Save Money on Sweet Deals at Groupon

If you're an avid online shopper like I am, there's no doubt you spend hours upon hours looking at a site and browsing what deals you can get to save money, while still getting what you came for in the first place. Yes, I also know how it feels like to have to sign up to a site and pay certain membership fees. Stressful, right? Thankfully, there's Groupon. (Though this is a sponsored post, please be assured that the opinions regarding the service are mine entirely.)

Groupon has so many goods I can literally spend hours just browsing and looking for sweet bargains (which there are a lot of). Aside from services like getting a mani-pedi or securing a discount coupon at your local restaurant, the site also offers Groupon Goods, physical items you can get at a great deal.

They've got clothes, electronics, jewelry, sports items, collectibles - just anything you'd expect to buy online. What shopper wouldn't want that? Even better, they have a Halloween Sale going on for the holidays so get right over and start shopping!

Monster of a Sale! Extended Today Only! Extra 10% off Home and Garden, Apparel and Accessories and More. Use Code SCARY. Exclusions apply. Shop Now. for more details.

Personally, I think Groupon is doing it right. For one, their shipping and handling costs aren't over the top. Also, they have almost everything from services to physical items, to discounts at places people regularly visit, plus, the website's design is clear and focused. It's really easy to just pick a category and browse, or search for an item and see related items below it.

To know more, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

Shop at Groupon this Halloween and get sweet deals. I'm 100% on board.

Listed: 5 More Cute & Functional Planners for 2017 (Part 2)

I'm back with another group of planners to satisfy your planner-addicted soul (which really doesn't happen because when we see one we like, "alam na this" happens). This is part two of a series I'm doing to help you choose the perfect planner for 2017, so if you're curious, go check out Part One here.

Also, just to give an update on what's been going on since the last time I wrote, I have succumbed to my inner planner demon. Since my last post, I have already ordered 3 planners (which I will keep a secret until I've exhausted all planner possibilities, haha) and there's no doubt I'll be adding more as the weeks go buy. I'm telling you, this addiction is going way out of hand. 

Back to topic. Today, we're covering planners that are either locally made or can ship to the Philippines, so you won't have to worry about finding one you like only to realize you'll need someone abroad to get it for you. Let's see if the one for you is on THIS list.

1. The Bliss Planner

I became familiar with this planner last year, and even though I already had the Starbucks one and the Kikki.k, I wanted to give it a try, but was put off by the lack of other color options. This year, though, they have come up with two of my favorites - black and pink. It's a hard choice between both, but my first love will always be pink.

Just LOOK at those colors. Ugh. I cannot with life, haha. It's 6x9 in size, half an inch larger than an A5, so there's a bit more room to write to-do's that I never get done, haha.

The Bliss Planners cost Php 650.00 for the black, unisex version, and Php 850.00 for the pink feminine and the black masculine planners, excluding shipping costs (which don't cost much at all). 

Visit their shop today and order the Bliss Planners here: Bliss

2. Illustrated Faith Planner

Knowledge about this planner came by a post on Facebook which had appeared on my feed. I wasn't even looking for planners when I saw this, and thought, "Hey, looks like something I'd have fun using." A few minutes later, I was writing a message to the page to inquire about it.

What I love about it is that it's designed for people who want a Christian planner, to say the least. It features inspirational messages and scriptures throughout the 18-month layout and has plenty of room to write about your thoughts and ideas.

I can definitely see myself using this planner for my daily devotionals rather than a normal 'to-do' or 'what happened today' log.

The Illustrated Faith Planner costs justs Php 1,750.00 for 18 months of journaling and reflecting. Quite a steal for the features.

Visit their Facebook Page to pre-order and see more images here: Illustrated Faith

3. The Happy Planner

Easily one of the more popular planner brands out there, and for obvious reasons. It's just SO cute, and comes with different ways to customize your planner (with dividers and/or stickers). Plus, it has a nice, vertical layout for jotting down notes during the week.

Did I mention they also have a variety of cute cover designs?! How can you choose which one to pick? There's definitely one for everyone in this lot. While I haven't personally used a Happy Planner yet, I can tell by the layouts I see on IG that people who own one are incredibly happy with it.

They sell for $19.99 for the Student Edition, $29.99 for the CLASSIC planners, and $34.99 for the BIG edition. I've seen resellers on Instagram that allow for pre-order and buy in bulk, so the shipping fee won't be too pricey.

Go to their website and order their planners here: Happy

4. Webster Pages Planner

Webster has a similar feel to Kikki planners, but they opt for more classic, solid colors and finishes. I especially love the Walnut and the Light Pink binders (as I should), and they always have such a clean, elegant feel to them.

 Doesn't it just look divine? I have a major crush on this color (brown tints and shades) and I've wanted a planner like it for so long. They're cheaper than a Kikki, but that doesn't mean they compromise on quality. The feel and look of these Webster planners are so classic.

Like I said earlier, they have a certain elegance that puts them on the same shelf as a Kate Spade and a Kikki. Their prices vary depending on the type, if it's a TN, an A5 Kit, or just the binder itself. It costs between $32.00 to $59.99 from TN to the A5 so there are a few types to choose from based on your need.

Get your very own Webster Pages Planner here: Webster

5. Kate Spade Planner

Finally, we have one of the most well-known brands there is, which isn't contained to the planner world: Kate Spade. They have notebooks, planners, cups, tumblers, and more to their name, but for us planner lovers, we know them more for their very focused design on things.

Their Cameron Street Agenda sells for $198.00 while the Cobble Hill Large Agenda is a dizzying $228.00, which clearly makes a statement. Kate is Queen among her zipped kind.

Their normal planners range from $29.00 to $32.00, definitely a huge gap from their premium cousins.

Yes, it's too early to choose a planner to fill your dreams with next year, but do you have your sights on at least one on this list (or the previous one)? If it isn't (doubtfully), I'll be back with a third list soon. The more options, the better! (Or was it the other way around?)


Listed: 5 Cute & Functional Planners for 2017 (Part 1)

Nothing makes my day more than seeing cute, pretty things on my desk, more so if those "somethings" also help me organize the month and make me feel productive af.

To give you a brief background of my planner-love journey, I started collecting planners around 2014, when I discovered and Kikki.k (those were wonderful times). Ever since, I've fallen in love with the art of planning my life on cute organizers.

(Read: A Planner Addiction | My New Kikki.k Planner | Personalizing Your Starbucks 2016 Planner | FILED 2015 Planner | FILED 2014 Planner)

This year, I am in a DILEMMA. Ever since my awakening, I've eagerly hunted for other brands I could try out for the next years, and the list is far from short. I've reached brands based in Singapore, Sweden, The United States, and the UK just looking for new planner designs and features. Now, I am in the mood to purchase a planner for 2017. The question is, which one should I go for this time?

My planner choice often depends on two major factors: aesthetics and features (regardless of size, though I'm not a fan of small/personal-sized ones). As of the start of October, I've come across planners which fit my needs.

1. Hobonichi Techo 2017 + Sherbet Cover

After I purchased the Kikki.k last year, I continued looking for planners. I joined a local Planner Facebook group where I could pre-order and buy planners and accessories and came across this Japanese brand.

I am in-love with the daily layout. It may look simple, but the possibilities are endless. With a lot of room to write about my day and include small stickers and photos (plus, the grids will allow me to do lettering without worrying about the margins), the Hobonichi is definitely one on my list. 

This planner costs around Php 2,032.00 (JPY 4320) rounded off for an A6, which is inclusive of tax. With shipping, a total of Php 2,689.41. Of course, there are local sites that bulk order the Hobonichi and therefore charges less for shipping and taxes. 

You may check out its features and other product photos here: Hobonichi

2. The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Her planner's cover designs are to-die-for, most especially because they have gold corners, has gold monograms (for your initials if you'd like) and has a layout that leaves plenty of room for doodles and notes.

The daily edition
They offer weekly and daily editions, and it's always a hard choice between the two, at least for me. The daily edition has gold rings and hard matte cover while the weekly edition has a leatherette cover. Both look premium too.

The weekly edition

Both editions are sold for $58 dollars (that's Php 2,803.00 rounded off, but it's worth every penny. I'm not sure how much it totals with shipping and tax, but for a premium, it's a price you'll have to be willing to spend.

Order your Simplified Planner 2017 here: Emily Ley

3. Design Your Life Planner by CNS Designs

Want an equally cute and functional planner but don't want to spend so much for shipping and taxes? CNS Designs is here for you, because it's a brand based in the Philippines and they offer incredibly awesome planners (also with gold corners!).

When I discovered their planners last year, I came close to regretting the Kikki.k (but of course, that would never happen - I love my baby), if only because I realized I could've gotten a planner with great aesthetics locally, for a way cheaper price (again, I'm not regretting buying the Kikki).

For just Php 550 - 595, you can get a planner that offers function and form. For it's price, one can afford all three and still have enough for Starbucks or a full meal at a restaurant. This year, I'm having a harder time deciding because of this brand in particular. Just look at its layout inside.

They've got really cute stickers too, and a no-tear pocket inside.

Pre-order your Design Your Life planner 2017 here: DYL Planner

4. FILED's Scribble & Keepsake Planner

Among the planners on this list, FILED's planners are the only ones I've used twice for two consecutive years. I just love their compact design and the ease of ordering from them, plus an option for getting your name customized by hand on the covers. This year, they've stepped-up their game with gold-foiled lettering and gold corners on the sleeve cover (like the others listed above).

They have two editions this year, the Scribble and the Keepsake planners, both with their own charm, purpose, and layout. I am leaning towards the Scribble more, but I love the dotted layout on the Keepsake.

Given it's price (Php 695 for the Scribble with Sleeve & Php 645 for the Keepsake with Sleeve), I am tempted to buy both editions (like I am with the DYL planners above) if only to get the best of both worlds. I currently have 5 planners which I use for different things, so I'm sure I'll find each one a purpose eventually.

I skipped their planners last year as I already purchased the Kikki.k, but I might go back to my first planner love for 2017.

Pre-order your Scribble and Keepsake planner here:

5. Livewell Flex Planner by Inkwell Press

I just discovered this brand today and I live for it. It has a hard cover, has SO MUCH FREAKING SPACE, has gold rings, a strap to hold things together, and a large inner back-pocket for anything you can fit in there, among other fantastic features.

I am living for this. The font and colors work great together, there's so much room for doodles and other reminders you might need to write - just everything I want a planner to be.

This is priced at $54 (about Php 2,609.53), and as if that isn't enough to give me a heart attack, they don't ship to the Philippines. This planner gets to be enjoyed only those living abroad (the US, UK, and other countries in Asia), but if you've got relatives living in any of these places, you can use their address and have it delivered to you from there.

You can also try ShippingCart to process your orders from any US online store (yes, even those which don't ship to Pinas) and have it shipped directly to you in the Philippines. They give you a virtual US address (like your personal PO Box/storage) and once you're ready to ship, just trigger their button and your goods will be on their way. I've used this a few times already and it has saved my life. Haha.

Get your Livewell Flex Planner here: Livewell

Product images © belong to the respective brands.

Do you have your sights on any of these planners? What brand should I include on my next planner list? Let me know in the comments!

Ciao, bellas!