by myself. The thing is, you fold a piece of paper into sections, and draw parts of the body (in order) on each face. The catch: you can't see the previous one you've drawn. This game was meant for a group of people, so if you think about it, it doesn't really work with just me, right? Well, I managed to do "quite" well. What happened to my finished result meant that I have poor persistence of vision. Hahaha.

Same person, same character, same pen - but aligned? Not so much. I missed the previous end lines by "pixels". I can't say the same for the right one though.

If you've read the previous post, you'd see that I've changed my hair color and had my brows "fixed". The downside to having natural wavy hair though is that the shorter the cut, the wavier it gets. So, I thought I'd buy a hair band to cloud it in.

See the waviness? Ugh. Yay for the blue ribbon though! I bought it for around Php 80 (around $2), so it was a cheap bargain. Hooray!

Also... I'm SO EXCITED for the package that will be arriving next week (hopefully between Wednesday and Friday). I bought something pretty awesome (thanks, dad!) on the net and... gah, I'm pumped! I've wanted one last year, but didn't push for it, for reasons I don't recall. This year's December is waaayyy different though. :)

I'll remember to write a post about it when it arrives!

P.S. It's shoes galore for me this evening. Ateneo is pushing extremely hard for leather shoes in school this week. I've heard it has something to do with the PAASCU accreditation board coming over but... yeah. We'll see.