HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

Where did the year go, right?! 2014 held so many good memories and experiences for me (and I'm quite sure for you too) and I'll always treasure them in my heart. A lot of decisions that could've altered my future were made and friendships either blossomed or were exposed for what they were: two people using each other.
This year, I got past the dreaded Senior Production 1 at school and achieved a People's Choice award for my animated TV commercial, as well as a spot in the Animahenasyon 2014 as a finalist.
I got closer to people I just passed by in the hallways and realized how awkward it was to be friends with a person and not know their name.
I bought a subscription to Spotify premium and let go of it after realizing the money could be better used elsewhere...
My parents bought me the Macbook Pro I've always wanted along with pink custom plugs and frosted casing.
This was the year I got into lettering and typography, and though I still suck at it, I'm not giving up.
I went on adventures around Bicol with my family, and had a lot of firsts in the process.
I became quite active in our organization and became the Event Head/Coordinator.

I could name everything I'm incredibly thankful for in the past year, but that would most probably bore you, haha.

I'm SO, SO EXCITED for what 2015 has in store for me. Most importantly, I can't wait to discover the adventures God has planned. I haven't been focusing on him last 2014 and was directing all my energy onto my studies, leaving my devotions for 'extra time' if I had any. God still blessed me despite the fact that I don't talk to him as often - all the more reason to humble myself and put him back in the loop.

When I graduate in March, I don't know where God will take me. I dream of working abroad at a great paying animation company (like Pixar or Dreamworks) and earning money that'll help my parents relax and stop working their backs off. I just hope and pray that that is God's will for me as well. :)

Happy New Year! Here's to the goals we have for 2015!