Before you cringe, let me just say that the weird videos on Youtube don't represent the entirety of the ASMR community. There's a fanbase for that of course, but there is also another side to ASMR that is more relaxing and less... off-putting.

This is a follow-up post to my first ASMR article. If you would like to know what ASMR is and what it does (and figure out if you have it), head over to this link to read more.

It's been years since I was first introduced to ASMR, and it's been a great way to release stress or lull myself to sleep. Since 2016, I've come across a lot of ASMRtists - some of who have become less active - and my triggers have changed. Oh yes. There came an end to my favorite videos to sleep to, and with that came a wide exploration of Youtube.

This post isn't made to introduce ASMR (there's a link to an article I wrote above), but rather, introduce other creators and bring ASMR to others. People also generalize ASMR as 'weird' as the most popular ones are, but I hope my list of channels sways some opinions.

1. YvetteASMR

The tingles I get from her videos are insane. She can be soft-spoken to almost a whisper or use a soothing, calm, quiet voice to complement her roleplays. She's extremely sweet and kind, setting a standard for my future medical appointments. I especially love her realistic medical roleplays like ASMR Nerve Testing After Black Out and ASMR Neurological Testing.

If you love the feeling of getting check ups at the hospital or the sound of soft clanking of medical metal tools (along with a caring "nurse" or "specialist"), her channel's a great place to start.

2. Jimち ASMR

Jim is a newly discovered ASMRtist, and his videos are so good. He is also versatile in what scenarios he films, from being a hot-as-hell, charismatic bandit which made me feel like getting robbed over and over, to being a sweet make-up artist who repeatedly compliments and motivates you. I believe he can make an ASMR video out of anything.

Jim has a calming, resonating, deep voice that makes you feel safe and comfortable. He's the perfect artist to listen to when you just want to calm yourself and tune out the world.

3. River ASMR

This guy's amazing. His videos come out incredibly natural (you won't feel like you're watching an ASMR video) and it seems like he can also make any type of ASMR video believable. Admittedly, it took me a while to adjust to his style, but now that I am, I live for them. I've gotten lots of tingles from his 2 Doctors Examine Your Balls video (yeah, I'm a woman, so what?) and Brisk Patient Examination & Inspection video.

If you're big on voices and unique scenarios to immerse yourself into, River's ASMR channel is great to begin with. Not everyone does what he does, so there's definitely a unique bunch of videos in his channel.

4. Karuna Satori ASMR

Karuna is one of those ASMRtists that just gets it, you know? The way she sets up her camera, her sounds, her content, her voice - she's extra soothing to the ears and eyes (great backgrounds and ambiance), and I just love her aura overall. Some of my favorites are ASMR Cranial Nerve Examination and ASMR Sound & Visual Hypnosis Therapy.

Karuna has an aura that is inviting and healing all at once. I'd recommend her videos to anyone who is stressed out about life and need a little extra care and attention.

5. Lizi ASMR

Lizi is a sweet, adorable ASMRtist who has one of the best medical roleplays on Youtube. Yeah, some of her medical videos may not be as accurate as others', but when it comes to tingles, you'll get them in loads. Aside from her tingly accent, she has a welcoming demeanor and comes off as someone who really cares about "their patient" (a.k.a. the viewer). I love her Doctor Lizi Checking Your Reflexes video and Doctor Lizi Checks Your Eyes video.

Lizi's a kind-hearted medical professional (and human in general) and it's always a treat to watch her videos before bed. I kind of feel like she's a doctor I've been seeing for years who knows everything about me, haha!

What do you think about ASMR? Do you ever experience tingles from videos or is this the first time you're even hearing about this? Share your thoughts in the comments!