Savoring the last days of vacation

My gosh. Time flies, huh? Here I am, thinking I had a lot more days before school starts when in fact, i have just one. I now officially have butterflies in my stomach once again. Bummer.

But before my tummy aches all over again (though it already does a little), let me tell you a bit how I spent the second-last day of vacation.

First off, I got my first milk tea for the year from Happy Leaf, in Lychee with bits of boba. I already got to try the Blueberry one last time, and it was amazing. I figured since I loved Lychee, it would taste great. Honestly, I am now thinking it would have been better if I got Apple Green instead. It wasn't bad, but maybe because I told the girl to make it 'not too sweet', it became more sour than it should. I enjoyed popping the little 'bobas' in my mouth though. They're like pockets of sour lychee liquids (did I make it sound worse?!) that add flavor to the drink. I got in in large, so that didn't help with my hyperacidity. Another bummer. (But I enjoyed it anyway.)

We (my, mom, brother) hung out at the mall a few more minutes then went home after stopping by Pizza Hut to get our pizza fix. They had a promo, which was having two regular pizza sizes for 299 pesos. We were just going for the buy one, take one (per slice) offer, but the guy there said they didn't have that anymore. Thank goodness mom let us get pizza anyway. I may have had 3-4 slices. Woops.

After getting home, I settled in front of my laptop with my milk tea and slice of pizza, and did my usual task of filling out my planner. I have a lot of dreams and life goals, and these three I drew are my top priorities (so far). I want to graduate with honors this March, get into Pixar (even as an intern) within the year, and also travel to Paris for sight-seeing slash job-hunting. Ugh. I have no idea how these can happen, but I have to trust that I have the right motives and that God also wants this. In the end, if God intends this life for me, the path to achieving these will be smooth.

So yeah. With a little over 24 hours before life gets back to normal, and the fact that I didn't do anything I was supposed to do during vacation, I'm feeling pretty tense. I know most of my classmates have been working hard over the holidays, and that poses a bigger threat to me than I let on. Yes, I am intimidated by certain people, and my struggle with procrastinating isn't helping one bit. Just yesterday, I woke up feeling ready to take the day and tasks for school head-on, but right after lunch, I threw everything aside and watched Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother until midnight. Yeah, I am soooo productive. Dang.

The last day looms like a dark cloud just gathering up rain particles for when it decides to hit me. Admittedly, I am desperately trying to trick my brain into thinking that I still have all the time in the world to finish what needs to be over by January 17 ( a self-imposed deadline for my show reel). Is it a realistic deadline? I don't know. You tell me.

1:2015 || It's Finally 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

Where did the year go, right?! 2014 held so many good memories and experiences for me (and I'm quite sure for you too) and I'll always treasure them in my heart. A lot of decisions that could've altered my future were made and friendships either blossomed or were exposed for what they were: two people using each other.
This year, I got past the dreaded Senior Production 1 at school and achieved a People's Choice award for my animated TV commercial, as well as a spot in the Animahenasyon 2014 as a finalist.
I got closer to people I just passed by in the hallways and realized how awkward it was to be friends with a person and not know their name.
I bought a subscription to Spotify premium and let go of it after realizing the money could be better used elsewhere...
My parents bought me the Macbook Pro I've always wanted along with pink custom plugs and frosted casing.
This was the year I got into lettering and typography, and though I still suck at it, I'm not giving up.
I went on adventures around Bicol with my family, and had a lot of firsts in the process.
I became quite active in our organization and became the Event Head/Coordinator.

I could name everything I'm incredibly thankful for in the past year, but that would most probably bore you, haha.

I'm SO, SO EXCITED for what 2015 has in store for me. Most importantly, I can't wait to discover the adventures God has planned. I haven't been focusing on him last 2014 and was directing all my energy onto my studies, leaving my devotions for 'extra time' if I had any. God still blessed me despite the fact that I don't talk to him as often - all the more reason to humble myself and put him back in the loop.

When I graduate in March, I don't know where God will take me. I dream of working abroad at a great paying animation company (like Pixar or Dreamworks) and earning money that'll help my parents relax and stop working their backs off. I just hope and pray that that is God's will for me as well. :)

Happy New Year! Here's to the goals we have for 2015!