Listed: 9 Useless (but interesting) Websites

This morning, I turned on my laptop, opened Youtube, and watched the Pewdiepie videos I haven't watched yet. How was I to know that I would be enjoying useless websites too much (not Pewdiepie's, by the way)?

He uploaded a video title "Top 10 Useless Websites", where he used theuselessweb to generate random links. Minutes later, I found myself doing the exact same thing. The results were pleasant. 
Ever wanted to slap somebody on the face with an eel? Well, here's your lucky chance, 'cause just by moving your cursor from right to left, you can, for as long as you want. Pretty useless... but interesting. Hahaha.
HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY! Seemed simple at first, until something else happened. 10/10.
Um. So one thing you won't miss in this site is the presence of ducks. LOTS of ducks. And the opening of the "Duck Tales" cartoon (I think). Thank God it doesn't loop. Or does it?
OKAY. I honestly don't know what to say. It's minimalist, I can tell you that. (By now, I'm starting to think how lame the idea of checking out useless websites was from the beginning. But whatever.)
This little finger went to town...
This was by far the second most amusing useless website I've been taken to. If you love Oprah, you're gonna love bees.
INCREDIBLY CUTE AND AMAZING. Not meant for those with epileptic tendencies. Third best site so far. Definitely sharing.
Love wheels? How about turning them? This was greatly satisfying.
After just 10 seconds of staring at the screen, this gave made me nauseous. I can't.

There are heaps more where these sites came from, and know that I'm not stopping here. I'm aware that people love making useless things, and as long as there are people who have time to waste, there'll be an endless list of these.

Symphony: Chapter 3, Part 1


This comic was created for a class project. I will be adding more pages by the third week of March. Thanks for reading and - I really hope you don't mind - forgive the drawings. I'm not really good at making comics, but I'm trying. hahaha.

Short and Sweet

Since  stable internet connection will take 3-5 days to transfer, I'm going to keep this post photo-free and short.

Now that's out of the way, let me tell you what happened during the weekend.

We moved houses.

Uhuh. It may not be a big deal to some people, but it is for me. Imagine having to move out of the place you've lived in for almost 4 years, right before you graduate! If not for all the things at school, I might actually be in tears right now (but the stress is a little overwhelming at school, so I'm not).

Four freaking years. In the same apartment. From first year to now. I can't let go of the fact that it has already happened and we are now at our new apartment, far away from the places I've become used to. I'll try not to be dramatic, I promise.

I've formed so many memories in that house, with friends, family, relatives, acquaintances - almost everyone. I've gotten so used to our neighbors that I move in relation to their movements as well (how about that?).

I said I wasn't going to be dramatic and that this post would be short, and I intend to keep those promises. I also promise to write a proper post as soon as our internet becomes stable.