People have often commented that I never look stressed, and if I ever do, it's not as obvious as most people. While I'd love to attribute that to a stress-free life (sana all), I think it's more due to the fact that I hide stress very well or I manage to de-stress quite easily.

So what's the deal? Here are a few tried and tested ways that have worked for me, and I hope they are effective for you too!

Unplug through music.

If there's anything that can always get rid of anxiety, it's listening to music. Every single day, artists put out music that puts you in a great mood or gets you to vibe and chill on a sofa, and as someone who is such a huge music lover, I always discover new artists & songs. 

If you're a fan of mixed vibe/chill/happy songs, here's a playlist for August that I made (and reacted to on Youtube): •••the•bops••• (Take a quick listen below and follow the playlist if you like!)

Want more lo-fi tunes to immerse yourself in? Check this out. Or this one. And this one too.

Watch ASMR "service" videos.

For me, "service" videos are super relaxing. ASMR has been constantly growing over the past two years, becoming mainstream and capturing the interest of even big-name celebrities like Cardi B and BLACKPINK.

Read my other articles on ASMR here:

While there are heaps of videos about ASMR mukbangs and teeth-grinding, chewing audio (which I'm not a fan of), there's a huge number of medical, hair-dressing, and spa ASMRs to dip into and get those orgasmic tingles at the back of your head. 

While I still listen to the same ASMRtists listed on the second article at the top, I've discovered more channels that provide the experience I need. 

This one by ALB in whisperland ASMR is such a treat! (I was so close to purchasing that keyboard when I first came across the video. Thank God for control! Haha.)

This one by Made In France ASMR gave me insane tingles too!

Not everyone gets tingles with ASMR though, so it's best if you test a few videos and see if anything specific triggers you. I started from palette knife mixing sounds, then went to light triggers, then to soft crinkles and the feeling of getting a checkup.

Enjoy painting with (or watching) Bob Ross.

If those type of videos don't relax you, this one will for sure. Bob Ross is such an iconic artist, from his afro, to his catch-phrases ("beating the devil" out of his brushes), to his art style and love for "happy little accidents" on the canvas. His whole demeanor and aura enchants viewers no matter the age. 

Here's one of the first videos I watched that made me realize I needed his soothing voice to get me through animation school, haha!

He surely was a gift to the world. R.I.P., Bob. You are a legend!

Listen to Naturescape audio.

There's something so calming about hearing rainfall and little thunderclaps every now and then in bed. Listening to ocean waves hit rocks and sand with faint seagulls in the background also instantly takes me to a better place.

I love how these ambient sounds have made their way to streaming platforms like Spotify and I feel that there will always be room for more.

If you're having a hard time winding down at night (or any time you need some relaxation), listening to nature playlists on Spotify is one of the best ways to calm your mind.

Fancy a little rain-slash-thunder escape?

How about some waves crashing onto the shore (and other beach sounds)?

Write out your frustrations.

They say writing is therapy, and I definitely agree. 

Since elementary, I've kept a journal and documented every highlight of my life, from leaving Sydney to fly home to the Philippines, from my mom giving birth to my brother (we have a 10-year gap!) and what I felt during that time, moving to Oman in the Middle East for my parents' work - everything that has impacted my life in one way or another.

"Well, what if I'm not a writer?" In my opinion, you don't have to be a 'writer' to express yourself on paper. We communicate with people everyday and it's no different when you journal. There's no specific style or language you need to emulate to let out your feelings, and that's what makes this de-stress tactic so effective.

Watch cooking videos.

What's just as awesome as eating? Watching people make the food. If there's some form of therapy to my hyperactive mind, it's these amazing, cute, ASMR cooking videos on Youtube! Here are some of my favorites!

This delicious Mozzarella Corn Dog by Nino's Home:

And this incredibly cute, mouth-watering Strawberry Chantilly Cake by HidaMari Cooking:

There are other cooking channels I am totally addicted to (Cooking Tree, for example) and they make baking look so effortless. I don't bake a lot, but I'm a huge fan of cakes, muffins, and pastries. 

So there you have it, six guaranteed ways to help you de-stress wherever you are. How do you get rid of the stress? Sound-off in the comments!